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B2B Marketing Agency

Inbound Marketing Experts

B2B Marketing Agency

Inbound Marketing Experts

Increase Leads & Close Deals With

B2B Digital Marketing

Our team will customize a multi-channel B2B digital marketing strategy aimed to achieve your business goals. Through this process, we help you turn your B2B digital marketing investment into measurable revenue.


Social Media Growth

We offer full-service social media management services, including advertising and follower growth. Our B2B marketing agency will help you transform the presence of your company on social media with high-quality content, daily engagement, and informational posts. We can promote your free consultations, discounts, audits, and more while gaining leads & increasing your conversion rates.


SEM & Google Ads

As both a marketing and advertising agency, we can run pay-per-click search ads that highlight the benefits of your business, what you offer, and contact information for potential clients searching for your services on Google. We implement retargeting to achieve the highest conversions rates. We pinpoint prospects who have visited your website and serve them with eye catching visual B2B digital marketing ads.


Email Newsletters

Monthly or weekly newsletters are a highly popular method of email marketing used within B2B marketing. Your business can instantly reach out to current and past clients, and propose your services to future clients in a more personalized way. This approach is sure to bring you more leads than cold calling. Move prospects through your marketing funnel faster with email automations & newsletters.


Short Video Management

Research shows that 75% of B2B buyers and 84% of vice-president level executives use social media to make purchasing decisions. And now that short-videos are booming, it’s the perfect time to build your brand on social media platforms using this type of content. Short videos are fun and easy to consume, yet there’s a whole lot of information you can put there that can convince your potential clients to work with you.

Stand Out With a B2B Marketing Agency

What is a B2B marketing agency? A B2B marketing agency helps other B2B companies market themselves, reach their target audience and grow their business. The competition among B2B companies is now more fierce than ever. 71% of people searching for a B2B company begin their search organically on a search engine. You have to do more to stand out. B2B digital marketing will get you there, and generally pretty quick as compared to other forms of marketing.

Despite this statistic, only 50% of B2B companies have a properly optimized and responsive website. And, only 32% of B2B marketers have a documented content marketing strategy. Meanwhile, B2B companies that blogged 11+ times per month receives 4x more leads than those who do not. Your B2B business has a significant opportunity to gain an advantage through B2B digital marketing.

Digital Marketing for B2B Companies

From developing your core advertising strategy to managing your social media accounts and creating blog content, our B2B marketing agency is here to help your business capture and nurture leads to conversions.

We know your inbound marketing efforts are at the top of your list as a business searching for a B2B marketing agency. As a B2B marketing agency it’s our job to propel you in front of your competitors by:

  • Understanding your buyer and how your B2B company can help them
  • Build awareness by increasing traffic to your website
  • Increase qualified leads by reaching decision makers
  • Increase your sales pipeline opportunities
  • Build your brand and accelerate growth
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How We Helped a B2B Solutions Provider

Expand Their Online Presence

We used a combination of PPC ads, social media ads, landing pages, email marketing, and other marketing channels to increase their leads. As a B2B company, targeting the right decision makers at your target businesses and making your brand known can be difficult. That’s where we come in. We recently helped one of our business solution clients increase their engagement with businesses by 80,000% on LinkedIn and their fan growth by 400% on Facebook. That was in just the first 6 months of them working us! We continue today, over a year later, to work with the same client who is still seeing only positive growth rates.

Check out this case study and others from our clients who saw greater success with our marketing company.

What Makes Our B2b Digital Marketing Services Unique?

We Know Your Industry

We take the time to understand your industry and tailor your marketing campaign around you and your target audience. We have knowledge on B2B marketing trends and through our experience, we understand which tactics succeed and which ones fail, as well as how to get more direct results. We have experience using various digital marketing tactics for B2B companies, and we’ll place you with a trusted and dedicated specialist with experience in your field. No one can provide a better B2B marketing strategy than another B2B agency. So you can feel comfortable knowing you’re in the capable hands of someone who truly understands your business and all the other businesses in your industry that you’re trying to capture.

We Have Specialty Knowledge

We are not a normalized company where we apply the same method to every business. We recognize your B2B company has an identity different from others in the digital marketing world. We don’t set up your ads or run your social media management the same as every other client. We tailor your marketing campaign around you and your target audience.

We’re In The Know

As a B2B marketing agency, we have to know the latest in all aspects of business. We continually grow our knowledge for B2B digital marketing trends to ensure we leverage every opportunity to increase your leads.

Shortcut to Success

It can take some people years to master B2B digital marketing. Not only are we a B2B company ourselves, we have also worked with hundreds of small and medium-size B2B companies. Through our experience, we firmly understand which tactics succeed and which ones fail, as well as how to get more direct results. This puts us in the best position to shorten your sales funnel and make sure your business succeeds as B2B service provider.

In-House Specialists

Other marketing agencies outsource their work to keep their cost low. We’ve tried that too. But what we realized is the quality of service is much better when the people who understand the market and service are doing the “work.” This is why we hire each specialist internally to service our B2B clients.

B2B Marketing Success Factors

We know how to do it right when it comes to B2B digital marketing.

  • Increase search visibility

    The average B2B customer does at least 12 Google searches before converting.

  • Have a social presence

    The majority of your future clients are spending their time on social media, checking email, and researching.

  • Have amazing content

    Offer more than just your services. Offer your insight and expertise through your content.

  • It’s about the client

    It’s not enough to simply talk about yourself online, but you need to engage with your audience.

  • Call-to-Action (CTA)

    Turn visitors into quality leads with a strong call-to-action that is clear to everyone online.

Our Methods To Successful B2b Digital Marketing


Lead Generation

We’ll use a combination of PPC ads, social media ads, landing pages, email marketing, and other marketing channels to increase leads. We will develop a digital strategy that will work best for your B2B company, and generate leads that you can nurture.


Lead Nurturing

Once we have started to generate leads, you will need to convert their interest into revenue. One way to do this is through email marketing automation, social media management, and content marketing. Our efforts will continuously feed your leads valuable content urging them along the funnel to conversion.


Analyzing Conversions & Optimization

In order to be effective at B2B digital marketing, you will need insight into your analytics to optimize your campaign. Having a B2B marketing agency with powerful tracking tools on your side is the most effective and efficient way to obtain this and scale your efforts.

Grow Your Company with B2B Digital Marketing

What’s your goal? Maybe you simply want to acquire more clients. Or maybe you want to work with other businesses who share the same core values as yours.

Unlike traditional forms of B2B marketing, our methods provide a quantitative ROI that you can appreciate, as well as a quality one. You will see your costs decrease and client acquisition leads increase as you spend less time searching for clients and more time providing solutions to their problems.

LYFE Marketing is the best B2B digital marketing agency because we’re committed to helping your business generate great results at an affordable price. Our methods are proven effective, and will be used to effectively supplement your business growth.

Not only will you see outstanding growth from our end, but the benefits of extra funds and time on your end allow you to allocate those resources to other areas of your business you are looking to improve or expand.

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