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Real Estate Digital Marketing Agency

Real Estate Digital Marketing Agency

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Real Estate Digital Marketing Agency

Did you know that 1 in 4 real estate professionals intend to spend more on their digital marketing efforts this year? Get ahead of the competition and invest in digital marketing services for real estate companies like yours.

As the expansion into the digital world has drastically increased for the real estate industry, top producing agents and realtors want to know how to leverage their online marketing tools.

According to a survey done by RealTrends, 300 agents believe that websites and digital marketing are the top marketing tools used within the industry.

Why do you think that is? Consumers are searching for properties online now more than ever. With numerous websites and apps available, technology has made looking for properties and home buying a lot easier. However, it has not eliminated the need for real estate agents and companies. Utilizing a strong digital marketing strategy can help real estate agents attract the right people and establish a more credible brand, especially in the local community. We at LYFE Marketing know it can be difficult to produce quality content that grabs a buyer’s or seller’s attention, but with our focused and personalized real estate digital strategy, we can help you see success!

Why Is Digital Marketing Beneficial To Realtors?

Although a lot of the property search is now done online, 92% of buyers go to real estate agencies when it’s actually time to purchase a property. Here are just some of the benefits your agency could experience with real estate digital marketing:

  • Save Time

    The best place to be in front of your target market is through digital channels. You can reach your exact audience faster and promote your agency in less time. Now you can spend more time showing properties than looking for leads.

  • More Qualified Prospects

    Use inbound marketing tools to attract qualified leads to you instead of searching for them yourself. This increases conversion rates in a more organic way because customers are actively reaching out to you in search of the right company to help them.

  • More Exposure

    Real estate online marketing lets you expand your overall reach and target the specific audience for your agency. Using digital marketing gives you numerous ways to target and attract your target audience.

  • Performance Evaluation

    Since digital marketing can be easily tracked, you can know the return your marketing efforts are making for your agency and how they’re helping your agents and clients find the right match for them.

  • Increased Client Engagement

    Your consumers will gain value from your brand. Value equates to loyalty. With that being said, you’ll be able to create long-term relationships with your clients to secure your firm as their top choice for any future property investments.

How Can Our Real Estate Digital Marketing Agency Help You?

Buyers and sellers are always using keywords to search for the answers to their questions. 55% of buyers actually use social media for research. Through all the filters and searches, make sure your company is being found and recognized with the help of our full-service digital marketing agency!

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing presents a unique opportunity to be able to connect with your prospects and clients. Even though consumers cannot purchase real estate through social media platforms, it doesn’t mean they aren’t actively searching for properties or the right real estate agency to help them. Through channels like Facebook and Instagram, real estate companies are able to build trust. Whether your real estate agency is located in Los Angeles, New York, San Diego, or even outside United States, our real estate marketing agency can help you drive more leads for your services or property listings.

SEM and Google Ads for Real Estate

The first place that investors and consumers go when searching for real estate opportunities is Google because it is the top search engine online. Most realtors say that 22% of their leads come from their company’s website or landing pages being advertised on Google. We help real estate businesses take advantage of search engine marketing by running Google Ads paid search campaigns for real estate agents that are effective and generate results.

Real Estate Email Campaigns

Real estate decisions can be tedious. People look at so many different properties that it can be difficult to remember all the details. Luckily, 94% of real estate agents say they prefer to communicate with their clients through email blasts. Email campaigns keep your real estate business relevant in a consumer’s mind with constant updates. The key to email campaigns is communication. You can streamline communication via email every week or every month. Either way, our email marketing automation services are consistent and ensure that your prospects never forget your brand.


Short Video Management

50% of home buyers find their new home online. Additionally, 73% of homeowners say that they’re more likely to contact a realtor that uses video. Entice more potential buyers to get in touch with you by showing off your properties through videos. You can create a quick virtual tour to show your audience what your property looks like. Share videos with home-buying tips and discuss common questions they may have to establish yourself as an expert realtor. You can also feature testimonials of your previous buyers to build your credibility.

What Can Real Estate Digital Marketing Agency Do For Your Company?

Establish Trust & Credibility

Trust drives revenue. We help create more trust with your potential buyers through credibility. Having a trustworthy presence online helps attract customers, drive results, achieve business goals, and improve your company’s reputation.

Grow Brand Awareness

Stimulate awareness around your brand on social media by targeting your exact audience online at a lower cost. Use Facebook advertising to better reach your prospects and entice them to check out what you have to offer.

Publish Valuable Content

Your prospects will be more receptive to content that connects with them. Our personalized approach will help you construct content that they will feel connected to and publish it through the best channels to reach your audience.

Drive More Leads

Our main focus is to help real estate agents and companies grow online and drive quality leads. We help you connect with established investors, buyers and sellers who fit your exact customer profile.

Reporting & Optimization

Every 30 days we devise a report on what has occurred in the previous month using Google Analytics and other Insight tools. We seek to analyze the results and gain an understanding of what is working best for your digital marketing campaigns and what needs improvement. From there, we begin to optimize our tactics for better results.

We Have Helped Realtors Generate Leads For Their Businesses and We Can Help You Too!

It’s true. We have a proven track when it comes to getting results for our clients. We generated 42 investor leads in just 30 days for one of our clients!

David Lefkovits

Niche Digital Brands

We hit a home run with LYFE. Certainly, after having worked with multiple digital marketing and social media agencies, we have finally landed on a winner and hit a home run with Lyfe Marketing. As a result, their social media strategies helped drive qualified traffic to our website, reduce conversion cost, and increase revenue per visitor.”

We’ve helped our clients achieve tremendous results and we’re ready to do the same and more for your company!

Why You Should Choose LYFE Marketing As Your Real Estate Digital Marketing Agency

Our Experience In Digital Marketing

LYFE Marketing has the expertise necessary when it comes to the many aspects of digital marketing. Check out our case studies or reviews and look at the results we’ve generated for hundreds of small businesses just like yours!


Our Skilled Specialists

We know that in the real estate industry, buyers and sellers won’t hire inexperienced real estate agents to help them buy or sell property. So why should you do the same when it comes to your company? The answer is you shouldn’t. Our specialists are knowledgeable and passionate about producing results for your realty company. They have the digital marketing experience and training to recognize what metrics matter and what marketing tactics to follow to drive those results.


We Track The Latest Trends

The real estate industry is constantly changing. It requires you to learn, read, and analyze data to adapt to your buyer’s needs. Digital marketing in the real estate industry is a niche market. In this industry, you are targeting buyers, sellers, agents, and even other real estate agencies to partner with. Thus, there is specific terminology that needs to be used in order to market the same products to different audiences. Luckily, we’re the experts on multi-channel marketing in a niche industry like real estate. At LYFE Marketing, we know what factors to look for to enhance your marketing strategy. In this ever-changing market, chances are you will need to change your real estate marketing strategy to stay up-to-date. We’re here to help with that.


We Can Take Your Real Estate Brand To The Next Level

We have worked with hundreds of businesses in various industries. Being a multi-service digital marketing firm, we can generate leads for your brand in any area with our real estate digital marketing services. Whether it be short videos, PPC, email marketing, or something else, we are dedicated to achieving successful results for you!

Get More Leads With Real Estate Digital Marketing

Plenty of real estate businesses have attested to using digital marketing services for their businesses. Digital marketing does yield great results. However, we know digital marketing is only profitable if leveraged correctly. We know real estate and we know digital marketing. We can help you build a strong online presence, and attract more potential clients. If you’re ready to get started, then contact us about our real estate digital marketing services today! We’ll develop the best and most effective marketing plan for your business.



What Kind Of Results Do You Look For?

The main points we look at are website traffic, leads generated and conversions. We look at how much traffic your website is generating and how many people converted into your desired goal.

How Much Traffic Can I Expect On My Campaigns?

Every campaign is different and results tend to vary each month. Some factors that affect the traffic are: 1) the advertising budget that is allocated to the campaign and 2) how effective your campaign is. However, in general, the bigger the budget, the more results we can generate.

Is Google Advertising Expensive?

It can be expensive. This is because Google has a pay-per-click model, which means you pay each time someone clicks on your ads. However, the traffic is usually high quality. The people that are being targeted are in search of your company and in turn this offsets the price you pay.

For any advertising channel, Google or otherwise, we recommend our clients to consider the average lifetime value of a customer for their business. Then identify how much your company is willing to spend to acquire each customer. Because of our experienced advertising specialists, we believe we can help you acquire customers at a more profitable rate.

Service & Working Together

Since Real Estate Is A Niche Market, How Will You Learn My Business?

While we have much experience in marketing within the real estate industry, we always strive to learn the details of our clients’ specific businesses. First, we will provide you with a questionnaire to understand the basics of your company. Upon completion of the questionnaire, we will schedule a kickoff call with you to discuss the questionnaire and any additional questions regarding your business. Finally, we will conduct further research on your industry and brand if necessary to develop a specific strategy that is best for your business.

How many new followers can I expect each month?

You can expect 100-300 new followers a month on organic platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Twitter and Pinterest. Facebook followers will require an advertising budget.

Do I Have To Provide You With Content For Advertisements?

Not at all! However, if you have any content you would like to use, we are more than happy to use it. Your assigned specialist will develop content to fit your branding guidelines and generate audience engagement.

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