Social Media Marketing For Contractors

Strengthen Your Brand Through Social Media

Social Media Marketing For Contractors

Strengthen Your Brand Through Social Media

Social Media Marketing For Contractors

Strengthen Your Brand Through Social Media

Increase Brand Awareness And Gain New Customers Through

Social Media Marketing For Contractors

If you are searching for a new and efficient way to increase brand awareness and gain new quality customers, why not use the power of social media? Our social media marketing for contractors will help you.

Grow your business with social media marketing.

Why Should Your Business Use Social Media Marketing Services?

The contracting industry is highly competitive, and as a contractor, you want any edge you can get over your competitors.

If you are looking into social media marketing and wondering if it is beneficial for your brand, perhaps the best way to answer that is by looking at a few numbers:

  • A whopping 77 percent of consumers are more likely to buy or use the services of a brand that they follow on social media than those that they don’t.

  • Around 71 percent of consumers who had a good experience with a brand on social media are likely to recommend that brand to others.

  • In 2015, Facebook was able to influence 52 percent of consumer purchases online and offline.

These are very significant numbers, and numbers don’t lie.

Now that you have seen proof that social media marketing works, you need a competent social media marketing agency, one that is capable and experienced in handling the social media marketing needs of contractors.

Our agency checks all these boxes and can help you grow with our own brand of social media marketing for contractors.

Benefits Using Social Media Marketing for Contractors

Social media marketing for contractors has a lot of positive impact; there is no doubt about that. The few numbers we looked at are testaments to just how effective it is. To further strengthen the argument on the effectiveness of social media marketing, let us look at some of its most common benefits:


Increases Brand Awareness

Even contractors need to make their brand more well-known, and there is no better platform to increase brand awareness than through social media. Reach potential customers that you were not able to connect with using previous marketing tactics.


Attracts New Customers

The increase in brand awareness should directly lead to a whole new audience learning about your brand. There is a very good chance that you would get a lot of new, quality customers from them.



A stronger social media presence will allow you to provide better customer service. Answer your customers’ needs and questions faster and more effectively through your social media channels.

Social Media Marketing For Contractors Services


We will use an organic approach when building more awareness for your brand on social media. Doing this on all social media platforms will result in more qualified customers. Using Facebook for marketing means you need to set aside a budget for it, but it will all be worth it when you see the results. One thing we can guarantee is that your advertising money will be spent well. This will be reflected on each campaign that we set up for you.


Engagement is an important part of the process. It keeps your audience informed and makes them feel valued. We will assign a dedicated social media specialist to monitor your accounts. This will ensure that there is always a strong engagement between your brand and your audience. It will be through daily monitoring and constantly engaging with your followers by responding to their messages, answering their questions, and liking their comments.


More visual content also means more engagement for your brand. Great visuals will always be appealing to a lot of people, so you need to take advantage of that. We will help you create outstanding visuals and animations that are sure to get you noticed. These will help push your brand and gain new quality followers.


Part of our social media marketing for contractors approach is focusing on Facebook. Your campaign will benefit greatly from this move, with Facebook being one of the best advertising platforms on social media. It will enable you to reach your target audience better through a highly targeted approach. This approach will result in more qualified leads and conversions. Aside from Facebook, we will also help you utilize other social media platforms for more conversions.

Our Social Media Marketing For Contractors Strategy

If your main goal is to be a strong presence in your industry, then a strong social media presence will help you achieve that.


Reach Fans

One of your main goals is to reach the right people. They are the ones who would like to work with you and will recommend you to their friends and family if they are satisfied with your services.


Engage Fans

Having fans is great, but you need to engage them. To keep you top of mind, you will need to create high-quality social media posts.


Use Paid Ads

Using paid sponsored ads is the best and the fastest way for you to generate traffic, leads, and fans. This is one of the cornerstones of our social media marketing for contractors.

Benefits Of Using Roofing Contractor Marketing Services

Digital marketing is the future of advertising, and it is already here. So if you are a business, local or otherwise, why not take advantage of its unique advantages.

What is great about digital marketing is that it can benefit all types of businesses. To make things even more clear, let us look at some of the benefits of using roofing contractor marketing services.

Full Service

If you want an overall marketing effort for your contracting business, you will need more than just social media marketing. You need to find an agency that offers full service for all your marketing needs. Our agency has that capability, and we can take care of all your online marketing needs, from video production to email marketing, to PPC advertising and Facebook marketing. With our team, you get a social media marketing for contractors campaign that is geared toward real success.

Industry Experience

Just as vital as having full-service capability is industry-specific experience. We happen to know much about the contractor industry, having worked with plenty of contractors before, including general contractors and roofing and electrical contractors. This extensive industry experience makes us your best choice when deciding on the company to help you succeed.


We will assign a dedicated social media specialist to your campaign. This is to ensure that you will get the same level of high-quality service that your own clients have come to expect from you. Our own belief in excellence will benefit you and your campaign enormously. Best of all, we want to help you reach that excellent level we believe in and try to uphold so much.

Does Social Media Marketing For Contractors Really Work?

It does not take someone special to post anything on social media or use it as a platform to expand one’s business. But that does not mean that you will start getting quality leads or contracts for projects. It takes experience and real skills to get real results from social media marketing. Our social media marketing for contractors will guarantee that you accomplish all your goals!

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