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PPC marketing for law firms allows us a great deal of control, so we can manage every bit of your ads in order to gain the greatest success. Because there are so many control elements to a PPC advertising, that means managing PPC marketing for law firms is a full time job. Chances are you probably don’t have time to add yet another full time job to your plate, so take a look at what we will be doing to fulfill that marketing position for you and helping your leads grow.

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The Truth About PPC Marketing for Law Firms

Whether you’re operating a one-man practice or an extensive law firm, law firm advertising can be simple with PPC search marketing.

How is it so simple?

Well, it’s because that’s where your potential clients go to look for you – the internet.

33% of legal consumers begin their hunt for legal help by searching for it online. That’s one-third of your potential clients you are missing out on by not promoting your practice using law firm PPC.

Law firm PPC ads allow your practice to be seen above all other organic search results on Google, which is what you want considering 64% of people choose to click on the sponsored ads before they do the organic results. Our law firm advertising services allow you to leverage these consumers who are seeking legal representation. We optimize your ads for quality leads and bring new cases to your firm.

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Why Do You Need PPC Services for Lawyers?

The ultimate reason firms decide to implement a law firm PPC campaign is because they are proven to deliver qualified inbound leads at the lowest possible conversion cost when executed properly. However, this is not the only benefit. There are a few other perks that come along with PPC marketing for law firms.

More Clients & Cases.

Law firm PPC campaigns generate more traffic to your website thus meaning more leads, which convert into more clients and cases.


Law firm PPC gives you the ability to know exactly how much money you are making and the conversions you are gaining in relation to your overall investment. This usually peaks the interest of most attorneys because we know they enjoy seeing the black and white of a subject.


Law firm PPC campaigns produce results instantly without greatly increased efforts or manpower. It may take a short time to get there at first, but with law firm PPC, once the proper cost per client acquisition is established, we can scale your bids based on your budget and increase the number of leads you are receiving.

How Tech Lawyers Made $5,436.32 in 5 months with our PPC for Lawyers services.

This lawyer specializes in helping new technology companies and startups with their incorporating documents and initial legal recommendations. People are able to buy this startup back directly online. This type of work is desired and searched for by over 1,000 people each month on Google. Our team was able to implement a strategy that would ensure they stayed above the competition and converted leads/sales. we built out a landing page with Google tracking in order to properly measure results. In less than 5 months, our client was able to directly show $5,436.32 in sales. However, the client expects that more sales are being made from people who are not buying the packages online and speaking with him first!


Keyword Research. 

The competition for attorneys and law firms in the world of law firm PPC is stiff which requires a well thought out plan with extensive keyword research, bidding strategy, and proper landing pages. All these things must be congruent with the ads that deliver when your potential clients search keywords that pertain to your practice. Because you only pay when you receive clicks, we make sure you are receiving quality leads from your clicks by optimizing your ads with keywords that only clients you want to represent would be searching for.

A/B Split Testing.

We test different ad types with a different copy until we have found the one that resonates with consumers best and utilizes your budget in an optimal way. This minimizes wasted ad spend and maximizes conversion rates to gain you new cases.


Almost 75% of prospects that begin their legal search online usually end up contacting the firm via phone instead of converting online. Law firm PPC allows us to track these calls with a special phone number we set up at no extra cost to you so we can thoroughly track every inch of your law firm advertising campaign as promised.


We value the work that we do, and we want you to see it. Your campaign results will always be 100% transparent, so you can look at them anytime. We will deliver a fully detailed report on the results of your law firm PPC campaign each month. You can schedule a call at any time to discuss your PPC campaign progress.

Key Elements for Lawyer PPC Advertising

Anyone can click some buttons and start a PPC ad, but there are ceratin keys to success that we’ve learned through experience. Here are a few: 

  1. Ad Copy.Your ad copy must be congruent with the landing pages to increase ad quality score.
  2. Landing Page. After someone clicks you are it is important the following page can solve their specific problem.
  3. Act Quickly. Once a lead is generated it is important to respond quickly to the inqury before the prospects moves on to a competitor.



Full Service

Our full service offerings render us the capabilities to manage your practice’s entire online presence through not only PPC but also website design, social media, email, content, and more. All of these services further support PPC marketing for law firms. It’s better to work with one agency that can get it all done right the first time rather than waste time juggling multiple companies.

Industry Experience

Speaking legal language in layman’s terms to potential clients is what we do best. Our industry experience in both digital marketing and legal businesses has taught us what customers are searching for in legal services and what attorneys like to see in a client case.


We pride ourselves on our work and attention to deal. Your PPC campaign will be created and monitored by real people, real management, not software. Our dedicated ad specialists and account managers have a background in working in law firm advertising and will create, monitor, and optimize your ads with your end goal in mind: more clients so you can win more cases.

Does PPC Services for Attorneys Really Work?

Imagine being able to talk with people every day who are in dire need of your legal services. 

Attorney PPC Campaigns can help law firms grow faster than any other advertising available today (2018). Law Firm PPC can be executed in places like Google Adwords where people are searching for law firms every day. 

We help law firms be found when people are searching. 

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