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Home Team Apparel Atlanta is one of the leading brands for custom t-shirt screen printing, banner, stickers, buttons and promotions. The company is based in Atlanta, U.S. They started as a t-shirt printing company but eventually started to offer several different garment styles for men and women, as well as clothing for any season and colors for every age.

They asked our help to increase their sales and brand awareness. Prior to signing on with LYFE, our client generated literally ZERO online sales.

Services Used

In only 1 month, our client was able to see a lift of $2,943.91 in online sales (from zero before).

Even better, our client was able to see nearly an initial 3x return on his marketing investment, with an ad budget of only $30/day.

Take a look:

Home Team Apparel
  • Period: 13 months
  • Reach: 158,668
  • Purchase: 103
  • Amount Spent: $1,147.44
  • Purchase Value: $2,943.91
  • Cost Per Purchase: $11.14

Again, we are not tracking fans or engagement, but what matters most to our clients: SALES and COST.

And these are just their initial costs to acquire a customer. On average, their customers return and make repeat purchases 4x a year. Meaning the lifetime value of their customer is around $114. Bringing the ROI to over 10x return!! Who wouldn’t like to spend $1,000 and make $10,000?


There are thousands of brands out there who are selling t-shirts. In fact, this is one of the most crowded industries today. But with the right digital marketing strategy, even a new business like Home Team Apparel can go head-to-head with their big competitors.

Using our social media advertising services, we were able to reach their target market, entice new customers and retain their current ones. The secret is on how we create campaigns, set-up audiences and write ad copies that consumers will not be able to resist. In only a matter of 3 months, Home Team Apparel’s sales skyrocketed to over 100 purchases bringing ROI to more than 10x return!

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