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Marketing for Financial Planners

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Digital Marketing for Financial Planners

Financial planners are experts in helping individuals and companies realize their financial goals. However, competition is getting tighter, which is why marketing for financial planners makes more sense than ever. And when you hire LYFE Marketing, we’ll workshop financial advisor marketing ideas with you and develop a comprehensive marketing strategy that fits your business best. By implementing strategies in the following areas, you’ll be able to generate great results across the board.


Social Media Growth

Our social media managers will create and implement a strong social media presence for you. They will do it on the channels that are the most in line with your vision, whether that be Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any other site. We understand that it all starts with great content, so we will set out to create quality content for you that catches the attention of your target audience. Facebook ads will also be used to help direct traffic to your website. Our goal is to make your social media sturdy on its own, but still working in conjunction with the other aspects of your marketing campaign.


SEM & Google Ads

ay-per-click (PPC) search ads will be placed on Google as a major part of your marketing for financial planners campaign. They are meant to target users who have been searching online for services that are similar to what you offer, as well as those who have already visited your website. For these previous visitors, we’ll use display ads to retarget them. All of these ads together will help you stand out from other search listings, generate more engagement, and bring more traffic to your website.


Email Newsletters

Bringing in new clients is important, but you should pay attention to your current subscribers too. For that purpose, you can use customized email newsletters. We have email marketing specialists who will create engaging newsletters for you that contain interesting and informative topics related to finance. We also offer personalization and automation services, in order to improve the relationship between you and your clients. Our goal is to sustain their interest, so they can stay as loyal clients to your financial firm.


Short Video Management

Videos are powerful tools for closing the gap between financial planners and their potential clients. Topics relating to financial planning are often dubbed as boring and technical. Short videos make it possible for financial planners to explain how their services work in a fun and engaging way. Use short videos to answer some frequently asked questions of your audience to establish credibility and expertise. You can also show clients’ testimonials to build trust with your prospects and encourage them to contact you.

Why Does Your Financial Services Company Need Digital Marketing?

Financial planners can use digital marketing to promote their brand, reach new audiences, and attract new clients. Financial planners are also creators. They create opportunities for individuals and companies with their financial programs to help them meet their long-term financial goals.

The problem is, financial planners are in a competitive field. After all, a financial planner can come from almost any background and can specialize in investment or taxes and be brokers or accountants. So just imagine how competitive the industry is.

If you are a financial planner, then your first concern is how to make the public more aware of you. Traditional marketing tactics are no longer an option today. Their effectiveness is not what it used to be.

People who look for financial services—or any kind of service, really—now usually go online to find them. Yes, the Internet has become the go-to place not just for products but also for services. So if potential clients are searching for financial planners, then they are looking for them online.

You need to be there to be known, but you need to be easy to find. For that to happen, you need digital marketing, specifically, digital marketing for financial planners.

We are an agency that can do that for you. We will create a way for you to be found by your target audience.

What Are The Benefits of Using Digital Marketing for Financial Planners?

Greater Visibility

Digital marketing allows financial planners to nurture customer relationships, strengthen credibility, and save money.

The most noticeable difference you’ll see when switching from traditional to digital marketing efforts is the sheer number of new people you’ll reach. There are billions of people using search engines, social media, and other digital channels, and a lot of them are looking for financial help. You can promote your services to larger audiences, and expect to get a lot of business in return.


More Site Traffic

As more people are being exposed to your financial planning services, you’ll see an influx of visitors to your website and social media pages. You’ll get more post engagements, more ad clicks, and more web views. And the more traffic you bring in, the more conversions you’ll receive.


High-Quality Leads

What’s even better than reaching big audiences is that with refined digital marketing methods, these people will already be more likely to engage with your services. You get to promote your business to those who are actively in need of assistance. They’ll be able to find your services easier, as well as go from high-quality leads into actual new clients.


Nurture Customer Relationships

These new methods of promotion also bring you a lot closer to your target audience. They can more easily follow updates from you, and reach out with comments or questions. It’s a fact that digital marketing channels have opened up closer lines of communication between businesses and their clients, and this can be used as an advantage. You’ll succeed in client acquisition if you show that you care about the people engaging with your work.


Strengthen Credibility

Prospective clients looking for financial help want to make sure that they’re in the right hands, and a great online presence can help you prove your credibility to them. Things like informational content, quick response times, high search rankings, and more all contribute to how you are perceived by your target audience. You want to show that you’re a thought leader, and that your services are the most reliable in the industry. And the better your digital channels are run and managed, the more trust they’ll put in you.


Save Money

The great news about implementing a digital marketing plan is that it is very cost-effective. You can see all of the great results we’ve already mentioned (plus more!) all at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing methods. As a financial advisor, it’s your job to help people with their money. But don’t forget about your needs! Digital marketing services can help you save money and generate a higher profit margin for your services.

Why Choose Lyfe For Digital Marketing For Financial Planners

Industry Experience

You cannot force people to trust your business. The only way they will do that is if they are sure that you have the necessary industry-specific experience that they are looking for. Our agency has that, so you can relax as we handle the reins of your digital marketing for financial planners campaign. We got our experience by working with accountants, banks, and investment firms. It gave us an understanding of what your firm needs to be successful.

True Specialists

True specialists equal an efficient and successful digital marketing for financial planners campaign. Our team can handle each area of your campaign and do it well. You are assured of getting nothing but the best marketing strategies, which are more than what other digital marketing agencies can offer to you and other clients. Anyone who claims to be a jack-of-all-trades in digital marketing might not really have that kind of ability.

The Best for Your Business

Your needs and expectations from your digital marketing for financial planners campaign might not be the same as the next company’s. But one thing that is true for everyone is that you all want to be successful. The custom digital marketing strategy that we will build for you will help guarantee that. Using the channels that you prefer, we will attract the right kind of audience that are looking for your services.

Proven Strategies Used by Financial Planners

LYFE Marketing has a genuine concern for all clients we work with. We want to see you become successful, and it is our sincere hope. Therefore, we use the following strategies:



Before any client works with you, they need to trust you first. We will help you build and nurture that trust by having a more personal relationship with your clients.



Potential clients will become more engaged when they find that your content helps answer their questions. For this to happen, we will create the kind of content that is useful and informative for them.


We will help you provide real value to your clients by prioritizing your goals as well as your target audience.

Keys to Success in Digital Marketing for Financial Planners


The first step in the digital marketing for financial planners campaign that we will do for you is to make an audit. We will audit your website to see what your online status is at present. The knowledge that we will gain from this audit will enable us to create the perfect marketing strategy for your firm. It will ease your journey toward success.


You cannot get to where you want to be without knowing anything about your competitors. So we will analyze your toughest and biggest competitors to know how you can get to the top of your industry. We will research and analyze them and decide on how we can give you that much-needed edge.


Part of every effective digital marketing strategy is knowing who you are going to market to and how. We’ll work with you to define your ideal customer. We’ll also perform the necessary research needed to determine how these ideal clients would want to engage with your services.


The moment of your campaign that you have been most excited about is finally here. Your digital marketing for financial planners campaign is about to be launched. It took some effort, which included careful planning and extensive research. Once our specialists make the launch, you can start expecting an increase in traffic and leads.


Shortly after the campaign is launched, it should start bringing in leads for you. Of course, you would like to know if and how much progress is being made. Our specialists will monitor and optimize your campaign every day to inform us if any adjustments need to be made to deliver your ideal results.


Monitoring might be an integral part of your campaign, but it is not enough. You also need to measure if the results equal to success or not. But you have to be aware of which metrics to measure for your campaign and the meaning of each metric. Expect reports from us each month detailing what the metrics mean and how they are affecting your campaign.

What Are The Digital Marketing Best Practices For Financial Planners?

Prioritizing customer needs, performing frequent audits, using effective channels, and making sure all of our marketing efforts are mobile-friendly.

It’s easy to lose track of what customers are looking for when running some technical marketing processes, but we have made a point of putting what customers are looking for above everything else. A satisfied audience is arguably the best marketing tool that any brand can have.

Frequent audits of any marketing campaign we’re executing for you are very effective because an audit highlights the aspects of the process that are no longer working and notifies us that they can be updated. We don’t just implement and forget a marketing strategy, we regularly check that it works.

We don’t prioritize one channel over the others. We know that all digital marketing channels are effective in their own way and they have their own specific appeal to different audiences. We also know that channels work best in combination with others. That’s why we offer social media marketing, email marketing, SEO, PPC and more.

More and more people are switching to mobile devices when accessing the internet. We understand this shift which is why we make all of our marketing efforts compatible with mobile devices as well. With our experienced and knowledgeable team, we can do this for our clients efficiently.

These are just a few of the digital marketing best practices that we have learned through the years. We will implement all of these when marketing your dance studio.

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