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When you choose to implement digital marketing for nonprofits, the first thing you need is a plan. We help you develop just that. Your custom plan will hold the details and specifics of your platform’s growth strategy while still promoting and maintaining the vision your organization has.


Social Media Growth

We offer both full-service social media management and advertising services for nonprofits. Our agency will help you attract more donors for your nonprofit and generate more awareness using social media. You will develop a strong following through informative content, visual representation of your cause, daily engagement, and follower interaction. We promote what makes you great and capture the attention of potential participants and donors.


SEM & Google Ads

Pay-per-click search ads are one of the most useful forms of digital marketing for nonprofits. These ads highlight the purpose of your efforts, utilization of donations, and your organization’s contact information for potential donors or volunteers searching for ways to help a good cause. We also retarget interested people who have visited your website with ads that are visually attention-grabbing and represent your cause in the most positive light.


Email Newsletters

Through our email marketing services we keep current donors and volunteers informed of your progress in meeting donation goals and continue to nurture leads into donors through email marketing. When dealing with a cause close to people’s hearts and asking for donations with no monetary return, it is best to use a personalized approach. We offer these personalization features and more that will take your email marketing to the next level.


Content Marketing

Our content nonprofit marketing services will help you produce quality content that informs people about your message, cause, volunteer opportunities, and donation needs to keep your organization continuously making a difference. Content marketing enables you to truly tell your story and why you do what you do which will make potential donors more compelled to give to your organization.


Website Design 

Your website is quite possibly the first level of interaction you may have with a potential donor or volunteer. Start building their trust and capturing donations with a professionally designed website that offers ease of navigation, and simple ways of donation. The easier it is to make a donation and see what that money is helping, the more dollars you will receive to spread your message.


SEO – Organic Traffic

Anyone wanting to help their community or better themselves by getting involved with a nonprofit organization is going to turn straight to Google to research for one they would like to help. Make sure your organization ranks at the top of search engines when they perform that search. Be the first organization to capture their heart and receive their donation to better your efforts for others.

Results of Digital Marketing for Nonprofits

With online innovations and digital upgrades, it is now easier than ever for individuals and businesses alike to donate to the causes they support most. In the last five years, we have seen online donations grow more than predicted with 2017 bringing in over $31 billion across the U.S. in online donations.


The dollars are there to support your organization, and people are willing to donate. You just have to make sure others are aware of the message you are trying to convey and the change you are trying to make in your community or across the world.

digital marketing for nonprofits

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social media for nonprofits

What Digital Marketing for Nonprofits Means for Your Platform

Many nonprofits rely on word-of-mouth marketing or volunteer community events to get the word out and inform people about their organization. But utilizing digital marketing for nonprofits will skyrocket your organization’s growth and expand the reach of your audience. Through this expansion you will experience the following benefits for your nonprofit business:

  • Increase in Donations
  • Influx of Volunteers
  • Greater Awareness
  • Qualify for Nonprofit Grants
  • More Business Sponsorships

Our team can customize a multi-channel digital marketing strategy built to achieve your awareness goals specific to your cause and increase donors and volunteers. We offer a multitude of channels for digital marketing for nonprofits. You can use any combination of services to enhance the growth of your nonprofit organization and the strength of your widespread message to your community.

How We Help Grow Your Cause and Make a Movement

Many of our clients come to us wanting to make a difference and spread the word about their cause. And we always have a plan – just like we did with our Dare to Be Kind client. They wanted to build a movement and spread positivity through a kindness platform. The beauty of digital marketing? You can create a movement and spread it like wildfire in no time! We quickly had our client’s campaign up and running with Instagram ads where we generated 480 clicks in just 2 months. And overall we reached even more people than that! If you want to make a statement like this client, fill out the form at the bottom of this page and we can discuss a plan for you too!


In The Know

We stay up to date on the various grants available to you as a nonprofit that we could help you earn by building a greater awareness around your organization and what you support. We are your biggest fans, and we promote you as such.

Industry Experience

Digital marketing for nonprofits is unlike digital marketing in any other industry. You’re seeking awareness, donations, and volunteers instead of trying to drive leads, sales, and profits. It requires a different mind set, skill set, and team to send the right message and accomplish your goals as an organization. Our team has years of experience and understands the sensitivity and meaning behind the great things your organization is doing. We keep that in mind every step of the way through your digital marketing campaign.

Charity First

Not every organization is seeking the same benefits from digital marketing for nonprofits, but they are all after one thing: building the cause over anything else. We are too! We customize your strategy to attract your target audience that will support you the most in your efforts to make big changes for your cause through the digital marketing channel(s) you choose to use to promote your brand.

Proven Strategies for Nonprofits

Here at LYFE Marketing, we genuinely care about your success – which is why we factor these strategies into your digital marketing campaign.

  1. Personalization. If you truly want to reach the hearts of others, you have to take a targeted approach and personalize as much content as possible.
  2. Knowledge is Power. Through content marketing and social media, we intend to continuously inform your audience about your platform to increase your donations/volunteers.
  3. Tell a Story. A great digital marketing campaign is cohesive throughout and tells a story that encompasses the efforts behind your brand.


Goals, Expectations, & KPIs

Always have a plan. Together we will first set SMART goals for you to achieve using your customized strategy. Expectations and quarterly milestones will be laid out and the key performance indicators that track progression will be monitored daily. We will optimize for improvement and lowest cost per donor acquisition.

Identify Your Target Audience

Uncover the interests of the audience you want to target for donations and volunteers so you can grow advocates of your brand that will support you for many years. Keep costs minimal by knowing you to target and only spending money on those that are a good fit for your organization.

Strong Online Presence

We focus on building your brand and the message you want to convey through the best channels for digital marketing for nonprofits. Build awareness with a social media marketing campaign and inform interested donors through your email marketing and content marketing campaigns. Give either of these a boost with social media advertising, SEO, PPC, or website design.

Making a Difference through Digital Marketing

We know that as a nonprofit organization, you are always trying to keep costs down in every way possible. The less you spend, the more you can give back. And the bigger impact you can make. We want to help you make that impact even bigger!


Using digital marketing for nonprofits will do just that. With the right strategy and experts by your side (us!) you will spend less money than you think but also see an even greater reward than you can imagine. If you truly want to make an impact, then contact us and see which channels of digital marketing will be best to market your platform for the greatest results.

We’ve driven over 2,137,349 leads for clients through digital marketing.

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