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PPC for Accountants

PPC for accountants

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Running an accounting firm is a full time job. And making sure your online ads are fully optimized is another full time job. However, as a business choosing to neglect or not fully optimize your online ads, can prove to be costly and counterproductive.

Generating clients online is only possible through making your advertisements relevant and responsive. Luckily, PPC (pay-per-click) gives businesses the ability to acquire new clients fast, through a means of capturing them through search engines. PPC for accountants gives accounting firms the ability to drive leads to their website to attract prospective clients. Ready to take the next step in acquiring new leads? With PPC for accountants, LYFE Marketing is here to help!

The Benefits Of PPC For Accountants

There are many benefits you could be experiencing with PPC for accountants. For instance, PPC for accountants gives firms the ability to extend the overall reach of online ads because PPC can target multiple areas as opposed to other strategies like local seo, which only targets in the city you are located in. Here are just a few of the benefits your accounting firm can be reaping with our PPC for accountants service:

  • Highly-Qualified Traffic And More Conversions – In a massive sea of online searches, consumers are looking for products or services that can solve their problems. In accounting more specifically, individuals in need of accounting services are looking to find the right accounting firm for them. This where PPC for accountants helps your company. Through PPC, you will be able to attract qualified traffic to your firm immediately. Thus, generating more conversions for your business!

  • Get Results Fast – The beauty of PPC ads is that they drive traffic to your website almost instantly. No more waiting for results. Your ads will be listed on search engines, such as Google, immediately. However, a major difference with PPC ads is that you pay per click. That means each time someone clicks your ad, you are incurring costs. This is important to remember because ultimately, you want to generate conversions from the users that click your ads, otherwise you won’t be making money. Fortunately, at LYFE we have the expertise to know how to properly run PPC ads. In addition, we know that your customer value should always be more than the cost of your conversions.

Looking For Something Specific?

Check Out Our PPC Services!

We offer specialized ad campaigns that will help your company fully maximize its ad spend while reaching more qualified clients for your business!

Google Search Ads

Did you know, the top 3 ads displayed above other search results receive 41% of the clicks made after a search is populated? Similar to SEO, Google Search Ads are optimized through keyword usages. That means, if you are not using the keywords your prospective clients are searching, then your business will not appear as a top result in their searches, making it more difficult for them to find your business. This specialized PPC for accountants service gives you the opportunity to utilize the Google Search Network to put ads on search engine results pages. This tool works by showing your ads on results pages when your target audience searches for the products or services relevant to your business. When your ads are displayed, this will help direct traffic to your website.

Google Remarketing Ads

Research shows consumers visit a site multiple times before actually committing to a purchase. Remarketing ads are a great way to remind your prospects that your brand is relevant to their needs. With Google remarketing ads, you have the opportunity to recapture previous visitors of your company’s site. This is made possible by banner ads placed in front of your recent site visitors. This consistent display of ads helps increase your website conversions because the more your prospects see your company, the more likely they are to purchase your product or service.

Here Is The Process We Use To Create An Effective PPC For Accountants Campaign

Step 1: Provide You With A Dedicated Advertising Specialist

First, we will assign you with one of our highly trained advertising specialists. This specialist will be in charge of running your ad campaigns. We are experienced and knowledgeable about AdWords and will be more than capable of creating a successful campaign for you. Due to the fact that every accounting firm runs differently, we will begin to learn your specific business needs and craft a strategy that is right for your company.

Step 2: Pinpoint Potential Relevant Keywords

Next, we will conduct extensive keyword research to find potential keywords you can utilize. We research many different keywords and measure their competition, traffic, and costs associated with those keywords. All so you are using the best and most effective keywords for your campaigns and company. After all, you are paying for the clicks on your ads, so it only makes sense to use the words that are most relevant to your company.

Step 3: Monthly Ad Reports

Another key part of our PPC for accountants service is our reports. After we launch and optimize your pay-per-click ads, your ad specialist will develop a report for you each month for your review. This report consists of the details regarding your campaign’s performance and data we tracked in the previous month. We know as an accounting firm, growing your client base is important. In addition to our monthly reports, we install conversion trackers to report the generated conversions on your ads.

Step 4: PPC Ad Development

The reason we have the best PPC for accountants service is because we create ads that work specifically with your accounting firm in mind. We work to construct the most effective PPC ads for you. We do this by writing the copy and headlines, and optimizing them for the specific keywords for your business. In addition, we can identify high performance ads with A/B split tests.

Step 5: Monitoring And Optimization Of Ads

Once we launch your ads, we believe it is important to monitor them so we can make any changes to your campaign. We monitor your ads on a daily basis and pinpoint ads that need improvement in a timely manner. We pause low performing ads and launch new ads so the results continue to come in.

Step 6: Competitor Analysis

Here, we will keep an eye on your competitors. We will evaluate what they are implementing on search engines. This will help us identify their strengths and weaknesses in their campaigns, so we can utilize that information to develop a smarter, more effective approach for your ad campaigns.

Why Choose Us For PPC For Accountants Services?

PPC Is Our Thing

We are experts at PPC. Our consistent implementation of search engine ads for our clients has made us very knowledgeable on the techniques of PPC. We help our clients receive great results based on the techniques we use for things such as, copy, headlines, and keywords. We do this by utilizing conversion optimization, A/B split tests, and retargeting ads. Not only that, but we also have experience working with accounting firms and accountants. That means when your accounting firm works with us, you can be reassured that our ppc for accountants strategies will work for you, with your business in mind.


We Provide Low-Risks Contracts

As an agency, we believe in transparency and real results for our clients. That means all the PPC services we offer and all the other digital marketing services we provide, are supported with integrity. We seek to earn your trust through the work we do and the results we generate for you. So if you no longer need our services, you can cancel anytime after your initial 3 months with us with a 30-day notice.


We Are Passionate About Results

In everything we do, we strive to make sure that we are generating the best results for your company. We do this through hiring the most experienced specialists and offering services that are bound to generate results for your company. Our mission is to help businesses grow and we execute our mission by understanding our client’s needs so we can achieve their desired results. Our team is capable of creating high quality work, so you can reap the benefits of a growing client base.



What results will I see with PPC for accountants services?

It starts with the key performance indicators we look at. Those indicators would be website traffic and conversions. We look at the amount of traffic on your website, as well as the users who visited your website and converted into the desired results.

Is it expensive to place ads on Google?

It can be, but it does depend. Google has a pay-per-click model, so you pay each time someone clicks on your ads. Essentially, the more clicks you receive, the more it will cost. However, the traffic you receive is more often higher quality. This means the people you are advertising to are actually the ones in search of your product or service. And depending on the company, this value outweighs the price. We recommend to consider the average lifetime value of each customer. This will help you determine the max amount you are willing to spend on acquiring these customers.

Working Together

What are keywords? How do you identify them?

Keywords are the words you use in your content to pinpoint and attract your prospects based on the searches they make. We identify keywords relevant to your firm based on your industry, competitors, and through keyword planning tools that identify the high traffic keywords your prospects are using.

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