Marketing Consultant Services

Increase Conversions & Value

Marketing Consultant Services

Increase Conversions & Value

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In-Depth Marketing Training

Work with an experienced marketing consultant to help you reach more people using social media, paid advertisements, search engine optimization, content marketing, email marketing or web design.
Do you need some credible marketing consulting services to guide your marketing efforts? Talk to us today.

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Innovative Strategy

Sometimes all it takes to improve a brand or turn a marketing strategy around is a new outlook. A fresh mind with a different perspective on things can drastically cause an increase of sales and results. Marketing consulting firms like ours can generate new and innovative ideas that will help you see a positive change in marketing your brand.

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Conversion Rates

This is the #1 reason our clients seek a marketing consultant: to improve their conversion rates. Sure, you may be getting the likes, comments, and shares, but are you getting conversions? When you generate more conversions, you generate a bigger profit. And our staff of marketing consultants will help you do just that!

Business Goals

An Extra Resource

Many small business owners believe they have to do everything themselves. They’re passionate about their business and want to execute every piece of it. The problem is this isn’t always sustainable or even sometimes optimal for the long run. Enlisting resources like a small business marketing consultant to help you develop your company is one of the wisest decisions you’ll make all year.



We’re glad you asked!


A marketing consultant is a professional marketer and speaker who fully understands the trends, planning, strategies, and execution of marketing a product, service, brand, or company – oftentimes in a multitude of industries.


Basically, any marketing consultant at LYFE Marketing that you partner with will be your guide in promoting your business and ultimately helping you gain more sales and revenue.


Small business owners like yourself look to hire one of our marketing consultants because they need help with creating a strategy, guidance in executing a strategy, or best practices for their industry and objectives. We offer all of this and more with our marketing consulting services!

Discover the Right Strategy Today.


Marketing Consultant

Digital marketing is evolving. The strategies that brought great results in the past may not be as effective today. So if you want to stay ahead of these changes, you can count on our marketing consultants to guide you.


Social Media

Do you want to build your social media presence? Or do you want to see more engagement on your posts? With more than 3.2 billion social media users globally, taking advantage of social media will definitely put your business ahead of the competition. Establish your brand on different social media platforms with the help of our marketing consultants.


PPC & Google Ads

Research says that 63% of users stated that they click on a Google ad when they see one. So for your PPC advertising this year, what are your goals? Do you want to gain more leads? Or do you want to increase your ROI? Double or even triple your leads and ROI faster. Let our marketing consultant guide you in creating results-driven PPC ads.


Email Marketing

Did you know that 91% of consumers like to receive email updates from the brands they follow? Yes, your email list should be more than just a record of your subscribers. These people are your potential customers or potential REPEAT customers. So our email marketing consultant services encourage you to make the most of your email list! It doesn’t really matter what industry your business is in. We will suggest the best email marketing strategy for your business and target market.


Content Marketing

Do you want to see your website at the top of the search results? Are you aiming to grow your organic traffic? Content marketing can help you achieve this as it plays a major role in your SEO (which we’ll talk more about in a second!). We will help you optimize your website by suggesting what kind of content to produce based on what resonates well with your target audience.


Website Design

Your website is the face of your brand. In fact, users will make a decision whether to trust your business or not in the first 3 seconds after your website loads. Keep them glued to your website by having a user-friendly and intuitive web design! Our marketing consultants will give suggestions to your current web design to entice more people to purchase from your business.


SEO – Organic Traffic

Advertising visuals can be the determining factor in whether you receive a click or not. Your campaign can be fueled by the designs which we will create for you.

How We Lowered A Client’s Acquisition Cost From $200 To $30

We offer marketing consulting services in a number of different verticals, but this particular client came to us wanting help with his PPC ads for his plumbing business. We happily took a look at his ads and quickly noticed his cost per conversion was extremely high for the plumbing industry. We optimized his ads to generate enough conversions to be able to change his bid strategy to a manual option. We then monitored and optimized his ads daily until we exceeded his target goal of a $40 acquisition cost per customer.


By the time we were finished with his ads, he went from receiving less than 15 conversions per month at the cost of $200 per conversion to receiving 30+ conversions per month at a cost of $30 per conversion.

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Why You Need The Help Of A Marketing Consultant

We’ve discussed how hiring a marketing consultant can help you generate more sales and increase your ROI. But how else can we help your business grow? Take a look at some of these benefits of utilizing a marketing consultant:

Reap The Benefits Of An Effective Marketing Campaign

As we’ve mentioned, our marketing consultants are going to share our best practices with you. When we talk about best practices, we’re talking about strategies, language, designs and more that have a history of converting customers and increasing ROI. We love watching our clients enjoy the fruits of their labor in following our consultants’ guidance.

Specialized Skill Set

Every part of digital marketing calls for specialization. The reason is because digital marketing encompasses so many areas including social media management, Google advertising, email marketing and more. That’s why it’s so important to us that our marketing consultants are specialized in each area. With a LYFE marketing consultant, rest assured that our experience and guidance can lead you to the results you want.

Save More Time

For small business owners, time is a precious resource. There’s always something else to be done, and so you want to organize your time efficiently. A marketing consultant can help save you time in a few ways. We’ll save you the trouble and time of trying to navigate digital marketing on your own; we’ll dive straight in to best practices with you. Then, you’ll have more time allocated to work on your business!

A Direct Focus On The Task At Hand

When you manage several campaigns at the same time, it’s easy to get swayed. You might also end up spending too much unnecessary time on a single task. But when you have a marketing consultant, expect to have a more productive day. We will give you guidance on how to handle your marketing more efficiently.

Finding the right fit for your company when it comes to a marketing consultant is the key. Our consultants will be able to provide you with constructive advice, best practices, strategies, shortcuts, and unlimited guidance with an unbiased opinion.


You will be able to work with someone who has a specific skill set in the area you need the most guidance as well as free up a great deal of time. Much of your day is probably devoted to planning your next strategic marketing move or fixing the one that didn’t generate the results you wanted.


With a marketing consultant, you can execute marketing correctly from the start and avoid those unwanted marketing mishaps.

Steps To Success With A Marketing Consultant


Initial Meeting

During our first meeting with you, it’s important to get to know more about you and your business. Some of the things we’ll discuss include your business goals, what you’re looking to learn or gain from our consulting services, your budget and a lot more.



Next, our consultant will gain access to your accounts where he or she will then analyze your current strategy and past marketing efforts and evaluate what methods are working and what can be improved.



The goal of our marketing consultant services is to give you the knowledge and experience-led guidance you need to conduct your own marketing campaigns. We will give you suggestions to optimize your strategy for the goal we set together. This means you will also be provided comprehensive guidance through the implementation of your new strategy.


Monitor & Optimize

After implementation, your consultant will monitor your progress daily and share with the trends we are seeing, describe what they mean, and continue to make suggestions for improvement until your goals are met.

The Elements Of A Great Marketing Consultant

We only employ the best consultants, and we make sure they have all the qualities of a great consultant. Each of our consulting team members possesses the highest quality of the following:

Marketing Consultant

Time Management

Expect a quick turnaround in all communication.

Problem Solving

Our staff addresses any problem they may encounter with expertise and sound judgement.


Our consultants know how important your goals are and reputation is and understand the need to not only uphold it but to improve it and increase its reach at all times.

Communication Skills

We believe in over-communicating in every way possible so no detail is missed. You can rest assured that your consultant has some of the highest written and oral communication skills on our team.

What Makes Us Different From Other Marketing Consulting Firms

Adjusted For Your Brand

1 Here at LYFE Marketing, we don’t believe in a one size fits all approach (and you shouldn’t want that from your marketing consultant anyway). We know how each business differs from others, even if they’re from the same industry. Of course, what works for them might not work for your business and vice versa. That’s why we take great pride in the amount of customization we put into each strategy we craft. In our marketing consulting services, we always create the strategies to align with your business’ unique needs and goals.

At Your Speed

2 There is no right or wrong amount of time to spend on marketing your business. Some businesses are starting from scratch with digital marketing and need more time to achieve their goals, while other businesses already have a pretty good grasp and just need expertise on a few aspects. The speed at which you hit your goals depends on many factors. Regardless, we are here to work with you daily, weekly, monthly or year after year. Even enjoy short term contracts so you don’t have to waste money if you’re a quick learner. Whatever you need, we’re here for you!

Full Service Digital Marketing

3 As a full service digital marketing agency that offers consulting services, we have the ability to do more than solely consult you. We can also implement the suggestions from your marketing consultant for you. We have a full staff ready to meet any of your needs in the following areas: social media, paid ads, email marketing, blogging, website development, graphic design and SEO. If you find that you want to switch from one of our consulting services to a digital marketing service where we execute the work for you, we can definitely do that!

Increase Your Conversion Rate And Online Presence With The Help Of A Marketing Consultant!

If you want to boost your business growth in all marketing channels, then you need the guidance of an expert small business marketing consultant. Since we are a full service marketing agency, rest assured that our marketing consulting services are top notch. We’ve helped hundreds of businesses like yours and have given them only positive results.


So now is your time to be one of those successful businesses! Click the button below and let’s get started working on your brand’s growth.

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