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Ecommerce SEO Services

The ecommerce industry is crowded with thousands of competitors vying for your target market’s attention. How can you stand out? Ensure your customers find you and not your competitors with SEO. Drive more clicks, more visits, more sales and more revenue. Get real results now.
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Here’s the deal.


Pages that rank at the top of Google receive 36.4% of search traffic. And the second result receives around 17.5% of traffic. If you rank anywhere below that, you’re not going to see as much traffic to your website. Those are enough reasons for you to invest in SEO for your ecommerce business. It gives you an edge over your competitors.


And the best part about ecommerce SEO? Unlike paid ads, it is a way to drive “free” organic traffic to your website. Yes you will have to make some adjustments to your website, but once you earn your spot, you will be able to drive free traffic to your website. Isn’t that great?


And if you don’t have time or know-how to execute SEO on your own, then you can hire our ecommerce SEO services to take care of it all for you. Stand out from the competition & drive qualified traffic to your site when you work with our ecommerce SEO experts.

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How Much Does SEO Affect Your Ecommerce Business?

Gone are the days when people drive around town to search for products to buy. Today, the internet offers a more convenient way for people to do this- and that is through online research. Since most of us live fast-paced lives, we tend to heavily rely on search engines to look for solutions.


What’s great about search engines is that they provide you a virtual product catalog in the palm of your hands. It makes shopping easier and faster because it instantly gives you recommendations to choose from for every product you search for. And if you’re an ecommerce business, you definitely want to be included in the list of products these search engines recommend. Why? Well, here are a few reasons.

Organic web traffic

accounts for more than 40% of revenue across retail or ecommerce businesses.

Mobile searches account for

65% of ecommerce website visits.

28% of local-based searches

result in a purchase.

61% of ecommerce shoppers in the U.S.

stated that they have made a purchase based on the business blog’s recommendation.

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The first 5 organic

search engine results get 67.6% of all clicks.

75% of people

stated that they never click past the first page of search results.

51% of users

have found a new brand or product when searching on mobile.

The first organic result

listed on mobile searches receives 27.7% of the total clicks.

With the numbers above, you really can’t deny the power of SEO for businesses today. As more and more people prefer to do online research before purchasing a product, you need to ensure that they find your brand first before your competitors. An effective ecommerce SEO strategy is just what you need. And this is what LYFE Marketing can help you with.

The Benefits Of Utilizing Ecommerce SEO Services

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Increased Brand Exposure

Your ecommerce company gains brand exposure by being available to be seen when people search for your products. Working with an ecommerce SEO company will help you gain this exposure. We have worked with companies like yours and know how to go head-to-head against your competitors for that top spot on the search engines.

Establish Your Credibility

Did you know that Google uses more than 200 factors in their algorithm for ranking websites on their SERPs (search engine result pages)? While this can feel overwhelming if you’re new to SEO, these factors are definitely worth optimizing your website for because high search rankings establish brand-consumer trust. Potential customers see the top sites as credible and professional brands. With our SEO services, we can help you rank your website to be among the best in your industry.

Boost Organic Traffic

Research shows that higher ranked websites receive the most traffic because they are what people see first when they perform a search. In fact, 21% of users stated that they often don’t click more than one search result. They want to find what they are looking for right there and then. It’s as simple as that. Rank at the top with ecommerce SEO for free instead of paying to be the top ad.

Generate More Sales

Ranking for the right keywords is the best method for gaining sales in ecommerce SEO. Proper keyword research allows you to target your customer and know what they are searching for. With this knowledge, you can rank your pages and products for the keywords people search for. Then, your site will be on the first page of search results – prompting users to click, browse, and purchase.

#1 SEO Rankings Increased Revenue By $103,510.98 For This Client In 6 Months

Many of our clients come to us wanting to increase their brand awareness so that they can in turn increase sales. The same was the case for this client. They just needed to beat out competitors to sell their products. We helped them do just that in only a 6 month time span by ranking for brand-related keywords and the same keywords as their competitors. Outrank the competition – that’s what we do for you.

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Essential SEO Services For Online Stores

Site Audit

The first step in our ecommerce SEO services is getting to know your brand, the types of customers you want to target, and the sales goals you are looking to achieve. Our experts then perform a site audit to analyze your site’s current content, mapping, code, and use of relevant keywords. This helps us identify your site’s strengths & weaknesses so we can better develop an SEO strategy for your online store.


The #1 aspect of ecommerce SEO that must be correct are the keywords you try to rank for. Primary keywords and secondary keywords will be what sets you apart from your competition. Our experts will perform this research and develop a plan to optimize your site so that it outranks your competition for the keywords your customers are searching for.

On-Page SEO

We use our own set of professional ecommerce SEO tools to perform extensive keyword research on your products, target audience, and competitors. This is where we spend time making sure your ecommerce site is perfect for your customers and the search engines alike. This is also when we prepare your site for the traffic it is about to receive and implement software and tracking analytics to ensure accurate results are reported.

Ongoing SEO

As an ecommerce SEO company, we’re here to tell you that ecommerce SEO is not a one time service. If you want your site to remain relevant in the ever-changing consumer market we live in today, then you need ongoing ecommerce SEO services. We offer this to accompany our SEO services because we don’t want your money to be wasted, and we take pride in the work we do and the success we create for ecommerce companies like yours.


People all around you and across the nation are searching for the products you offer right now. Is your brand showing up as an option for their purchase? Here are four must-haves for your SEO strategy:

On-Page Optimization

There is certain coding that needs to be in place for your website to have a chance at ranking.

Relevant Content

Your website must have content that provides additional value to your visitors in order for Google to understand your site.

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Quality Backlinks

External links to your site help boost your brand authority and increases your potential for ranking.

Blog Regularly

You will continue to attract traffic and links by consistently writing interesting and informative blog posts.

What Makes Us A Great Ecommerce SEO Company To Work With


Industry Experienced

Not only do we have years of SEO experience in various industries, we also have proven experience in performing ecommerce SEO. Just chat with a business development representative to learn how we can grow your company through our ecommerce SEO services.


Full Service

Ecommerce SEO works best when used in conjunction with other forms of digital marketing, all of which we offer as we are a full service digital marketing agency. You will see best results with the most purchases when your ecommerce SEO is integrated with other services like blogging, social media management and advertising, email marketing and more. We have specialists dedicated to all these services.



As a full service digital marketing agency, we have a strong team of in-house specialists that are well-versed in each area of ecommerce marketing. You will be assigned a specialist you has experience in ecommerce SEO, specifically in addition to any other services you may wish to incorporate into your ecommerce SEO package.

Will Ecommerce SEO Really Work For Me?

Ask yourself this.


If someone goes to Google and searches for anything related to your products, would your business appear as one of the top 3 results? If the answer is no, then our ecommerce SEO services are right for you. We can position your brand and online store to show up when it matters most.


If your ecommerce SEO isn’t in check, then you could be missing out on clicks to your site – which means you’re missing out on potential sales and revenue. Fill out the form below and schedule a meeting to experience the benefits of using our ecommerce SEO services.

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