Fitness Search Engine Optimization

Rank #1 with Gym SEO

Fitness Search Engine Optimization

Rank #1 with Gym SEO

Fitness Search Engine Optimization

Rank #1 with Gym SEO

Triple Your Traffic and Membership Leads with

Fitness SEO

Stop using outdated and unpredictable tactics to expand your business.

Show up for your potential members when they search for you. All you need is fitness search engine optimization. We’ll help get you there.

An Introduction to Fitness SEO

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We hate to state the obvious here but phone books are no longer a viable source of contact information for businesses. Everyone now turns to the internet to search for what they want. That makes the internet a virtual yellow pages, and in the past a business couldn’t outperform its competitors unless it had a listing in the yellow pages. Well the concept hasn’t changed – it’s just now digital. In order for your fitness facility to outperform your competitors you must execute a fitness SEO strategy to remain a player in the game.

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Why Do You Need SEO for Your Gym?

Gym SEO puts your gym or fitness studio in front of locals searching for the classes and memberships you offer, making it easier for avid gym goers to find you online.

Higher Rankings

Apply SEO to your website will significantly increase your Google rankings so your website appears first when prospects search for fitness memberships and locations using the keywords your site ranks for. Never lose another member to your local competitor when prospects see your gym’s website first!

Drive Traffic

Generate more awareness for your gym and drive traffic to your website when you use our gym SEO best practices. It’s a known fact that people tend to click on the first few websites they see first after performing a search.

Measurable Results

We know how important it is to you to know how your site is performing, so we distribute a detailed monthly report to you that breaks down the success of your campaign. You be able to see information such as increase search engine results position, site traffic, the sources of traffic and leads, as well as custom goals achieve through your SEO efforts.

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Never Miss Out on an Opportunity to Promote Your Brand

If you own a gym or fitness studio, you probably have a website that tells people more about what you offer, your pricing, and most importantly: your location. You wouldn’t build a site without your address on there so people can find you. Well, search engines need an address too. This address is called SEO. They need some extra hints within your code and website to be able to find you and show your gym to people looking for one near you. Without fitness SEO, your gym can get lost and very rarely be seen by search engines or potential members.


SIte Analysis

Before we dive into implementing our gym SEO services on your website, we perform a full site audit where we analyze the current state of your site in regards to coding, mapping, content, and keyword density. As we identify the strengths and weaknesses of your site, we begin to develop a strategy that will help your website build a positive rapport with the search engines. Alongside this audit, we also research your competitors gym SEO efforts to ensure your site will be able to have to competitive advantage and outrank other local gyms and fitness studios.

Keyword Research

The backbone of any successful fitness SEO strategy lies within the keyword research performed. Your dedicated specialist will do extensive keyword research for your business to see what your target audience is searching for and how your business could answer those queries. We also know how important it is for local gyms to stand out among all the options a community can offer, so we use our SEO software to research your competition to ensure we optimize your page to outrank the other guys.

Setup & Execution

The next phase toward success with your fitness SEO will be our implementation and execution phase. We will set up multiple technical tools, analytics systems, and dashboards in conjunction with your site to make sure we track all measures of success to give you the most accurate reporting possible. In this step, on-page optimization occurs, which consists of cleaning up your site’s code and mapping as well as updating keyword usage with custom content optimized for search engines to rank your site.

Ongoing Optimization

We want to make sure you’re running a successful gym not only now but for years to come, which is why our services include ongoing SEO. We continue to build up the strength of your fitness SEO by consistently updating your content, blogging, link building, and backlinks to make sure your site appears fresh and knowledgeable at all times.

Benefits of SEO for Gym Owners

Experience these benefits with our SEO services:

  1. Get found. Your potential members use search engines daily. Show up when they search for you.
  2. Conversions. Turn traffic into leads and leads into members with gym SEO.
  3. Free Traffic. SEO traffic is “free” and can decrease cost in acquiring members.
  4. 24/7 Promotion. Search engines can promote your business 24/7 even when your gym isn’t open.
  5. Organic. SEO marketing is organic and less expensive than most paid advertising solutions.


Industry Experience

You wouldn’t take fitness advice from someone who doesn’t appear to be in shape or perform daily workouts. So why would you work with a digital marketing company who has never actually seen success with gym SEO? You wouldn’t. And we wouldn’t want you to. We know you’ll be confident in partnering with us because we’ve worked with dozens of gyms and fitness clubs that have seen success with the work we have out into their fitness SEO. Within just a few shorts months you could be seeing the same success for your facility.

Trained Specialists

Feel like you’re working with a personal trainer everyday when you choose to implement our gym SEO services on your website. You will be assigned a dedicated SEO specialist who will focus on building your site’s strength among search engines to ensure you rank at the top or organic results in order to drive the most traffic possible to your site. All of your gym SEO efforts are done in-house by your personal SEO specialist, not outsourced to another company.

100% Full Service

We want all of our fitness clients to grow to their greatest potential when they work with us which is why we offer a full portfolio of digital marketing services. Strengthen your gym SEO efforts by combining them with content marketing or a new website design to increase traffic to your site while still informing visitors and growing rankings.

We’ve driven over 983,287 leads for clients through digital marketing.

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