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Our team will customize a multi-channel ecommerce marketing strategy aimed to achieve your sales goals. We offer a multitude of services that can grow your ecommerce store into a booming business!

Need more website visitors and ecommerce sales? We can help.

Number 1.

Social Media Marketing

We offer full-service social media management services, including advertising and follower growth. Transform the presence of your ecommerce store on the top social media platforms with high-quality content, daily engagement, and influencer marketing. Our team will also help your ecommerce brand to promote your products with coupons, discounts, events, new launches, and more with our social media advertising services for ecommerce.

Number 2.

SEM & Google AdWords Advertising

See your ecommerce business flourish with the power behind targeted Google shopping ads. Pay-per-click shopping ads are one of the most useful forms of ecommerce marketing campaigns. Our team will create PPC shopping ads that share a product description, price, and customer reviews of your product for potential customers looking for your products through Google searches. Be the first ecommerce brand to provide them the product they are searching for.

Number 3.

Email Marketing

Regular email newsletters and drip email campaigns with personalization are a highly popular method of email marketing used within an ecommerce marketing plan. Your business can instantly reach out to everyone in your email list- be it your current customers, past customers, or future customers in a more personalized way. Easily keep current customers informed about new product launches and continue to nurture them into repeat customers. We help keep your products top of mind.

Number 4.

Short Video Management

A recent study shows that 84% of consumers have purchased a product after watching a brand’s video on social media. People regularly watch these short videos and are often on the lookout to buy something on these social platforms. As an ecommerce brand, you need to take advantage of these short-form videos and grab the attention of viewers, aka potential customers. Our short video management services can help you save time doing these videos yourself. We create stop-scrolling videos to highlight your products and make people want to actually buy them.

Why Should You Use Ecommerce Marketing Services?

Ecommerce marketing services will help increase brand visibility and help generate sales through social media marketing and Google Ads.

Your customers are out there using various marketing channels, so make your brand known to them on the platforms they already spend time on. Your new customer is probably searching for the product you provide, so an investment in ecommerce marketing strategy makes the most sense in order to reach them!

  • Based on research, 51% of Americans prefer to shop online on Amazon and other online shopping websites, and 80% have made an online purchase in the last 30 days.
  • The average person spends about 5 hours of their week perusing online catalogs

Why Use Ecommerce Marketing Services?

The customers are out there in various marketing channels, so make your brand known to them. your new customer is probably searching for you, so an investment in ecommerce marketing strategy is just waiting on you.

  • Based on research, 51% of Americans prefer to shop online on Amazon and other online shopping websites, and 80% have made an online purchase in the last 30 days.
  • The average person spends about 5 hours of their week perusing online catalogs

Ecommerce marketing is not just for online retailers and ecommerce marketers. It’s for businesses with brick-and-mortar locations with an online presence as well. In fact, 56% of businesses practicing ecommerce digital marketing also have a brick-and-mortar location where they sell their products and services, physically.

Ecommerce marketing is a great marketing channel for business owners so they are selling in more than one place. The more places you can sell, the larger customer pool you can reach. And the more money you can make.

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Benefits of Ecommerce Marketing

Here’s a glimpse of the benefits you can receive for your online store when you use our ecommerce marketing services.

Leverage Customer Attention

Leverage Customer Attention

Your potential customers are most aware when they open their receipt emails from making a purchase. This is the time to promote new products and upsell. Your ecommerce marketing emails are more than a notification but a marketing opportunity. Another great marketing tip is to send cart abandonment emails. Abandoned cart emails are usually being sent to those customers who didn’t complete the checkout process for some reason. Ensure that the subject line is straight to the point yet enticing enough to encourage action.



This powerful marketing tool of the past is now stronger than ever in ecommerce marketing. Harness the word-of-mouth power that influencer marketing has when you market your ecommerce products on social media platforms.

Drive Website Traffic

Drive Website Traffic

There’s no better way to drive traffic to an online store than marketing online where customers already are. Increase website traffic leads to more purchases by using different marketing automations.

Conversion Tracking

Conversion Tracking

The power is in the numbers, and the numbers don’t lie. Being able to see your ROI down to the penny is the true benefit of having an ecommerce marketing plan and allows you to easily create your marketing budget.

Grow faster with less stress. Focus on things that are most important to growing your business

How We Helped a Denim Retailer Exceed $100,000 in Sales in 30 Days

ecommerce marketing results

This denim retailer came to us with a great brand, style, images, and all around awesome vibes, but they needed help getting all of this great content in front of the right audience. All we had to do was determine who that target audience was and where they were. It was quickly determined that the millennial customer this retailer was targeting is often socializing and shopping on social media platforms. Our experts created conversion ads and retargeting ads that resonated with customers and turned fans into buyers. We generated over 1,110 sales in one month of running these ads at a cost of about 30% of ad revenue. The results were exactly what our client wanted and more!


We Know Your Industry

LYFE Marketing employs professionals with experience and knowledge of current e-commerce trends.

We have experience using digital marketing tactics for ecommerce companies. We place your ecommerce business with a trusted and dedicated specialist with experience in ecommerce marketing. You can feel comfortable knowing you’re in the capable hands of someone who truly understands your business and the industry you operate in.

We Have Niche Knowledge

We are not a one size fits all company. We recognize your niche as an ecommerce business in the digital marketing world. We don’t set up your ads, optimize your website, or run your social media management the same as our clients in other industries. You will receive an ecommerce marketing strategy that is unique and specific to your business.

We Stay Updated On Trends

Ecommerce marketing is highly interactive with customers, and customer taste is always changing. We know that. We are always on our toes and thinking ahead of the customer whenever possible. With this kind of proactive work ethic, your ecommerce business is sure to stay ahead of the competition.

Shortcut to Success

It can take some people years to master ecommerce digital marketing. We have worked with hundreds of small and medium-size ecommerce businesses. Through our experience, we firmly understand what tactics succeed and which fail. This puts us in the best position to make sure your business succeeds as an online retailer.

In-House Specialists

Other marketing agencies outsource their work to keep their costs low and/or because they don’t actually know how to perform digital marketing themselves. However, the quality of service you receive from outsourced labor is typically worse than what you would receive from an in-house team. This is why we hire each specialist internally to service our ecommerce clients.

Ecommerce Marketing Success Factors

What are ecommerce marketing services? Your website traffic, customer base, average order value, number of repeat customers, and brand recognition will all rise as a result of using ecommerce marketing services.

Website traffic. Drive more internet traffic to your ecommerce website through digital marketing.

Number of customers. Convert new website traffic into buying customers.

Product quantity per order. Increase your ability to expand your inventory and offer more products.

Average order cost. Decrease your cost to acquire one customer, and scale your marketing efforts.

Return customers. Develop relationships and create repeat customers.

Online brand awareness. Expand the reach of your brand online and through social channels.

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Increase Organic Traffic

We use ecommerce SEO tactics to increase your reach to online shoppers and strengthen your competitiveness with other online and brick-and-mortar retailers.

Leverage Advanced Advertising Tactics

We use data to upsell customers on products based on their behavior on your website, the products they put in their cart, and/or their purchase history.

Nurture Leads and Customers

We nurture customers through content marketing, email marketing, and advertising. We analyze your buying process and can launch targeted dynamic product ads on social media and retargeting display ads.

Build a Loyal Community

We run marketing campaigns that encourage community building customer engagement across social media channels via product tutorials, giveaways, contests, and other high engagement opportunities.

Build Brand Awareness

Our specialists develop cohesive branding, content, and ads across omni-channel selling platforms of Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and your ecommerce website.


Small Business Ecommerce Marketing

What’s your goal?

Maybe you simply want more sales.

Or maybe you want to sell to new customers who have the same passions as you and support your company values.

We’ll help you figure out that goal. The key to building an online customer base and selling products through ecommerce marketing is to effectively speak to your customers.

We make sure to say all the right things digitally in order to get your customer to their shopping cart and complete the checkout process – positively affecting your conversion rates and overall bottom line.

We’ve driven over 983,287 leads for clients through digital marketing.

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