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You may be surprised to see our own company listed as a case study, but we actually manage our own email marketing campaigns in addition to those of our clients. We’re able to generate great results for our clients, because we implement the same services for our content first.

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  • We segment our email subscribers, and we have automated emails set up that automatically deliver different emails to different subscribers based on where someone may fall in our sales funnel. And above all, we want our emails to be helpful to our customers. We use captivating email subjects that get readers’ attention.
  • We want the body of our email to be truly helpful to our potential clients because the point is to build trust between our agency and potential clients. This is what eventually leads them to convert and choose us over our competitors every time!
  • (The same principal applies for every other small business out there, no matter your industry!)


  • Below are screenshots that prove that our emails are helpful and effective to our target market.


LYFE Marketing is the best digital marketing agency to work with because our methods are proven. We take pride in the email marketing services we provide, and the reason why our clients see so much success is because we use the same strategies for them that we use for ourselves. We’ve received great results for our own email campaigns, and we can help your business do the same.

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