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Boost Online Store Traffic

Create ecommerce social media marketing ads that drive high volume traffic to your online store.

Increase Website Conversions

Set-up social media ecommerce campaigns that are optimized to increase product sales.

Increase Brand Awareness

Gain significant brand exposure that doesn’t burst your marketing budget.

Why Do You Need a Social Media Ecommerce Strategy?

If you aren’t selling on social media, then chances are your competition is. And you don’t want that!


  • At least 40% of all of businesses practice social media ecommerce by selling on one or more social media platforms.
  • 85% of those orders come from Facebook.
  • Instagram has the second highest order dollar value at $65 per order on average.

No wonder ecommerce businesses want to sell on social media in addition to their website. 

Social media ecommerce advertising provides the opportunity to capture a targeted consumer who will share their shopping experience online. It’s a cyclical process proven to be profitable to ecommerce businesses.

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Why You Should Invest in Ecommerce Social Media Marketing

It’s an investment that reaps great benefits.


Social media is not only a platform for friends to share their experiences. It’s also a platform for ecommerce businesses to share images and information about their products. Participating in social media vs investing in social media ecommerce are two different things. One doesn’t give you much besides some entertainment whereas the other leads to increased awareness and drives sales.


Investing in social media ecommerce is worth the reward. We can track your traffic, clicks, sales, and more through your social media ecommerce advertisements. It’s trackable and it’s worth it. The more involved your business becomes with social media ecommerce, the easier we can determine your exact return on investment. And scale your social media advertisements to generate greater sales.

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How We Increased Followers by the Thousands on 4 Different Social Platforms for a Beauty Ecommerce Client

We constantly emphasize the power behind quality followers and fans to our clients. That’s because those true fans can then drive even more traffic & fans to your pages through engagement. Just by interacting with your customers, you’re building your business. In just under a year, we helped one of our clients soar on social media. They chose to work with us to boost their brand awareness and gain more followers. We did just that for them! Our client saw 999% growth in engagement on Facebook and over 12,000% growth on Twitter! And of course we have to mention their 4,800 fans on Facebook and 2,300 fans on Instagram. To learn more about how your business can see growth results, get in contact with us below.



Setting Goals

You have to know where you are going before you can get there, so setting measurable goals is best. Decide how many products you want to sell, how much money you want to budget for social media ads, the amount of traffic you want to see driven to your site per month, how much overall growth you are wanting to see with our ecommerce social media marketing services. If you’re unsure what to expect, we can help you determine your goals for based on your target customer, budget, products, and overall company.

Strategy Development

Based on your goals, we develop an ecommerce social media marketing strategy that will help you attain them. Within this strategy we create a customer avatar that represents your audience and depicts the pain points and problems your products provide solutions for. We then develop a plan consisting of both social media ecommerce management solutions and social media ecommerce advertising campaigns. Your success relies on consistent valuable content, customer engagement, and targeted advertising.

Effective Content & Ads

With your goals in mind, data about your customers, and the relationship you’ve created, we can now leverage all of that by giving the customers what they want – great content! Visual heavy posts that people want to share are the best way to go. Encouraging calls to action on your ads tell the customer exactly what you want them to do and increase your ad performance. Social media ecommerce flourishes when fans and followers see content that resonates with them. This type of content builds trust with your followers and ensues loyalty for your brands and products.

Audience Targeting & A/B Split Testing

Through highly targeted campaigns and A/B split testing, we determine the advertisements that attract consumers the most and receive the highest click through rates resulting in the most conversions. Once we’ve found that sweet spot in your ecommerce social media marketing campaign, then your conversions begin rising and your cost per conversion decreases making you a happy and successful ecommerce business owner.

Conversion Tracking & Optimization

Social media ecommerce ads provide invaluable data that tracks customer value and ad spend down to the penny. Additional conversion tracking can tell us on average how much each customer spends versus the amount of money you spent in advertising to get them there. This is your cost per conversion rate, which we keep as low as possible while increasing the number of purchases you receive. This data can tell us what your customers respond to best, and we optimize your ads accordingly, whether it be changing the content, copy, call-to-action, tone, or audience.


The goal of our social media ecommerces services are to drive traffic that leads to sales and brand awareness. We accomplish this in a few ways:

  1. Build Follower Growth on Social Channels
  2. Drive Traffic to Your Online Store
  3. Increase Sales through Social Ads
  4. Custom Content that Increases Customer Engagement


We have industry experience

We have years of experience and results proven efforts in social media ecommerce. This industry specific experience has given us the tools to lead clients to success through increased product sales and return customers.

Specialized Services

Tailoring our services to the needs of each of our client’s specific industry is what we do best. The same ecommerce social media marketing strategy doesn’t work for every ecommerce business – and we know that – so we curate a plan that is tailored to you and will work to achieve your goals. We place you with an in-house social media specialist experienced in ecommerce management and advertising.

We do more than Ecommerce Social Media

We are a full-service digital marketing firm specializing in ecommerce social media marketing. We can transform your social media ecommerce presence with high-quality product content, daily activity, and fan growth. We also offer the additional services needed to make your ecommerce company a step above the rest from designing your online store to helping search engines find it with SEO. When it comes to ecommerce marketing, you won’t need to hire anyone else.

We’ve driven over 2,137,349 leads for clients through digital marketing.

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