Real Estate Drone Services

Capture Stunning Videos And Images Of Your Property

Real Estate Drone Services

Capture Stunning Videos And Images Of Your Property

Real Estate Drone Services

Capture Stunning Videos And Images Of Your Property

Attract More Buyers With

Real Estate Drone Services

We have a professional drone services team that is dedicated to capturing spectacular images and videos while using the latest in drone technology. Want to show off your property in a different light? Get in touch with us now. We can capture your property through videos or photos in ways that can make clients more interested.

Why Your Real Estate Business Needs Drone Services

The real estate industry is a crowded one with so many players competing. With so much competition out there, it’s not always easy for your business to garner the brand awareness and leads necessary.

So what can you do for your real estate business to stand out? What step can you take to make people notice your agency more than others?

Use drone services!

There are plenty of reasons why your business should opt for drone services. First and foremost is the fact that drones can capture compelling videos and images that cannot be taken by other means.

Just imagine how stunning your property would be if you could showcase it with aerial shots. People respond more to visuals by 80%, so producing the right visuals could help you see a boost in leads and sales right away.

Drones can be used to highlight the best features of your property which might not otherwise appear if you were to use regular forms of photography or video.

In short, if you have a real estate business, you are sure to reap plenty of benefits from a company that provides professional drone services. Just make sure that you’re receiving the services of a reputable company like LYFE Marketing.

Aerial Photography And Video

The real estate industry has always relied on aerial photography and videos.

Images and videos that are captured from the air show the full size and complete features of a property. Aerial shots can reveal things that are not immediately visible otherwise.

In the past, aerial photographs and videos were captured using helicopters. That’s very costly, which is why the option was usually limited only to high-end properties that are expected to sell at very high prices. But now, thanks to done technology, even lower-priced properties have access to beautiful, aerial shots.

Using drones is very trendy these days. It’s so common that there are over 2 million drones now in the United States. Just keep in mind that not everyone flying a drone has the technology or the capability to capture great images or videos of your property.

You would need a real professional for that, like the people on our team here at LYFE Marketing.

Learn how we can help you with our professional drone services. Set up an appointment now!

How Video And Photography Services Help Marketing

Why is visual content so powerful? First of all, the brain can process a great deal of visual information faster than it can text. In fact, it can handle 36,000 visual messages in one hour. It’s also important to note that 90% of the information transmitted to the brain is actually visual. Our real estate drone services can deliver photo and video content that your clients will really appreciate. It’s a great way to build your brand and create the impression that yours is a forward-thinking real estate company.

Particularly within the real estate industry, aerial shots also help to create that “wow” moment that you want your clients to have when looking at a listing!

Here’s The Process We Follow For Our Real Estate Drone Services


We Start With The Research

There are many things that set us apart from other companies that provide drone services, but one of the main factors is the amount of time and effort that we put into research. We like to spend our time getting to know our clients better. We start out by giving you a comprehensive questionnaire that will provide us with all the basic information about you and your business. Next, we’ll nail down details about your industry that we may need and we will schedule a call with you for that.


Planning The Shoot

We don’t come in blindly to your photo or video shoot. It’s important for us that we know the ins and outs about the location before the day of the actual shoot. We need to plan how we will be executing it. We need to establish where we will be stationed and where we will be landing. We need to check if there are any obstructions that might get in the way of the drones. We consider as many details as possible prior to the shoot to ensure a smooth, easy process on the day of the shoot.


The Shoot

On the day of the actual shoot, our team will be going to the location with all the equipment needed, including the drones. Our team of experts is very familiar with this process; we know how to capture the images and videos that will highlight the best features of your property. That’s how we conduct our aerial video services.


Video And Image Editing

We have experienced editing specialists who know how to turn the images and the videos captured by our drones into really stunning content for your promotion. They use effects and other tools that enhance the visual appeal of the final output. They can also add your watermark, your logo, or any other information that you want to appear on your video or your photo.


Revisions And Final Delivery

We understand that there might be some revisions requests or further edits you want done. That is part of the process and we will happily work on the images and the videos again in order to meet your expectations. Once we have delivered the final output, it’s our goal that you use the creatives to the advantage of your marketing efforts.

Winning Aspects Of Our Real Estate Drone Services

Here are the reasons why our real estate drone services are producing satisfied clients consistently:

Skilled Operators. Our drone operators are experienced and highly skilled. We follow our proven process of capturing the images requested by our clients.

The Latest Drone Tech. We invest in the latest drone technology to ensure that we will be able to capture the highest quality images possible. Our aerial video services are done not just with the latest tech available but those that are professional-level as well.

Tried and Tested Process. We have a tried and tested process that we will be using. This saves time for us and our clients while still yielding quality results.

Why Real Estate Agents Choose Lyfe Marketing’s Real Estate Drone Services

We Cover All Aspects Of Digital Marketing

Unlike other drone services out there, we provide everything that is connected to digital marketing. This means that we can produce photos and videos AND then use them in various digital marketing efforts. Some of the other services we offer include social media marketing, PPC (Google) advertising, email marketing, and more. If your business is in need of those services, then don’t waste your time trying to look for other service providers when we can handle things for you. This allows you to keep all of your photography, videography, and marketing needs all in one place.

The Right People

We don’t just hire anybody for a position at LYFE Marketing. We make sure that each and every one of our specialists is really that: specialists in their field. That includes our drone operators. They have a lot of experience when it comes to piloting drones for various uses. Their tasks are not just limited to flying the drones around. They also take video footage and take photos as well. So, we employ drone pilots who are skilled and experienced photographers and videographers as well. The work that we have done for our past clients speaks about their skill and talent.

A Client-Centric Approach

Whether we are performing digital marketing or capturing images through a drone, we make sure that we focus on the needs and wants of our clients. That is the kind of approach that has won LYFE Marketing plenty of clients- clients who are satisfied with our digital marketing services. Check the reviews that they have left about our services on third-party review sites online. You will find that many of them are more than satisfied with our services. That’s the result of our client-centric approach.

Take Advantage Of Real Estate Drone Services Now

You can bet on the fact that your competition is using drones to capture images of their properties. If not, then they are well on their way to do so.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to use drones for promoting your business. Drive the interest for your properties by presenting them in ways that only drones can capture. Give your clients a unique perspective on your properties.

Contact us now and schedule a call. This is your chance to work with one of the top real estate drone services available. Our specialists will be there to assist you and give you more information about our real estate drone services.

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