Barber Shop Marketing

Increase Your Appointments

Barber Shop Marketing

Increase Your Appointments

Barber Shop Marketing

Increase Your Appointments

Groom More Clients With

Digital Marketing For Barber Shops

How do I get more customers for my barbershop? You can get more customers through social media, PPC ads, email newsletters and website marketing. Your barber shop needs to be competitive in the digital marketing realm to continue growing your clientele. Our team of experts will help you get there through our barber shop marketing strategies.

Social Media

Our agency offers full social media management services, including reputation management. We will ensure that you establish a strong social media presence and acquire as many new customers as possible. We will accomplish this through awesome content that engages new fans, which builds relationships with potential and existing customers. We will assist you with social media advertising as well which can promote any discounts you have, track appointments made from social media and more. All of this should help in your search to gain more leads and new customers through our proven social media advertising services.

PPC & Google Ads

Pay-per-click (PPC) service ads will serve as a promotional tool for the services that you offer. You can also use PPC ads to promote your products or just simply showcase your brand. PPC ads are super targeted, so they will only target those who are actually searching for the products or services that you are offering in your area. How about the users who have shown interest in your services? We will also help you retarget users who have already made visits to your site. Display ads will be utilized for the purpose of retargeting those same users. This way we can redirect warm users back to your site to set up an appointment.


Email Newsletters

Do you want to keep your customers informed? Well then, email marketing is the best tool for that. The key is to use a personalized approach while keeping your customers informed. Tell them about the latest promos and the latest trends in the barber shop industry. Email newsletters will also be the best way to inform them about any changes in appointments and more. You can use weekly or monthly newsletters in connecting with both your current and future customers. You can promote time limited offers through these email campaigns. Newsletters can also be used to turn your existing customers into repeat customers as well as to nurture leads into paying customers.


Short Video Management

82% of social media users prefer to watch videos over reading text posts. People love social media content from the health and beauty industry so you need to take advantage of that! Use short videos to show off your experience in the latest trends and hairstyles, and post before and after results of your clients so potential customers know exactly what to expect from you.

Why Your Barber Shop Needs Digital Marketing

With strategic barber shop marketing ideas and a cohesive plan, you can reach a wider audience (letting local customers who may not have heard of you yet discover that you exist!). You can also market your strengths and set yourselves apart from competitors.

Whether you’re a new barber shop owner or you’ve been in business for a while, one thing remains the same: people use online resources now to choose which barber shop business they attend.

Everything from searching on Google or Apple Maps for the nearest barber shop to looking at your website and Yelp reviews for credibility, customers are making purchasing decisions based on what they see online.

As a result, you need to meet them right where they are, and a digital marketing plan can help you do that.

Benefits Of Having A Barber Shop Marketing Strategy

Utilizing a barber shop marketing strategy will grow your clientele, help you outperform your competitors, establish professionalism, boost revenue, increase brand awareness and help you build connections. As we mentioned earlier, most people now prefer to research online about a certain product or service. And since almost everything can be found on the internet, it’s not surprising that most users judge a business based on what they read online. Yes, what they see and read on these platforms can often make or break a business. Barber shops are no different. That’s why your marketing can no longer be limited solely to traditional methods.

In today’s technology, you need to have a solid online presence to be able to grow your business. You need to be where your target market is, and that is online.

Whether it’s on search engines, social media feeds, email inboxes, paid ads or on your own website – you need to make a great impression. That’s the best way to capture your target audience’s attention and persuade them to utilize your services.

And aside from reaching your target audience, here are some more benefits that you can expect when you implement barber shop marketing for your business:

Grow Your Clientele

Do you want to reach more potential clients and increase your clientele? Then digital marketing is the key! You see, more and more people now prefer to use search engines when looking for products or services like yours. In fact, 82% of mobile users conduct a local based (“near me”) search. In optimizing your website, social media pages and paid ads for these local keywords, your potential clients will be able to easily find your business.

Outperform Your Competitors

Did you know that 90% of users haven’t made up their mind about a business before starting their online research? It means if you are implementing an effective marketing strategy for your business, there’s a great chance that you’ll be able to persuade this number of new clients to choose you and not your competitors. This is especially true if your rivals in the industry don’t prioritize digital marketing as much as you do. This will definitely give you a big leap in the competition.

Establish Professionalism

In service based businesses, there’s no way for potential clients to know how great your services are without checking out reviews and testimonials online. That means word of mouth, or the digital equivalent, is important for the success of your online marketing efforts. The more they learn about your barbering business, the more likely they will see you as a professional one. Having good feedback posted on your social media accounts or on websites will surely have a positive impact on your business. Not only will it boost your credibility, but it will also establish your professionalism in the industry.

Boost Revenue

Through digital marketing, it will be easier for you to tap into a new audience and retain your current customers. For instance, with billions of users on social media today, there’s a high chance that your potential market in your local area exists on these platforms too. If you are able to target your specific audience with engaging posts and ads, you’re more likely to generate targeted website traffic and appointments. Thus, your revenue will also increase! You can double or even triple your ROI by having a sound barber shop marketing plan.

Increase Brand Awareness

We believe that every business has their own unique selling point that makes them different from their competitors. In digital marketing, you can showcase these features through your website, social media accounts, content and other marketing collaterals. And once people distinguish you from your rivals, you will be able to establish your identity in the market. Doing so will make you stand out from the rest and eventually boost your business growth.

Build Connection

Your clients shouldn’t be just one-time customers. It would be best if you could keep them coming back to your barber shop. And how can you do that? By creating an effective follow up campaign! This can be done using social media, SMS apps, email messages and more. By sending your customers follow up messages, you can make them feel special and it lets you build a bond with them. This will in turn make them recommend your business to their family and friends and keep them coming back.

Digital Marketing Tactics For Barber Shops

Engage & Interact With Your Audience

Social media is not only a place for promoting your services, it also provides you with a platform to interact with your audience and encourage them to visit your barber shop. Be sure to reply to all the comments you receive – whether positive or negative comments – in a professional way. This doesn’t mean that you need to be too formal though, keep the conversation light and fun to better humanize your brand. Constant engagement with your followers will not only boost your posts’ reach but will also help you entice more potential customers to try your services.

Become A Social Media Expert

You also need to be a master at social media. People remember 80% of what they see, and many social media channels like Facebook and Instagram are visual. You could share awesome before and after photos of your clients’ haircuts that will draw in new visitors! Or you could also share your shop’s interior to give your potential clients a glimpse of what to expect when they visit your barber shop.

Make Videos A Priority

Another tactic that can really work for your barber shop is to use videos. This involves creating short videos that will showcase your expertise while giving valuable hairstyle tips and recommendations. The result of this is that you will stand out from the rest of the competition as more and more users prefer watching videos compared to viewing still images. This basically guarantees that your business is seen by more people who are actively searching for your services.

Reward Repeat Customers

Do you want to retain your current customers? A lot of barber shops today offer a reward to repeat customers to encourage them to keep coming back and bring their friends! You can market these discounts and reward programs online to bring in more clients. You can use email campaigns, paid ads, social media posts or even create a specific landing page on your website for them to avail these rewards.

Grow Your Clientele When You Work With

A Barber Shop Digital Marketing Company!

LYFE Marketing is responsible for helping thousands of companies reach their goals, but more importantly for you, we specifically have worked with barber shops to help them drive more brand awareness and clients! That’s why you can rest assured that we know how to work with businesses like yours.

Proven Marketing Strategies For The Barber Shop Industry

The main thing that we care about here at LYFE Marketing is our clients’ success. To achieve that, we always factor the following strategies into your digital marketing campaign.


People flock to barber shops not just because of the quality of the service but also because they trust the employees with their hair. This is why we make sure that your barber shop marketing strategy is personal and builds trust between your brand and your customers.


Educational Marketing

Your customers will trust you more & refer their friends to you when they feel educated from interacting with you. Providing your customers with ideas about their hair, how to take care of it, and how to groom it will keep them engaged and interested. From there, you can make them life-long customers.


Current Content

The content and information available on the internet changes every second! A platform that looks outdated or like it hasn’t been touched in years is the fastest thing to drive away a potential customer. We make sure that the digital marketing platforms we manage for you are always current and up-to-date.

Our Effective Process For Barber Shop Marketing


Analysis is the first step in creating a customized digital marketing plan for any business. We will do the same for your barber shop. We will analyze not just your competitors but also your entire industry as well as your specific target market. This analysis will be the basis of the content that we create and publish for you. It will be used to guide us in making your customized marketing campaign.



The specialist assigned to you will create useful and valuable content for your social media and email campaigns. This will be the type of content that keeps existing customers interested and potential customers curious enough to check out your business.

Leads & Conversions

We will create social media or Google advertisements that appeal to the right people, that is, your target audience. They are the ones that are most likely to avail of your services or buy your products. The advertisements should result in more leads and conversions.


At this point, we have implemented all the necessary marketing strategies to guarantee success for you. This is the time for us to evaluate all the results that have come in and then optimize them. Optimization is an important part of the process to ensure a better outcome and realization of each and every goal.


We want to increase your engagement with your audience by producing exciting content that gives them value. We will always continuously monitor your accounts to see if anything needs tweaking or addressing. This will be done regularly or on a daily basis if need be.

Make The Next Move To Grow Your Brand With Barber Shop Marketing!

By now, we know that the next best move to grow your brand is to use digital marketing. But barber shop marketing is also about making the call when it comes to the agency that you are going to work with.

Our agency has what it takes to take your shop and make it a prime destination for locals looking for a haircut. When you combine our high-quality services with our expert industry knowledge, you get a digital marketing campaign unlike any other. Our services an help you generate the results you want to see.

So if you do decide to give digital marketing a try, choose LYFE Marketing and we will show you the way to success!

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