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Use Geofencing Facebook Ads To

Optimize Your Targeting Efforts

With the help of our digital marketing agency, you can learn how to properly determine areas of interest and implement geofencing on your Facebook ads.

Increase Site

With geofencing, you can better target your ads to consumers that are more likely to partake in your business. When you focus your targeting, you can lead more people to your website.

Attract More Qualified Leads

You can showcase your ads in certain locations, allowing for people who actually use your products or services to see what you have to offer. Your leads become more qualified, which improves your chances of conversion.


Heighten Sales Growth

When you utilize geofencing on your Facebook ads, you put yourself on the path to greater success. The consumers who see your ads will be more likely to visit your website and do business with you.

What Is Geofencing And How Do Geofencing Ads On Facebook Work?

Geofencing is a GPS location tool that allows you to establish digital spaces and boundaries in which you want to promote your ads. Once you establish a digital perimeter, anyone who crosses into it has a higher chance of seeing your ad.

But how is this different from regular location targeting? Well, with location targeting, you’re usually limited to advertising within your city, state, or country. This is great to use, but isn’t as effective as it could be. With geofencing, you can take the concept of location targeting a step further. You can create your own digital perimeter and center it anywhere you see fit. For example, you could place it around your business, a competitor’s location, or even around event venues. This means that whenever a customer gets within a certain distance of any of the locations you’ve set, they’ll see your ads.

Facebook is versatile in that it lets you do both. But while location targeting can be useful in a generic sense, it isn’t as good at targeting specific audiences. With the geofencing feature, you can create borders based on which customers are most likely to partake in your business.

Take Your Brand To Your Customers Without Ever Leaving The Office

Facebook is a great platform to advertise on because it houses over 2 billion users. But when there are that many people on one platform, how do you figure out how to narrow down your intended ad reach? First you may take a wider approach, and market to anyone who’s interested in your products or services. Next you might focus your ads only on your geographical location. These can be useful, but geofencing takes both of these areas of implementation and combines them into one efficient tool. By figuring out which locations would be most beneficial to advertise in, you can drastically increase your sales. Here are some prominent places in which geofencing works wonders:

Your Business

The most obvious location would be to set a geofence within a certain distance around your business. This means that anyone who comes inside that perimeter can see your ads. This is useful for targeting local consumers, and trying to capture the attention of and convert general audiences.

Your Competitor’s Business

Similar to before, setting a geofence around a competitor’s business can show that they’re not the only business in the area that does what they do. If done well, the combination of geofencing and engaging content can deter customers from your competitors and draw them over to you.

An Event

An option that is often overlooked is the implementation of geofencing around special events, conventions, conferences, etc. These are big events that are usually specialized around certain subjects, so if any of them are relevant to your business, you have a great opportunity on your hands.

The Benefits Of Geofencing Facebook Ads

Specific Audience Targeting

When you set your own marketing space, you’re able to prioritize audiences that are likely to bring you the most business. Rather than targeting generalized areas, you can target based on locations that reflect consumer behavior. For example, if you own a record store, you would receive more qualified leads through geofencing around concert venues or other music shops rather than just by your city as a whole. Geofencing allows your marketing efforts to be more specialized, and thus influence more reliable audiences.


Consistency In Your Campaigns

You may be thinking “how does this affect the ads I already have?” The good news is that you don’t have to change anything else about your ads! Geofencing is an implementation tool, so there’s no need to alter the way you create your ads. This means that you can generate greater results without interfering with your typical process.


Cost Effective

Another great aspect of geofencing is that it’s very cost effective. Geofencing ads on Facebook don’t actually cost extra – the tool is already built into the platform and you are free to implement it as you choose. Facebook ad campaigns are already free to use, you just spend however much you want to in order to run your advertising campaigns.You get better results for the same cost.

Not a lot of small businesses know about geofencing, so you can really get ahead of the game by learning about it and implementing it in your own ad campaigns. We can teach you everything you need to know to take your marketing to the next level, and to increase your return on investment. There are a lot of benefits to geofencing, so let us guide you towards smarter and more effective marketing.

How Can A Digital Marketing Agency Help You With Your Facebook Efforts?

Digital marketing agencies can provide a lot of support for small businesses. From marketing strategies, to content creation, to digital implementation, and more – there’s always something you can seek help with. But not every digital marketing agency is built the same. LYFE Marketing differs from the others through our dedication to the tools of our industry and the continued success of our clients. We have extensive knowledge about all aspects of digital marketing, and you won’t get the same kind of service anywhere else.

One of our specialties is Facebook advertising. We know how to research consumer trends, create engaging content, and optimize campaigns for maximum success. There is a lot of potential with Facebook advertising, but most business owners don’t know the full extent of the tools available to them. We’ve been working on Facebook ad campaigns for years, so we know all of the ins and outs of the platform. We’ll teach you how to navigate the site’s business tools and utilize them in your own campaigns.

Want more good news? We can even manage a lot of this stuff for you. We know it’s difficult running a small business, so we’re here to help you out. When you hire us to manage your Facebook ad campaign, we save you time and money. You’ll have more availability and resources to be able to maintain your facilities and handle the everyday tasks involved with running your business. We want to see your business succeed, so we take the utmost care of your marketing campaigns.

Our Process For Effective Geofencing Facebook Ads

You can trust in us because we have methods that are proven to get the job done. Our strategy consists of multiple steps that allow us to cover all of the bases of a strong Facebook ad campaign. We want what’s best for your business, so we combine our meticulous strategy with step-by-step communication in order to generate a campaign that you’re proud of.


In order to get you the best results possible, we’ll need to get a feel for how your business works and what makes you unique. We’ll work with you to understand your values and advertising goals, and then take a look at some of your past work. We’ll compare your company’s services with customer demographics, and use that information to outline some suggestions for geofencing ads.


Next, we’ll implement a geofencing strategy for your Facebook ads. We’ll help you determine which location points match best with your target audience’s interests and behaviors, and then put them into place. We can even adjust your geofencing perimeters to exclude any locations you don’t want to advertise to.


Over time we’ll start to see the results of your newly-targeted ad campaign, and be able to make adjustments to promote your further success. We’ll keep up-to-date with industry trends, consumer behavior, and general responses to your ad campaign, so that you can maximize your return in investment.


We know it’s hard to keep up with every aspect of running a small business, so we’re here to be your support. We can monitor your Facebook ad campaigns so that you have more time to manage the everyday necessities. From error management, to budget upkeep, to consumer metrics – we’ll monitor all of the necessary components of your ad campaign.


At LYFE Marketing, we aim to establish open communication between our team members and our clients. That’s why we provide you with ample reports, so that you’re always in-the-know about your own advertising ventures. We’ll send you monthly reports that evaluate your progress and give you insight on what the metrics mean. We are also open for discussions about your campaign on a biweekly or monthly basis. We want to make sure you know what’s happening with your campaign, and we want to stay on the same page.

The Benefits Of Geofencing Facebook Ads

We’re dedicated to helping small businesses like yours generate success. There are so many tools out there that can kickstart your marketing efforts, and we want to show you how to properly implement them for the best results. We’ll help your sales growth through these pathways:

  • geofencing ads on facebook

    Generating more clicks on your Facebook ads

  • check mark

    Driving more traffic to your website

  • geofencing ads on facebook

    Improving your rate of customer conversions

  • check mark

    Making your ads more relevant to consumers through geofencing

  • check mark

    Promoting brand awareness

Proper implementation goes a long way. Even small changes in an advertising campaign can yield varying results, so don’t fall victim to needless mistakes. We’re experienced and thorough, and we’ll make sure that every step in the process goes smoothly. We can guarantee greater success for your business through the checkpoints we previously listed, plus more.

Trust LYFE Marketing With Your Geofencing Facebook Ads Campaign

Don’t waste your time and money on an agency that doesn’t know what it’s doing. Here at LYFE Marketing, we have years of experience and hundreds of successful client stories under our belt. We started as a small business and grew from there, so we know what it’s like to work your way up in the business world.

We’ve been in this industry long enough to know how to produce detailed reports and metrics that are beneficial to your business. Becoming successful shouldn’t be a guessing game, so we work to provide you as much insight about your marketing efforts as possible. We’ll show you information and skills that actually matter.

We’re a full-service agency, so we can handle any of your digital marketing needs. We know the ins and outs of numerous platforms, strategies, and tools, as well as how to optimize them for maximum success. Whether you just want consultation, or need help with content creation and implementation, we can help.

Take The Next Step With Us

You can trust LYFE Marketing because our services have proven successful time and time again. We know the tricks of the trade and how to generate great results that don’t hurt your budget. Your business has great potential, so don’t settle for a digital marketing agency that can’t help you maximize your growth.

We create flexible plans that allow you to have more control over your success, as well as provide open communication through the entire development process. We have years of practical knowledge and implementation that have proven effective. We can cover whatever your needs are. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started today.

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