Content Marketing Consultant

Grow Website Traffic & Leads

Content Marketing Consultant

Grow Website Traffic & Leads

Is Great Content Important to a Business?


Content is king.


If you are into digital marketing, then you’ve probably heard this line a hundred times. It is one of the most used phrase when convincing someone why they should invest in their content. Great content is king because most of your online activities will revolve around it.


Your business blog and website pages, your social media posts and the email campaigns you send – all of these will require you to create great content. Keep in mind that consumers always want to know “what’s in it for them” when dealing with a business. And that question can only be answered through an informative, engaging content.


And that is why great content is king.

What is Content Marketing?

However, although the above statement is undoubtedly true, your content will not be “king” if no one knows about it. It’s like creating an art masterpiece only to hide it in your room. This is where you will need a content marketing strategy.


But what exactly is this content marketing we’re talking about? Content marketing is a marketing strategy that involves the creation and distribution of quality content. And it shouldn’t just be any ordinary content. This type of content should possess the following qualities: useful, relevant, consistent.

The mission of content marketing involves attracting and then retaining the interest of the right target audience, and its ultimate goal is to drive sales. The goal is the same as in any traditional marketing strategy. What is different is the route you will take to get there.


Using traditional marketing lets you offer your products or services up front. With content marketing, you are pitching solutions to specific problems.


One can say that this approach is more attractive for customers. They get the sense that you are not just there to sell them your product or service. Instead, they get the feeling that you have a genuine concern for them and want to help them. This is a testament to why marketers prefer using content marketing.


To help you come up with great content, you will need the expert help of a content marketing consultant.

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Benefits of Content Marketing for Your Business

MarketingRank Higher on Google


Google loves great content. There’s no question with that. And when you have high quality and valuable content, then search engines such as Google will surely be fond of your website. Yes, producing great content is the one sure way to rank higher in Google’s search results. Of course, it is not the only way to rank at or near the top, but you cannot go wrong with it either. Google helps drive more traffic than any other online platform, including Facebook and YouTube. So great content can lead to qualified traffic when done right, which can lead to sales!

MarketingStrong Brand Awareness


By using content marketing, you are able to take your brand awareness to a whole new level. If you are able to produce a quality article or blog post, then it has a very good chance at ranking among Google’s top three results. Once you’re ranking for one of Google’s coveted top spots, you are sure of getting more eyeballs to check out your brand. And you can’t overlook the fact that consumers now are more active in sharing anything online. If they see something shareworthy, they wouldn’t have a second thought in posting it on their social media accounts. So if your content is great, then you can expect it to be shared multiple times online. And that means more exposure for your business!

MarketingBoost in Sales


Gone are the days where marketers send dozens of cold emails to convince people to make a deal with them. Today, customers are often the first one to approach you, but only for two reasons – first, if they know your brand or second, if they see your brand when they search online. A natural result of increasing your brand awareness & Google rankings is getting a boost in sales. If you do your content marketing strategy correctly, then it should be a significant one. A content marketing consultant can you help you identify what kind of content will help you rank and also be of value to your target market. These two pieces combined will help your company see an increase in sales.

MarketingEstablish Trust Between Brand & Consumer


Have you ever experienced searching online then seeing a brand you know at the top of search results and instantly clicking it? What do you think it is that made you do that? It’s obviously because you trust that brand so much that you didn’t bother checking out the others on the list. Content marketing lets you connect with your customers better. By providing information of value to them, they instantly start to build trust in your brand and think of your company as a thought-leader in the industry. Establishing that trust and credibility in your brand is essential to creating a customer and repeat-customer.

MarketingGet Long Term Results


Content marketing is a safe and effective strategy for business in any industry. And the result is not only a one time shot. Pay Per Click ads may have instant results compared to content marketing, but the latter will yield good ones in the long run. Unlike in pay per click ads, implementing a content marketing plan will give you compounding results. Yes, the first few months may not yield much, however, you will surely see a positive boost in your business in the next few months. It is similar to SEO wherein it benefits your business for a longer time without taking too much from your budget.

Can You Do Content Marketing By Yourself?

Of course, you can.

You can audit your business goals and create the strategy on your own. You can research and try different techniques on writing posts for your blog on your own. You can publish these posts either on your website or social media pages by yourself. And lastly, you can solely monitor, measure and analyze the data to improve them.

What’s the keyword in here? Well, everything on the list will be done solely by you.

Now imagine doing all these tasks along with other digital marketing strategies like optimizing your website for search engines, managing PPC ads, sending email campaigns and doing customer support all by yourself. That would be chaotic- not to mention all of the other tasks you manage as a business owner.

So, back to the question earlier, can you do content marketing by yourself? Yes, you can. But is it recommended? Unfortunately, not.

Even if you can do all of these by yourself, there will be several drawbacks for your business in the long run. You will not have enough time to do the other marketing strategies that will also help boost your business. The results are usually not satisfying if you don’t know what you’re doing. And if you do know, seeing good results will still take time.

So what should you do? We’d say, let the experts handle content marketing for your business. Let us help you.

How a Content Marketing Consultant

Can Help Your Company Succeed

Content Marketing ConsultantTell Your Story

A successful brand is one that connects the most with their audience. And the best way to make that connection? Tell your brand’s story. Your content marketing consultant will make sure that your customers know about your products or services. Customers who have any interest in your product or service will find it online because they will search for it and find your company as a result of your content marketing efforts.

Content Marketing ConsultantDevelop a Strategy

Your content marketing consultant will take a good look at your vision and the goals that you have for your brand. Then we will carefully craft and develop a content marketing strategy for you based on your goals. The goal of the content marketing strategy is to capture the awareness and attention of your customers, leading them to eventually purchase from you.

Content Marketing ConsultantWrite Your Blog

This is the part where the actual content for your website is created. Your content marketing consultant will share the best practices for writing a blog that is not focused on selling but rather on showing your audience what you can do for them. Through your blog, you will educate, inform, inspire, and entertain your audience. Best of all, your blog will leave them wanting more. Naturally, they are going to come back again and again not just to your blog but also to your website.

Content Marketing ConsultantPublish Your Content

Once all of the topic ideas and editing are completed, it will be time to publish your content. It will be published either on your blog or your website or even both if you choose. The important thing is that all your customers can see it, and it can start working towards ranking on Google.

Content Marketing ConsultantTrack & Optimize

Your content marketing consultant will help you track your site traffic and engagement, specifically for your content. Everything is going to be measured. This is important, especially as traffic increases. You will be provided with a regular monthly report that is clear and easy to understand. These reports will show you the level of progress that your marketing campaign has. We will provide you with ongoing optimization of your content.

Why You Need To Choose Our Content Marketing Consultant Services

√ Increased Brand Awareness

√ In-depth Content Analysis

√ Effective Content

√ Professional Expert Consultation

√ Measurable Results

√ Campaign Monitoring

√ Targeted Customer Avatar

√ Quality Website Traffic

√ Tailored Content Marketing Strategy

Why Choose Us for Your Content Marketing Services

Our agency will provide all the help that you need with your content marketing strategy. These are the things that set us apart:

b2b content marketing blog

#1: Full Digital Marketing Services

Digital marketing is interconnected. One strategy can directly or indirectly affect the other. And one wrong move can change the results you’ve been aiming for. Your content marketing consultant has the tools, knowledge, and experience to provide you with a full digital marketing experience. It’s crucial to make your content marketing strategy a cohesive piece of a bigger strategy, and our consultants are able to see that big picture.

#2: Real Experts

When it comes to your business, you can’t afford to do a trial-error strategy. Everything has to be aligned with your goals. One careless mistake can ruin your business in a snap. That’s why it is best to let the experts handle your business marketing. The specialists on our team are trained and equipped to help your business get ahead. All of the consultants that we assign are digital marketing experts, especially in the field of content marketing.

#3: One Size Does Not Fit All

If there is one truth that we know about online businesses, it is that not all of them are built the same. Even businesses in the same industry have their own selling point unique to their brand. And we know as much. That comes from our very extensive knowledge and experience of working with all types of businesses over the years. So you can rely on us to provide you with specialized and customized solutions that are made only for you.

#4: Always Up to Date

You already probably know this – online marketing is constantly changing and every marketer needs to keep up. What worked last year may not be as effective as it is now. And if you don’t keep up with the trends, you will easily be beaten by your competitors. Or worse, your business can suffer from the bad strategies you’ve been doing all along. Trust that our expert content marketing team is always up to date with the latest trends and strategies. And we know how to improve and adjust your content marketing plan accordingly.

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