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Construction Marketing

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Construction Marketing

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Is Your Business In The Construction Industry?

Construction businesses are much like other service-based businesses – its success will all boil down to how trustworthy the brand is. After all, your potential customers have to trust you enough to let you build their homes or commercial properties. When you offer a large-scale service like construction, the client is not just investing their money, they’re also trusting you to make their livelihoods and dreams a reality.

With such a big responsibility on your shoulders, how will you be able to prove to your target market that they can trust you with their construction projects? And how will you convince them to choose you over your competitors?

It’s probably time for you to utilize an effective construction marketing plan.

Don’t Miss The Chance To Power Up Your Brand With

Digital Marketing For Construction

Do you feel like your construction business is not growing as fast as you want it to? Are you not getting as many construction projects as you need to keep up with your business’s expenses? Construction marketing is just the tool that you need to power up your brand.

Learn how our online marketing agency can help you with that.


Social Media Marketing

Our agency has capable social media managers. They will be responsible for creating a strong social media presence for your construction firm. Our social media specialists will choose the social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest that fit your vision and message perfectly. It all starts with great content that’s meant to engage your target audience. We can also provide social media advertising in the form of targeted social ads if it aligns with your business goals!


SEM & Google Advertising

Our team will help you target people who happen to be looking for the same exact services that you offer. For that to happen, we will place pay-per-click search ads on Google. They will be paired with display ads for retargeting previous website visitors. These display ads are going to be featured on various websites. This is meant to improve your conversion rates, lead generation as well as touch points. We consider search engine marketing to be one of the best ways to achieve a strong ROI.


Email Marketing

Customized newsletters and drip campaigns are one of the best means to keep your current subscribers engaged and interested. Our email marketing specialists will be responsible for helping you out. We have several email marketing services, including list management, email drip campaigns, newsletter design, sending, and reporting. We also offer personalized emails. These are perfect for building a great relationship with your clients. Lastly, email automation is also available to reduce the sales time cycle.


Short Video Management

Give life to your construction projects by creating informative and engaging social media videos. It doesn’t have to be lengthy, in fact, short-form videos perform better as they are easy-to-consume. Establish yourself as an expert in your field by giving some quick tips and safety advice for people who want to try doing renovations themselves. Our short video management services create videos that give your potential clients an inside look at how you do things to encourage them in getting your services.

Why Do You Need Digital Marketing for Construction?

Construction companies need digital marketing because it establishes brand trust and guarantees new clients.

Imagine this scenario: A potential client does a Google search for a home builder or construction company to help him build his project. Well, there are three possible things that could happen next.

  • He will see your competitors either at the top of the search results or in the ads and will click their link.

  • He’ll remember seeing your competitor’s social media post and think to check out their website.

  • He will see your business at the top of search results and in the ads. He’ll remember your business from social media and decide to click to your website. He has a great user-experience on your site, and in the end, he decides to make a phone call to contact you.

We bet the last one made you think, “Yes, that’s it! I want my business to be like that!” Business owners in the construction business, like you, know a thing or two about growth and the need for a solid foundation. The same is with marketing.

If your brand has a solid foundation online, it will gather clients for you 24/7. Your potential clients will be able to find you anywhere on the internet. Be it on search engines, social media, email, ads, and more. And when people often see your brand, it will be easier for you to build a connection with them. A connection that will instill trust.

What Are The Benefits of Using Our Construction Marketing Services?

The benefits include building your brand, gaining more website traffic and getting measurable results.

LYFE Marketing can provide a multitude of construction marketing ideas to help with your business development.

Digital marketing is the successful marketing strategy in today’s world. With the way that people communicate and get information these days, it’s your tool for success. The reach and effectiveness of digital marketing is far greater than traditional marketing methods like print ads, TV or radio commercials, billboards, direct mail etc.

Digital marketing is only successful, however, when used properly. Working with the right digital marketing agency helps. At LYFE Marketing, we can offer you the right kind of help as a construction firm that wants to get ahead.

Our construction marketing strategy is built to assist and guide you on your way to the top of your industry. Here are some of the benefits of using our construction marketing services.

Build Your Brand

Your construction business needs to be its own brand. Work with our construction marketers so you can gain the right kind of online presence. With millions of people having their own online presence, you want to tap into your potential market and stand out. You can use construction marketing to reach them and the best way to do that is to improve your brand.

Enjoy More Traffic

One of the main points of having your own website and using digital marketing is to help increase your website traffic. With our construction marketing services, you get the use of several different marketing tools that do just that. These marketing tools are designed to drive not just any traffic but targeted and qualified traffic to your website. This is one of the best methods of converting people into actual clients.

Measurable Results

Another awesome benefit of construction marketing is that you get measurable results. There are various metrics that we measure to see how your campaigns are doing. We use these metrics to guide our steps and suggestions for an optimal marketing campaign.

Increase Your Brand Awareness & Grow Your ROI With Construction Marketing!

Does your construction company need a boost in brand awareness, leads and sales? LYFE Marketing has the experience both in digital marketing and construction marketing to take your company to the next level. Click here to contact us and get started!

Why Should You Choose LYFE Marketing To Provide

Construction Marketing Services?

Because We Are Experienced In Marketing The Construction Industry

In addition to having individuals who specialize at marketing, LYFE Marketing has expertise in marketing for the construction sector and is aware of how the field of digital marketing is evolving. The number one thing that you should look for in a digital marketing agency is industry experience. It makes sense and will save you a lot of trouble and expense. Our agency has the experience as we have worked with construction companies and general contractors before. We know your industry inside and out and you will witness it first hand once we start implementing our strategies.

Because We Have Professionals Who Excel In Marketing

Working with our digital marketing agency means that you not only get an experienced team, but real experts! You can expect a real specialist to work on whatever service you sign up for. Your campaign will thus be created and implemented by some of the very best in the business, and you can expect nothing short of amazing results.

Because We Are Aware Of The Changing Field Of Digital Marketing

If there is one absolute truth in digital marketing, it’s the fact that it is changing and evolving all the time. The marketing platforms, tools, and strategies are always being updated. Our team makes it a point to keep up with the latest changes and trends so that you get nothing but the best results.

What Are The Proven Strategies for Construction Marketing?

The proven strategies include establishing your business as an industry leader, giving your target market quality content and building connections with potential clients:


Establish Your Business As An Industry Leader

One of the marketing strategies that we will help your construction marketing campaign is by establishing you as one of the leaders in your industry. We’ll do this by providing expert knowledge, updates and information to your audience that they need and want.


Give Your Target Market What They Need

People appreciate informative and useful content. This is how word-of-mouth helps a brand- by providing high-quality content that users can’t help but to share with their family and friends. That is why our construction marketing services will help you produce content that people will find plenty of value in. Your audience will associate that helpfulness with your brand.


Build A Connection With Potential Clients

Personalized content is the best way to push your brand forward. Your target audience like to feel connected with your brand, so that’s why we only create custom, personalized content for our clients.

The LYFE Marketing Process for Construction Marketing

If you choose us to perform construction marketing for you, the first thing we’ll need to do is check out your current online presence. We have to perform an audit to accomplish this. This will allow us to see what is happening and what works for you. We will also see what improvements need to be made, if any. That will be our basis in creating an effective strategy for your campaign.

After we audit your current campaign, we will analyze your competitors. This analysis will reveal to us the strengths and weaknesses of your competition. Knowing all of this will help us create the best possible marketing strategy for you and also help push you to the top of your industry.

We need to do two things before we launch your campaign. We first need to define what your goals are and we also need to define your target audience. When we talk about defining your target market, we mean really digging to determine their goals, pain points and common digital behaviors. Having a clear definition on these two factors will allow us to craft a winning strategy.

The time to launch your campaign is at hand but only after careful research, planning and preparation. After the launch of your campaign when our marketing efforts go live, you can start expecting results.

The steps at this point of your campaign are ongoing. Our team will monitor and measure your campaign continuously. This will enable us to see what works for your campaign and what can use some improvement. We will send you the details in a monthly report along with our recommendations for continued growth.

Power Up Your Brand and Serve More Clients Using Construction Marketing

Construction marketing is your firm’s best bet to build up your brand, reach more clients, and do more projects.

We have a complete digital marketing team that is both experienced and skilled. Everything that a construction firm needs for success, we offer.

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