Ecommerce Photography Marketing

Sell Your Products Through Images That Speak To Your Customers

Ecommerce Photography Marketing

Sell Your Products Through Images That Speak To Your Customers

Ecommerce Photography Marketing

Sell Your Products Through Images That Speak To Your Customers

Ecommerce Photography Marketing

Reach Out To Your Customers Through the Power of Photos Using

Ecommerce Photography Services

Photos can give your customers instant information. It takes them less time and effort to process the info from an image as compared to text. So, if you want to talk to your customers quickly, then clear and detailed photos of your products is what you should be using on your pages.

Why Are Ecommerce Photography Services Important?

Ecommerce photography boosts website traffic and fosters consumer trust in your brand.

Images are far more potent conveyors of message when compared to text. There are several reasons for that. First of all, the human brain can transmit visual info much faster than text. Then, there is the fact that images help consumers to scan pages. People don’t really read everything that’s written on a webpage. Normally, people skim pages, so images make it easier for people to scan. Most people bounce from the page entirely if they just see a solid block of text.

Now, when it comes to ecommerce, product photographs have become an indispensable part of the business. With traditional stores, the customers can actually see the products and handle them physically. They can see the features up close and they use that to decide if they will buy a product or not.

When it comes to an ecommerce business, that doesn’t happen. The customer can only handle the product once it has been delivered to them. While there is always the option to have it returned, that’s added trouble for everyone involved. That can also be costly for you as a seller.

So, what does an ecommerce photographer do? An ecommerce photographer takes pictures of products for an online store.

It’s clear that you need to use excellent images for your ecommerce business and we can handle that for you with our ecommerce marketing services. We have a professional product photography team on standby. Contact us today to find out more about this service.

Different Styles Of Ecommerce Product Photography

Because of the tremendous growth of ecommerce, it is inevitable that different styles of ecommerce product photography have been developed. Not all of these styles are suited for your products or for your store in general. You must find a style that fits your products to get the maximum effect from their photos.

For example, a simple studio shot with a white background is probably the best way to go for most products. It gives emphasis on the actual product and it makes it easy for a buyer to see its features. The white background does not distract the potential buyers.

Another style which can be used for ecommerce product photography is that of using scale to give the buyers an idea of how big a product is. One of the more common ways of using scale is to show a product while someone is using or holding it.

Those types of photos with the product in use can be super effective if your product is not inherently self-explanatory. Photos can sometimes depict what words can’t in terms of how to use a new product. Clothes are another huge category of ecommerce that sell well when photos show the product in use. People like to see how the clothing fits on different body types before purchasing.

For multiple products that are in the same category, there is the product grouping style where all items can be shown together.

Which style would be best suited for you? With LYFE Marketing’s ecommerce photography services, you don’t have to worry about deciding. We’ll help you choose which style should be used for your products based on your product, goals, and industry. We can make that call along with other similar decisions for you so that you receive the best (and most profitable) images possible for your store.

How Our Ecommerce Product Photography Helped To Make P28 Foods’

Online Business Healthier

We have helped many businesses with our ecommerce photography services. One of those businesses is P28 Foods which is a specialized food company. Their aim is to increase the daily protein intake of consumers with foods in which unnecessary ingredients are reduced or totally removed. Our product photography has helped in capturing images of their products that have made them more appealing. Visit their website now to see some of the product photos that we took.

The LYFE Marketing Process For Ecommerce Photography Services



It’s important for us to know as much as we can about your business and your products. We will be using your product and business information to make choices for the photos that we will be taking, like choosing the right product photo style for example. We will be giving you a questionnaire where you can provide the most important details. We may also hop on a call with you to ask you additional details as we go along.


Planning The Photoshoot

We don’t just dive head first into a photoshoot. It has to be planned first. Once we know the details about your product, we will make arrangements with you on how to receive your products and other materials that you want to include during the shoot. We’ll plan out the different styles of photos we intend to take and also arrange for models to be present the day of the shoot if necessary.


Taking The Pictures

This is the most important part of the whole process. We have a professional ecommerce photography team who will be handling this for you. Our photographers are experienced in product photography and know exactly what is needed in order to bring out the best in your products. The rest of the team are trained and knowledgeable when it comes to lighting and other techniques that can enhance the look of the images we take.


Editing The Photos

After we take all of the photos, our photographer passes them off to our editing team. We have specialists who can make improvements on the photos using photo editing software. The final look can be simple, like enhancing the product, making everything bright and clear for example, or it can be elaborate, like adding effects and texts. Whatever enhancement is needed based on what we have agreed upon, we will take care of it.


Sharing The Final Photos

We will be sharing the final photos with you online. We highly suggest that you download them right away and store them on your computer because after the agreed upon period, we will no longer store them for you.

Why Is Our Ecommerce Product Photography A Success?

In addition to having a private studio and talented photographers, LYFE Marketing also hires skilled photo editors:

  • Expert Team

    We can safely say that this is the biggest contributor as to why this service is a success. Our photographers are experienced with this type of photography and our entire team is aware of the techniques needed for the process.

  • The Best Equipment

    Next in importance is the equipment used by our teams. The cameras that our photographers are using are all of a professional level to ensure the quality of the images.

  • Setting

    Product photography is usually done indoors. For this we have a dedicated space which serves as our studio. That means we have total control over the quality of the

  • Editing

    Just like the rest of our photography team, our photo editors are experts in the field and they know how to make the images we take even better.

These Are The Factors That Make Our Ecommerce Photography Services A Top Choice

A Team Of Experts

We’ve already mentioned that our product photo team is made up of experienced experts but we can’t overemphasize its importance. Our photographers are experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to product photography. Everyone on the team is aware of what it takes to capture amazing images and they will accomplish that goal every time.


We Offer A Complete Package

Did you know that LYFE Marketing is a full-service digital marketing agency marketing company? Yes, we don’t just offer ecommerce photography. We can do everything that you need when it comes to digital marketing. We have specialists from social media to video production to everything in between. So, if you need other services, you have the right service provider with LYFE Marketing.



We have the experience needed when it comes to ecommerce product photography. It’s that simple. We have helped a lot of clients get more sales with the images we have taken of their products. So, why would you consider services from other agencies who have not proven their effectiveness?

Get All The Benefits Of Ecommerce Photography Services

Don’t waste the potential of your ecommerce business with bad product photos. Having a strong photography team at your side like LYFE Marketing can increase the profits of your ecommerce store. The reason is because we have a photography team with a marketing eye.

We know what it takes to take professional photos that work in selling your product. Our team of professionals will work with you to get the right images you need for your ecommerce business. Get in touch with us now and find out more about ecommerce photography pricing.

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