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eat below the red line

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Eat Plants and Thrive helps people that have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, rheumatoid arthritis and other chronic diseases. They help them switch their diet to eating a whole-food, plant-based, no oils and when they do that, the body heals itself.

Services Used

Challenges & Objective

The goal was to get them leads to sign up for a cheaper $7 week plan, then allowing the client to upsell them more expensive plans and courses that lasted longer.

What Makes Our Strategy Successful

Ads are using very good videos that are made by the client. Focus on video engagement/views and event responses. Client sells a 5 day challenge for pretty cheap (about $7) then upsells customers on more expensive courses. Targeting includes interests/keywords such as vegan, vegetarian, healthy diet and blood pressure.

Ad Results

Client runs a lot of events which helps build interest and retargeting group. We also run a video campaign that builds reach and further expands retargeting group. We run a conversion campaign based on purchases, as well as a retargeting conversion campaign based on purchases. In July 2022, these two conversion campaigns alone brought in 168 website purchases. From there, the client is able to upsell them on additional courses and resources.

eat below the red line results
eat below the red line results


Overall, this client seems most successful by connecting with potential customers via events and video views. Their initial service is also very affordable which allows them to get people into more expensive programs.

The quality and catch lines on the videos they are far surmount most that I have done. These are created by one of the clients but are fully engaging while allowing intrigue. But provides value.

Client on their own is also using text(SMS) notification about their challenge and drip sequences as people buy to keep them engaged especially up til the start of the 5 day challenge.

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