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Social Media Marketing for Construction Companies 

You want to launch a targeted campaign and you are looking for a faster and more efficient strategy to do it. Our social media marketing for construction companies can get the results that you want.

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social media marketing for construction companies

Why Use Social Media Marketing for Construction Companies?

Face it, social media is everywhere.

And that includes major business industries. They found that social media gives them a platform that allows them to reach their audience better. A much faster and more efficient option.

The numbers even back it up. All over the world, there are now more than 2.8 billion people using social media.

And as for businesses, around 50 million small businesses are using Facebook to boost their brand. 

The construction industry is not excluded from this and can definitely use social media marketing for construction companies to boost their brand awareness, website traffic and more.

We can help you. Our agency has a proven and effective social media for construction companies service. We’ve used it to help other construction companies reach their goals, and we can do the same for you. All you need to do is make that decision to work with us.

social media for construction companies

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social media marketing for construction companies

Benefits of Social Media for Construction Companies

Social media marketing has a reach that goes beyond what traditional marketing offers. You get to jumpstart a campaign that is super targeted with a single click of a button. And you get to enjoy immediate response and the analytics to measure how the campaign is going.

Let’s take a look at a few more benefits of using social media for construction companies:

1. Brand Exposure 

We talked about how there are nearly three billion people using social media all over the world. You can think of social media as a huge market that’s just waiting to be tapped. You’re bound to find a fraction of your target audience online on social media. So imagine the potential that social media for construction companies presents. No construction company would want to miss out on that.

2. Customer Referrals

The construction business gets a lot of help from referrals. When you are referred, it means that you did a great job and you’re building trust among your customer base. It means that the customer trusts you enough to refer you to their friends or family. And people also look at social media to specifically check out reviews. They are also going on social media more and more just to find what others are recommending. 

3. Online Community

Social media marketing for construction companies will allow you to have an online community. You and your followers stay connected and you will be aware when any of them has projects for you. The key is keeping them engaged and we will help put out consistent quality content that is related to your industry and is of interest to them.

social media for construction companies

Build A Brand That Lasts With Social Media For Construction Companies

At LYFE Marketing, we have helped countless small businesses within the construction industry increase their social media following, traffic and ultimately leads from social media. We can do the same for you too! Just click the button below.



Strategy Development

Our agency will provide you with a customized social media strategy that is firmly built on your company’s vision and goals. To support this custom strategy, we plan on implementing a couple of strategies. First, we will also conduct a competitive analysis. Second, we will also develop an ideal client persona for you that aims to target your right audience.

Content Creation 

The second step in the process is our creation of custom content that is in line with your goals and vision. We are also going to produce articles that talk about the construction industry and also features your firm’s views and insights. Our specialists will then take this content and put them in a content calendar. Once there, you can view and approve before it goes live on your social media profile.

Monitor & Engage

Your social media accounts will be monitored on a daily basis by our social media specialists. They will also be in charge of engaging with your followers within 24 hours after they comment or ask questions.

Growth Optimization 

Our agency uses organic tactics for your social media for construction companies strategy. It will grow your following without needing help from automated software or bots. We know you want to do quality projects so we will make sure that you only get quality followers. Those are the kind of followers that are actually interested in getting your services.

Measurement & Reporting 

You want to know what is going on with your campaign and if any real growth and progress is being made. A full monthly report that contains those details will be sent to you. And if you want, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly meetings can be scheduled for you.

Social Media Strategies For Construction Companies

Construction companies need a firm social media strategy in place before they even attempt to make a single post on social media. Create and develop a clear message and vision. The following are some of the best practices that every firm can use:

  1. The Right Channels for Construction Companies. Facebook and LinkedIn are two of the best social media channels for construction companies and that is where most of their potential customers can be found.
  2. Facebook Advertising is Golden. You can improve your social media presence through paid advertising. Reaching people is guaranteed to be faster and more efficient.
  3. Measurement is Key. We will help you measure the most important aspects of your campaign.
  4. Stay Top of Mind. Retargeting will be used in your campaign so that your firm and your services will always stay top of mind.



Full Service

Social media marketing for construction companies should line up with every other aspect of your campaign. That includes content, email marketing, website design, and more. We realize the importance of keeping a high level of consistency between all the services that you provide. That is why we have a full service digital marketing team that is capable of expertly providing all of the services. They will meet all of your needs across all digital marketing areas.

Industry Experience

A strong campaign and a rich social media presence goes hand in hand for the success of your firm. To ensure that happens, you need to work with an agency that knows your industry inside and out. In our team, we have just the real experts that gives you an unmatched edge over your competitors. All this allows us to provide you with the best social media for construction companies service.

True Specialists

In order to make sure that your account and your following grows, we will assign true specialists to your campaign. They will also make sure that awareness for your brand is increased. An open line of communication will also be maintained between you and our specialists so you are always aware of what is happening in your campaign.

Brand Growth 

By having a strong social media presence, you are sure that you are able to build your brand online. You are given opportunities to connect with customers and potential customers more. By doing so, you are able to grow alongside your followers. You get to understand them and their needs more. In time, your brand will reflect that. So you really need to consider using our social media marketing for construction companies to fast track your way to success.

Does Social Media Marketing for Construction Companies Really Work?

Social media marketing for construction companies works, that is true.

But success is not just going to fall on to your lap. In most cases, very hard work and plenty of effort is required. 

Facebook marketing, for example, provides some great value for you. It will show you awesome results for the fraction of the cost of other strategies and platforms. So dive in to social media marketing! Our agency will work closely with you to guide you to the goals that you want to achieve.

We’ve driven over 983,287 leads for clients through digital marketing.

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