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Lady Ease is a feminine skincare company that specializes in hydrating and nourishing vaginal areas to provide comfort to dry skin. These products are made with natural ingredients. 3 main products: Vaginal Moisturizing Oil, Cream, and Serum + a collection set with all 3 products

Services Used

Challenges & Objective

Our goal was to increase website traffic, improve brand awareness and build an email list by acquiring new leads. We also utilized an email drip campaign.

What Makes Our Strategy Successful

Video traffic campaign and lead gen are doing great. Video traffic campaign targeted to lookalike audience of web visitors and social engagement. Ad is an animated video discussing feminine care. Lead gen campaign uses same targeting, but different video ad that offers a 10% discount and enters them into an email drip campaign.

Ad Results

lady ease


lady ease


Overall, the video ad seemed to be highly effective at bringing in website traffic and also building a large retargeting list that was used for the lead generation campaign. The lead generation campaign offers a 10% discount which encourages people to sign up and learn more.

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