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We know how important your clients are to you, so we take all the right steps toward creating a strong real estate email marketing campaign for you that will drive the success of your agency.

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Powerful Real Estate Email Marketing

We know.

You’re on this page because you’re interested in what email marketing can do for you, your agency, and your clients. We’re here to tell you that it can do great things and we’re ready to help you get started! We’ve helped hundreds of small businesses grow through email, and we want to help you too.

Surveys show that 94% of real estate agents prefer to communicate with their clients via email. Since you already use email daily, keep your communication streamlined by utilizing the opportunities real estate email marketing presents and sending a real estate email blast once a month or once a week to your clients.

Your clients want to receive emails from you. If they subscribed, then they are interested, so give them what they want and you’ll start to reap the benefits.

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Why Email Marketing for Real Estate Agents?

Top of Mind Awareness. 

The average person checks their email on a daily basis, often multiple times a day. When you send your real estate email blast out to your contacts, you are sure to be in their hands and readily accessible at almost any given time of the day.

Optimized Marketing Funnel.

Real estate email marketing is not only a great way for you to communicate and stay top of mind for your clients and partners, but also a great way to decrease the amount of time leads stay in your funnel before converting to clients. The real estate market is always changing, and often quickly, so the faster website visitors turn into buying or selling customers for your agency, then the faster you will see your agency profit and become an industry leader.

Return on Investment.

Your customers are generally worth a great deal of revenue to your agency, so why not spend a little bit to get a lot? Real estate email marketing is one of the most inexpensive channels of communication and marketing, yet yields one of the highest returns at around $38-$40 for every $1 spent. The benefits definitely outweigh the costs here and make for a great long-term email marketing campaign that creates lifelong customers.

How Brian Drives Quality Appointments & High Open Rates

Brian helps people in a popular market buy high-end condos. He hired our company to help drive more awareness, traffic, leads and clients. This tasked us with creating a full funnel approach from top to bottom. To help convert more leads into clients we use email marketing. We are constantly using the channel to educate his prospects on the process, what makes him unique and special annoucements such as (homes sold or available). This helps instill confidence and increases his conversions.



Email Contacts

You can’t send emails if you don’t have any relevant contacts to send them to. As part of our real estate email marketing services, we work with you to develop lead magnets, or offers, that will attract customers to subscribe to your email list. Attracting contacts is important, but ridding your list of old contacts is just as important. Our email marketing package includes list maintenance where we remove old contacts that are no longer opening your emails as this could hurt your deliverability. We want to make sure your customers that want to read your emails are receiving them and that reporting is as accurate as possible.


Stay connected and top of mind always when you automate your real estate email blast. We can create triggered drip campaigns for you that send different emails to different lists based on the actions contacts take when they receive one of your emails. This allows our clients to be lasered focused on what types of emails contacts received. For example, real estate investors can get different email sequences from real estate agents.

Call-To-Action (CTA) 

Next, we will implement strong calls to action on your site that direct visitors to subscription box within your lead magnet. These calls to action can take the form of sidebars, banners, pop-ups, and more. We choose the form that best fits your customized strategy and goals.

Monthly Newsletters 

Your real estate email blast will be your newsletter that we send out weekly or monthly. Our expert writers customize these emails with information about your agency, the housing market, relevant articles and blog posts as well as images of homes and properties you are currently marketing. This is where we capture and keep your readers’ attention and convert leads to customers through nurturing.

Mobile Friendly 

We keep mobile in mind. You’re on your phone daily checking email. You may even check it more often on your phone than a desktop. Chances are that your clients are the same, so we make their lives easier by sending emails optimized for smaller screens. Larger fonts and buttons will make your email more attractive on a mobile phone or tablet and keep the interest of your customers longer than an email that may be difficult to read upon first glance.

Email Marketing Strategy for Real Estate

The first step in your real estate email marketing campaign is to develop a strategy for your agency that will achieve your goals. We define the “who, what, when, and how” of your campaign by researching your audience and competitors to determine how best to reach your target market. Then craft a content plan to determine what message your agency wants to tell customers in your emails and how we plan to add value through your real estate email blast. The last part of the strategy step involves creating a calendar of how often to send emails and speed up the timeline of customers in your marketing funnel.


Full Service

As a digital marketing company that does it all, we know best how your real estate email blast interacts with your other channels of marketing. While a visually pleasing email template full of informative content is great, it’s still not enough if you want to stand out as an industry leader. Your real estate email blast also needs to promote your social media efforts and vice versa. Your website design needs to capture subscribers that will receive your real estate email blast. We can incorporate all of this for you into your digital marketing portfolio.

Industry Experience

Work with a company that knows real estate, has been in your industry, and can help you grow into the leading agency you are meant to be. Our extensive real estate industry experience makes us the best choice when selecting a digital marketing firm to promote your agency through a consistent and compelling real estate email blast that skyrockets you to success.


We guarantee that you will receive the same exceptional customer service your clients receive from you and your agents. When you work with us, you have a dedicated specialist devoted to building up your real estate email marketing strategy and writing your real estate email blast. We believe in providing the best quality of services possible to the businesses we work with. We have the same growth goals in mind, and we can’t wait to be the ones that help you reach yours.

Does Email Marketing Actually Work?

If your goal is to drive more conversions from prospects then email marketing is for you. 

We help real estate companies set up automation that helps prospect move further down the funnel (or closer to the deal). The type of emails we create will highlight the opportunities available, what makes you different and education on the overall process. 

However, it is worth noting that email marketing is only effective when you have a marketing channel that is driving traffic/leads, already. 

We’ve driven over 983,287 leads for clients through digital marketing.

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