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All of our digital marketing services adopt a customer centric strategy in an effort to help your business succeed. Whether your business has one location or many locations, we specialize in helping salons and stores in skincare, hair, and beauty marketing services.


Social Media Growth

We offer full-service social media management services, including reputation management. Our agency will help you attract more clients using a strong presence on social media through informative content, daily engagement, and follower interaction. We also promote discounts, client services, appointment bookings, and more while gaining customer leads and new clients with our social media advertising services for salons, beauty, and skincare.


PPC & Google Ads

Pay-per-click search ads promote the services you offer clients, the products you carry, and the highlights of your brand. These ads are laser targeted and only target users searching for the services you offer or products you sell. With the same highly target audience, we also retarget users who have visited your website with display ads that visually represent your brand’s products and message. A more qualified audience means more conversions for your brand.


Email Newsletters

This is a highly popular service with our beauty clients because you can easily keep your consumers informed. Use a personalized focus to stay in touch with them about new products, open appointments, and trending styles in the beauty industry. Connect with current and future customers through weekly or monthly email newsletters about the products and services you offer. Use newsletters to further results seen from all other marketing efforts.


Content Marketing

Our content marketing services will help you produce quality content that informs clients and consumers about your services and products. Encourage their decision to visit your business or book an appointment. Produce consistent valuable content that keeps website visitors continuously coming back to make purchases.


Website Design 

Your website is quite possibly the first level of interaction you may have with a patient. Show the capabilities of your brand and products. Start building their trust with a clean and professional website design that offers ease of navigation, and simple ways of contact.


SEO – Organic Traffic

Rank at the top of search engines when consumers search for skincare products, local salons, or beauty services. Be the first business to meet their needs and answer their questions.  Experience the benefits of SEO for years to come when you maintain it with our services.

The Rise of Beauty Marketing for Hair Care and Skincare Lines

Consumers are purchasing clothing and other products online, but are they buying skincare, hair, and beauty products since they can’t test them first? Of course they are! And often, too! The latest craze in beauty marketing are all the amazing abilities digital marketing gives you. You can instantly share and promote new products, videos, tutorials, before/after photos, and more to further show clients and customers the capabilities of your products and staff.


If you aren’t utilizing beauty marketing to advertise your newest skincare products or the latest styling options available at your salon, then you’re missing out on a huge opportunity! And lots of revenue. Contact our team today, and we will help you create a digital beauty marketing portfolio you need to boost your business success! Feel free to keep reading about how digital marketing can make an impact on your business.

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Digital Marketing in Beauty, Skincare, and Salons

The benefits of beauty marketing and skincare marketing are virtually endless in the digital world, but we will highlight the greatest benefits to you and your business.


More Appointments and Sales

Fill your client books and restock your shelves more often when you advertise your products and services online with our digital marketing expertise.


Greater Brand Awareness

Build your brand name and reach more people through digital marketing. You’ll drive more traffic to your website, social media channels, and through your doors when utilize the opportunities offered to you through beauty marketing. Due to recent trends in the industry, people are 247% more likely to be influenced by blogs or social sites. Make your brand known and capture your target audience’s attention.


More Referrals

Your business relies on referrals as a large part of your marketing. Digital marketing will skyrocket your referrals. Most people place the same level of trust and credibility in an online review as they do a personal referral from a friend. Boost reviews and referrals to thousands through digital marketing.

How we grew a client’s audience by 3,000 followers and increased engagement by over 600%

Even if you’re in a niche market, this kind of growth is possible. You just have to know and analyze your audience in order to present them with ads and content that they actually want to see. That is exactly what we did with a client who sells women’s hair products. After identifying exactly what their customers responded to best, we were able to increase their followers by over 3,000 and saw an immense increase in engagement. Social engagement online is essentially word of mouth in the digital world. This is key! Contact us today to improve your engagement.


We Know Niche Marketing

Come out on top of the marketing game when you work with us. Your operating in a niche industry that requires a attention to detail. We create a custom marketing strategy for your brand, not a blanket method like other companies. We’re talking about professional highlights, not some overall box color. We’ve had dozens of beauty clients see tremendous success after they started working with our experts. We’ll help you determine the best digital marketing path for your salon or brand and work with you to surpass your goals.

We’re Industry Experts

You wouldn’t trust a new artist to do a balayage treatment on your hair if they had never worked with color before, so don’t trust your business with a firm who has never had a client in the beauty industry. We have, so we know what your clients and consumers expect from their beauty and skincare lines and we deliver on those expectations.

It’s About You

Not every salon is the same and they aren’t all seeking the same clients or selling the same products. Some are full service salons that offer spa treatments and some are simple. Every brand will need a different beauty marketing strategy, which is why we develop a customized digital marketing strategy specific to your business’s goals.

Proven Marketing Strategies for the Beauty Industry

Here at LYFE Marketing, we genuinely care about your success – which is why we factor these strategies into your digital marketing campaign.

  1. Personalization. When people look for a new skincare line or hairdresser, they want one they can trust. We make our marketing efforts personal to build that trust.
  2. Knowledge is Power. Providing your customers with as many beauty tips and hair hacks as possible is key to keeping them as customers for life.
  3. Provide Value. In all aspects of your marketing, we keep your target audience and brand goals in mind. We’re always striving to help you make your customers happy.



The first step in creating any digital marketing plan is knowing your industry and your competitors. Before we create or publish any content, we thoroughly analyze  your competitors and set up a custom beauty marketing strategy for your brand.


Your dedicated specialist will consistently create captivating valuable content that keeps website visitors and social media followers coming back for more.

Leads & Conversions

Experience more leads and more customers through appealing social media advertisements that attract people most likely to purchase from your business.


Increase engagement that is supported through daily account monitoring on all digital mediums.


After all marketing efforts have been executed, we evaluate results and optimize them for better performance. We strive to achieve your business goals across all campaigns on a consistent basis.

Take the Next Step in Strengthening Your Brand

Consumers and your customers want convenience when it comes to their beauty regimen. They want to be able to place orders online, view tutorials, see new product launches, book appointments, and share fun content with their peers. They want all of this with a simple click of a button or tap of a finger. Luckily our beauty marketing services can help you provide all of this to your fans and more.

We’ve driven over 6,437,349 leads for clients through digital marketing.

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