Automotive Snow Company

Automotive Snow Company
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Jacob helps run an automotive snow company. He used all our services in generated over 98K in sales within a 5 month period.

A big part of Jacob’s success was the social media marketing component.

Services Used

How It All Started

It all got started with this email from Jacob we received on July 28, 2016:

“Signed and ready to go!”

Automotive Snow Company

After a few initial sales calls and careful thought, Jacob had decided to use LYFE Marketing for his SEO, SMM, PPC and WEB needs.

All marketing efforts they needed for rapid business growth. It is important to note that SMM (social media marketing) really helped in attributing to their online sales.

Social Media Results

  • Facebook Fans: 49,377
  • Per Facebook Fan: $0.19
  • New Instagram Followers: 2,826
  • Video Views: 205,584
  • Per View: $.001
  • People Engaged: 303,378
  • Per Engagement: $0.01
  • Leads: 1,718
  • Per Lead: $2

Extremely good, right?

As you can see again, Jacob was able to reach his fans for under $1.

In fact, under $.25 cents!

Automotive Snow Company

The best part is…

Jacob was able to achieve these results in under 5 months with our services!

The big key here is their advertising budget. During these 5 months, Jacob spent over $18,241.55.

Automotive Snow Company

Which equates to a little bit over $3,000 per month in advertising spend.

A price they were more than happy with considering the revenue generated.

Here’s a look at screenshots that back up our results:

Automotive Snow Company
Automotive Snow Company
Automotive Snow Company


Social media management is a long-term business decision (6-12 months). The core benefit of social media management is building up awareness and engagement. Which ultimately builds strong relationships with fans which influence their buying decisions.

Of course, we recommend hiring us if you want to use an experienced team with a proven strategy that works. This automotive snow company is one great example of how we are able to help businesses in social media management. With our SMM services, this automotive snow company was able to boost their social media followers and generated almost 2 thousand leads!.

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