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Social media for Dr. Nancy – Holistic Wellness

The Challenge

Doctor Nancy, owner of First Fruit Wellness Center, came to us to manage her wellness center’s social media campaign. First Fruit Wellness Center is a holistic wellness center that helps people become healthier. Dr. Nancy has been actively involved in the holistic wellness industry for over 20 years. She was looking to brand herself as a national thought leader in the industry. In addition, acquiring new clients during the process was a goal of hers as well. Of course, this would involve social media marketing, and that’s where we came into the picture.

The Solution

We began to manage First Fruit’s social media presence. In order to generate interest in such a crowded market, we focused our efforts on doing the following:

1. Building a loyal following: The first step of our social media campaign was to grow a large following around Dr. Nancy and First Fruit Wellness Center. We did this by posting designing an attractive social media profile, posting meaningful content, and social media outreach.

Instagram Presence

Social Media Management Company

Social media for First Fruit Wellness Center

2. Build Relationships: Growing followers meant nothing for us if we couldn’t quantify them into a measurable result. We began engaging with each of our new followers, asking them about their health goals, and offered professional advice to them. Each day of the week, our team committed to have at least 15 authentic conversations with Dr. Nancy’s target audience. 

Twitter Engagement

Twitter Engagement

How we engaged with potential customers on social media

3. Generate leads/conversions: After building meaningful relationships on social media and adding value to our target audience, we would wheel people into First Fruit Wellness Center. This translated into more leads and potential customers for First Fruit Wellness Center.

Converting Leads

Management of Twitter

The Results

Dr. Nancy and First Fruit Wellness benefited from this campaign in multiple ways. Not only did we boost Dr. Nancy’s following in Atlanta by over 3,500 people, but we had over 2,000 conversations with potential customers. Dr. Nancy website visitors increased dramatically. Attendance at her local events also increased substantially. We used social media as an outlet for great content and tips, which in turn sparked interest and leads. Out of those 2,000 conversations that occurred over the course of 5 months, we generated about 50 quality leads for First Fruit.  Now, Dr. Nancy is planning on expanding her wellness center into 3 new locations. We look forward to what’s in store for the future of this campaign!

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