Battery Dealz

Battery Dealz

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Per Purchase (Cost Per Acquisition)


Battery Dealz is an eCommerce store that sells batteries for cordless phones.

Their business was brand new and they wanted to seek our help in using Google Ads to drive targeted traffic.

Services Used

Google Shopping

With such a low ticket item (average cost being around $7-$9), we knew that we had to be highly targeted and convert at an above-average rate.

Google Shopping was a great channel to accomplish this because it allows businesses like Battery Dealz to overcome potential purchase objections before they are charged for a click.

With Google Shopping Ads, the potential customers can see the product photo, price, description, and competing options before they click on your ad. By the time they do, most objections have already been overcome.

Google Ad Campaign

  • 962 Purchases
  • $5,190.95 Cost
  • $12,016.90 In Revenue
Battery Dealz


Since BatteryDealz was a start-up company when we worked with them, one of the main obstacles we had was the fact that their brand was still not recognized in the industry. But we knew that they had an edge over their competitors, and this is what we wanted to highlight using Google Shopping Ads. This type of ad allowed customers to see important information about their product including the competing options, which made it easier for buyers to choose the right brand fit for their needs and budget. Using this strategy helped BatteryDealz to generate over 960 purchases, which translated to more than $12,000 in revenue.

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