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Create a Movement & Make a Statement Using Social Media

With an expansive community waiting for you and a marketing team like ours supporting you, there’s no reason to second guess the benefits social media for nonprofits can bring to your organization.

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More Donors

Secure more donations and a greater volunteer base as you spread the word about your cause and express your goals.

Build Credibility

More activity on social media builds credibility with your followers. They trust your organization and see you as a leader for the cause you’re trying to help.

Platform Awareness

Make an impact in your community or even the world as you communicate with others on social media and see your follower numbers expand.

Gain an Understanding of Social Media for Nonprofits

Many organizations engage in social media for nonprofits, but why are they truly on these platforms? How do they even have the time to have a presence on social media? With statistics like these, you will quickly understand why and make sure you have a social media marketing for nonprofits plan too!


  • Studies show that 55% of people who engage with causes through social media for nonprofits are more inspired to get involved in other ways.


  • Only 32% of nonprofit organizations even implement a social media strategy and 34% pay for services to help them manage their social media marketing for nonprofits.


  • Over one fifth of donation dollars collected by nonprofits are a result of direct click throughs from social media promotions.
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Why You Need Social Media Marketing for Restaurants

Tell your story, engage with supports, and generate results through social media marketing for nonprofits.


Free to Share – Social media for nonprofits is meant for sharing. You have an amazing story to tell and others want to tell it for you! We will create shareable content that will make others want to share your posts and promote your nonprofit to all their followers. As more followers share your posts with their friends, you’re receiving more awareness at no additional cost to you.  


Less is More – Reach a massive new audience across various social media channels. Connect not only with individuals who are interested in donating but also businesses who are interested in supporting you and sponsoring your events to drive awareness.


Opportunities – People are always willing to help businesses that support a great cause, especially in the world of social media for nonprofits. There are many platforms that have special privileges for nonprofits trying to grow their following and reach. YouTube gives your program the opportunity to leverage the power of video with special benefits and extra capabilities. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram allow you to conduct surveys to poll your followers to learn more about their interests and why they love supporting you. Facebook has a specific user interface dedicated to nonprofits and helping them reach their fundraising goals and volunteer needs.

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Grow Now and For Years to Come – Just Like Our Clients!

Types of nonprofits spread far and wide from education to religion to environmental and more. We’ve helped a variety of nonprofits, but we wanted to highlight how growing on social media is not just a viral thing that happens. Yes you will probably experience a quick growth spurt when you start your social media campaign. But it’s not a fad. It grows and grows just like it did for one of our clients. For the last 2 years, they have experienced compounded growth and now have over 28,500, 7,700, and 9,200 fan on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter respectively along with a combined engagement increase of over 13,000%.



Social media marketing for nonprofits is one of the most cost effective forms of digital marketing. You can reach thousands of people and generate awareness with just a few dollars a day.  But in order to do this, you need an effective strategy that will accomplish your goals even with a smaller budget. We develop a customized strategy for you that is structured to achieve your goals and is in line with the message you want to send while still maintain a small nonprofit budget.

Custom Content

We create content that offers value above and beyond what a user would expect to peak their interest in your organization and then keep their interest. Social media is the chance for your brand to tell its story through images. Who doesn’t love a good picture book? We all do. It’s human nature to gravitate toward visuals and enjoy story telling.


The greatest asset an organization can leverage in social media for nonprofits is engagement. Our team monitors your social media accounts daily and interacts with your followers online by asking and answering questions, sharing stories, responding to their comments, and replying to their messages – all while you’re able to attend events and further promote your work.


The ultimate reason any organization invests in social media for nonprofits is to grow awareness for their cause, increase fundraising efforts, and obtain more volunteers for events. We track all of this for your through our system of online metrics and contact forms. We share your program’s progress with you each month in detailed report so you always know the status of your social media for nonprofits campaign.


Follow these metrics to monitor your platform’s growth on social media.

  1. Follower Growth. As your followers grow, so will your donations & volunteers. People follow you because they want to help make a difference.
  2. Increased Engagement. If your likes, comments, & shares are increasing, then people are interested in your story and telling others about it..
  3. More traffic. The more visitors you are seeing to your site, the more you are spreading the world through your social media efforts.


Industry Experience

Our nonprofit platform experience ranges from social activism and education to community improvement and religious organizations. You can rest assured that you’re in good hands with knowledgeable experts operating your social media marketing strategy.


You will have dedicated specialists working on your account who are trained in social media for nonprofits. All of your custom content posts will be crafted with donor intent while spreading your message and sharing the purpose of your organization.

Full Service

As a nonprofit we know you try to keep costs down and get the most bang for your buck all in one place. For this reason working with a full service digital marketing firm is ideal for social media marketing for nonprofits. We can easily put social sharing icons in your emails and blog to drive traffic to social platforms and increase follower growth and awareness. It is our goal to get the most eyes viewing the difference you’re donor dollars are making in the world.

We’ve driven over 983,287 leads for clients through digital marketing.

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