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Improve Your Branding & Reach

Child Care Marketing

Improve Your Branding & Reach

Child Care Marketing

Improve Your Branding & Reach

Are You Running A Child Care Service Business?

Child care marketing services are not always easy. Whether you run a daycare center, an early education center, or any other child care facility, there are unique challenges that you have to overcome in order to stay successful. You, as the business owner, need to create a brand that is both fun and professional for parents and guardians to trust you with their kids. After all, every kid is different in their own way. Your clients will want to know that you are an expert in this field before actually trying out your services.

So how can you do that? How can you tell parents of young children that “Hey, we’re an expert in this field. You can trust us with your child.” without proving it by taking care of their child first?

Digital marketing is the key. And with a strong marketing plan, you can attract more potential clients and better satisfy the current families that work with you.

Don’t Miss The Chance To Attract More Clients With

Digital Marketing For Child Care Services

In today’s generation, digital marketing is the gateway to conversions for businesses of all types – including child care service businesses. So, if you’re looking to expand your child care with an improved online presence, then you may want to utilize our child care marketing services.

If you’re ready to grow, then we’re ready to help you get there.


Social Media Growth

Our team has social media experts who will take charge of improving your social media presence. Your child care services will get a boost on the platforms that truly matter to you. We will start by creating and publishing great content for your child care marketing campaign. We also have ad specialists on our team to help you with social media advertising by placing targeted social media ads. These are ads that will help increase leads and conversions for your website. Whether you need an engaging Facebook page, Instagram ads, or something more, we can run and manage all of your accounts.


Email Newsletters

It is almost always beneficial to engage your current email subscribers. To do that, our email marketing specialists will produce customized newsletters that tackle child care topics. We also offer different email marketing services, including newsletter design and reporting, as well as email drip-sequences so you can enjoy better relationships with your clients. We will also create an email automation to decrease the sales time cycle.


SEM & Google Ads

Our ad specialists will place pay-per-click search ads on Google to help with your child care marketing efforts. The target of these ads are people who have been searching online for similar services as yours in your area. We’ll use display ads to retarget your previous website visitors too. The combination of search & display ads will help increase conversion rates as well as touch points. See the significant effects these campaigns have on your web traffic and conversion rates throughout your marketing efforts.


Short Video Management

When parents search for a child care center near them, one of the first places they go is social media. Having a strong social media presence can help you establish a positive reputation which is a must for parents to trust you with their kids. One of the most effective tools you can use is video. With videos, you can humanize your business and connect with more potential clients. You don’t need to film lengthy videos to do this; in fact, shorter videos perform better. You can feature a special event or activity at your center or a quick virtual tour of your classroom to entice more parents to check out your services.

Why Do You Need Child Care Marketing Services?

Child care marketing services put your business in front of targeted, local parents and guardians with a goal to increase your clientele. Child care is all about growth. The same goes for your child care marketing campaign! Just imagine a child care business being found by prospective families on social media, at the top of Google’s search results or within their email inbox etc.

Now imagine that business is yours. Yes, it could be your business – with our help. We can make it happen. These days, any child care service that does not have an online presence is bound to be left behind and beat out by competitors. You see, your child care business needs a website that attracts the right audience and converts these prospective parents into actual clients. You’ll also need to start employing effective marketing strategies that drive qualified traffic to your new website.

We are a digital marketing company that provides this exact kind of solution. Work with us so that we can take care of your child care marketing campaign from top to bottom while you do what you do best. Our marketing tools and strategies are the best in the business, and we’ll help you generate the results you want to see.

What Are The Benefits of Child Care Marketing for Your Business?

The benefits include increased enrollment, improved retention, better time management, a broader market and better fund management. There is a lot to gain from working with a competent digital marketing agency. Numbers show that no more than 15% of those who work in child care have any marketing ability or business expertise. So clearly there is a need for digital child care marketing expertise in this industry. Let us look at some of the best benefits of using child care marketing services.

Increased Enrollment

Every child care business wants nothing more than to see their enrollment increase. With the help of the right child care marketing strategies, this should be easy to achieve. If you are at a point where you are struggling with your enrollment, then we can help.

Improved Retention

Just as important as obtaining new clients is retaining current ones. This is regardless of your status or how long you have been in the child care industry. Your business relies on happy parents who want to keep their children enrolled with you. Our strategies are customized to fit your exact needs and ensure that retention is high.

Better Time Management

Time is a prime commodity, and child care professionals will agree. Our agency is going to let you have better time management and the freedom that comes with it. With better time management, you can devote more attention to improving the services you provide.

Broader Market

One of the best things about digital marketing is the fact that it allows you to reach a wider audience base. While traditional marketing only lets you interact with people who have seen your print ads or have heard your business in a radio or television, online marketing gives you access to target your specific audience (parents, grandparents etc, people searching for child care services etc.) on various platforms anywhere in the world.

Better Fund Management

Digital marketing is more cost efficient than traditional marketing, because you can reach so many more people while on a similar (or smaller!) budget. Focusing on this type of marketing can be really beneficial to your child care center, but if you are new to online marketing, it’s easy to get swayed with trying out and investing in different marketing strategies. In using our marketing services, however, you can rest assured that every penny you invest will help you grow your business. You’ll get the most out of your money, and eventually you’ll gain more profit.

Invest In The Growth Of Your Business With Our Child Care Marketing Services!

In the decade LYFE Marketing has been around, we’ve increased our own growth by 1,501%. The reason is because our growth is equivalent to YOUR growth. We are successful when we help other small business achieve their goals and grow. We’ve used the same marketing tactics with our clients that have worked for us, and the result is positive growth all around. So if you’re ready to get started too, click the button and schedule a meeting!

Why Should You Choose LYFE Marketing For Child Care Marketing?

Because We Are Industry Experienced

LYFE Marketing is industry experienced with expert specialists who are always up-to-date. When looking to hire a marketing company, you want someone with both experience in digital marketing and experience in your specific industry. We’ve worked with many child care providers, and we are proud to say that our success rate in implementing child care marketing strategies has been consistently high. Your campaign will be completely personalized to reflect the specific needs of your business and your industry.

Because We Have Expert Specialists

When you work with our team members, you are working with experts in digital marketing. We have specialists for each of our services who individually work on the moving parts of your marketing campaign. Our marketing tips and strategies are designed to fit your exact early childhood business needs. This means we are able to provide an unmatched quality of service that later on translates to results that exceed all expectations.

Because We Are Always Up-To-Date

Digital marketing is always changing. Our team stays prepared for this by keeping up with the latest trends and policies in digital marketing. This allows us and your campaign to stay updated.

Proven Strategies For Child Care Marketing

If you have been a part of the child care business for any length of time, then you know that every child is different. What helps one child grow may not work the same for another and vice versa. The same goes for digital marketing. Each business is unique on their own and therefore, needs a specific strategy. We know that. As a result, we put together a strategy that’s specific to your needs and target market. Even in doing so however, there are still best practices that exist within digital marketing in general. We will incorporate the following child care marketing strategies into your campaign.


If customers see both your business and your competitors’ when they browse online, what is your USP (unique selling point) that will make them choose you? Customers will choose you to take care of their children over competitors when they trust your brand. Our personalized marketing strategies help establish a trusting, positive relationship between you and your potential customers.



When you post content online, do people engage with it or stop to read it? When you drive traffic to your site, do they stay for a while or exit pretty quickly? Providing value and information is a key point in garnering a loyal customer base. It’s not always about the look of an advertisement or the aesthetic of your website. Your customers will appreciate your content if you’re providing knowledge and educating them. We help create that kind of content for your brand.



Your business, is our business. We always strive to provide the most value to you and your marketing campaign. We make sure that each strategy that we implement is aligned with your business’s goals and will help you grow your brand. We do this by assigning multiple specialists to your account so that you are getting the most bang for your buck.

What Are The Keys to Success in Child Care Marketing?

The keys to success in child care marketing include getting familiar with your brand, performing a competitor analysis, defining your businesses goals then launching your child care marketing campaign/monitoring it. Whether your business is just starting out or has been in the industry for a while, our initial step is to get more familiar with your brand. As a child care marketing company, we first need to look at your current online presence. And to do that, we need to perform an audit. We will see what’s currently being done, what’s working well or what may need improvement. From there we can map out a plan to help you achieve your goals!

Believe it or not, your competitors can help you – though not literally. We will conduct a competitor analysis. This shows us what your competitors’ online strengths and weaknesses are. All of this information will help us develop marketing ideas and strategies that positions you as one of the leaders of your industry.

What are your business’s goals? Who is your target market? Before launching your campaign, it’s important to define what your goals are and who your target audience is. We want to be sure our efforts are aligned with the results you’re looking for and that your target audience online is a representation of your real customer base.

The launch of your child care marketing campaign is finally at hand, but not before careful planning, research, and goal computation are performed by our agency’s specialists. Once all these are done, you can start expecting the kind of results that you want.

Once your child care marketing campaign launches, we will take charge of monitoring it. It doesn’t end with launching your campaigns. We will check on what kind of progress your campaign makes, and we will see what adjustments need to be made to help improve it along the way. Aside from monitoring, we will be thorough in optimizing your campaign as well.

Increase Your Child Enrollment Using Child Care Marketing

Hiring child care marketing services can help increase your business’ brand awareness, leads, and sales.

Our expert specialists have the knowledge and experience to guide your campaign towards success and beat out the competition in your industry. So what are you waiting for? Put your child care program’s marketing efforts into good hands. Click the button below to schedule a meeting and get started!

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