Healthcare Social Media Marketing

Build Awareness Online

Healthcare Social Media Marketing

Build Awareness Online

Healthcare Social Media Marketing

Build Awareness Online

Improve brand accessibility with

Healthcare Social Media Marketing

Reach customers the way they want to be reached and automatically place your facility at the forefront of their minds for their healthcare needs.


Boost Online Traffic

Drive people to your website to learn more about your services with healthcare social media marketing tactics.


Engagement Levels

See greater levels of engagement when your business interacts with other patients and clients online.


Brand Awareness

Stretch your reach across multiple social media channels to increase brand exposure.

What is Email Marketing for Financial Services?

Approximately 30% of your current and future customers interacted with you on social media or will interact with you on social media before contacting your business. This number will only increase as the overall number of individuals expected to use social media as a means of connecting with businesses, including healthcare facilities, will grow by 256% over the next three to five years. These statistics alone are why social media in healthcare is of utmost importance to your business.

Social media in healthcare is not only important to your future patients but also to your staff. Doctors that know their place of work has a transparent and open communication with patients on social media usually perform better and deliver greater quality of care and treatment.

This high quality care combined with social media in healthcare makes your facility a leader in patient treatment.

Why Do You Need Healthcare Social Media Marketing Services?

In order to educate the public on new, developing, and annual health issues, social media is essential.

People look to social media to have their healthcare questions answered. They trust the opinions of others as much as a recommendation. Furthermore, they trust healthcare providers who are active in their healthcare social media marketing efforts more so than those that are not. Studies have shown that approximately 57% of patients chose to receive treatment at a healthcare facility because they were influenced by their presence in social media.

Healthcare social media marketing provides a voice for your brand and what you do to help people live their everyday lives. Social media in healthcare allows you to visually show your efforts and interactions with patients and other businesses. People respond best to visual content, especially imagery that shows and creates a physical connection between facility and patient even though it is through a digital screen.

We Grew our Client’s Follower Base by Over 50,000 Fans in Just 6 Months!

We work with several different types of clients in the healthcare industry, but we are going to highlight one client you hosts a yearly convention meeting for other cardiovascular healthcare professionals. This client took advantage of both our social media management and social advertising services. In the 6 months before their event they received over 2,000 leads at just $0.62/lead and 54 registrations from their ads alone. They also grew their audience by over 52,000 new followers across 4 social media channels. You, too, can see great growth for your business with social media marketing. Get started today by scheduling a call with the form below.

What’s Most Important For Social Media Success In Healthcare?

Increasing patient referrals, real-time communication, and higher-quality service are all essential components of social media success in the healthcare industry.

Increase Patient Referrals

Your brand presence alone will increase the patient foot traffic into your office as well as patient referrals. A strong healthcare social media marketing strategy combined with a powerful healthcare advertising campaign will put your facility name in front of potential patients who may not have otherwise found you. As they continue to dive into your social media content creatively crafted by our specialists, they will trust you before they even meet your physicians, nurses, doctors, and other staff.

Real Time Communication

Engagement is the key to growing in social media and healthcare. Effectively communicating with your customers in real time and answering their questions about symptoms, treatments, services, facility hours, and more is what makes a difference between you and your competitors. If you both offer the same services in the same location with same expertise, then you set yourself apart by establishing and nurturing a connection with your patients. We help you do this by daily monitoring your social media accounts and answering all patient questions within one business day.

Improve Quality Care

We can’t tell your staff how to care for patients or what treatments to use, but we can tell your social media audience about your facility. They want to know more about the care and services you provide, and they want to see it through social media. Engaging copy on your social media posts and advertisements will be what draws them into your facility both online and in person. Generally happy patients gravitate toward social media when they want to leave a review. These reviews boost your brand image, increase engagement, and further improve quality care as you receive more traffic, skilled staff, and patient referrals.

What Are The Key Metrics For Healthcare Social Media Marketing?

The key metrics for healthcare social media marketing include followers, engagement, and traffic.


Your followers help increase facility’s exposure, word-of-mouth advertising & referrals you receive.



Communicate with patients and other users on social media as you would in your office.



The more active your business is on social media, the more traffic you can drive to your site so people can learn about your services.

The Unique Elements Of Our Healthcare Social Media Marketing Services

Industry Experience

You don’t want to work with a digital marketing agency that doesn’t have experience in healthcare for the same reasons your patients wouldn’t want to come to your facility if you didn’t have a great track record. We know this, and we understand your concerns, which is why you don’t have to look any further. Our past and current experiences in social media in healthcare make working with us your best financial decision.

Specialized Nature

When you work with our team, you gain access to dozens of professional healthcare social media marketing specialists with the same goal as you – to help your facility grow through more patients and procedures.

Full Service Firm

Our healthcare social media marketing services encompass both social media management and social media advertising. We also offer digital marketing services that boost the performance of your healthcare social media such as PPC advertising, video production, and email marketing that keeps your patients in the loop about the services your facility offers.

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