Email Marketing for Lawyers

Constantly Stay Top of Mind

Email Marketing for Lawyers

Constantly Stay Top of Mind

Email Marketing for Lawyers

Constantly Stay Top of Mind

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Email Marketing For Law Firms

In order to operate successful law firm email marketing campaigns and deliver an engaging law firm newsletter each month, we follow our proven method used to acquire and keep clients while you close their cases. There are a few important elements that go into developing these campaigns that we have perfected.

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The Power of Email Marketing for Lawyers

Here’s the sad truth.

It takes most law firms three or more days to respond to contact forms that come through their website.

We know attorneys are busy, but this kind of client-lawyer interaction is not what you want as a first impression.

This is an easy fix with law firm email marketing. We can set up automations for you so potential clients know you care about them and automatically receive a personalized email upon submitting their inquiry.

By collecting an email address to send an automated email, you are already doing better than 85% of other firms who fail to collect an email address from website visitors.

Building your email contacts is the first step to progression in law firm email marketing. Our email marketing services offer lead magnets, website placements, and automations so you can be sure to be in constant contact with your current and potential clients 24/7 even if you’re in the courtroom 80 hours a week.

Why Do You Need a Law Firm Newsletter?

It Works Double Time

While you’re steadily working away on closing cases, your email marketing campaigns are working double time by acquiring new clients and retaining current clients. Email marketing continuously shares valuable information with your contacts.


Clear ROI

You will always know how much money your law firm email marketing efforts are generating. Email marketing provides clear metrics that show open rates, click through rates, and other actions taken by people who receive your emails and newsletters.


Quality Leads

The people that sign up to receive your emails are doing so because they are interested in using the legal services you offer. They just need a little more convincing. But the point is that these people came to you looking for you and asking for more information.

How Email Marketing Can Transform Your Business

Our clients consistently revive old leads, generate more appointments and ultimately acquire more clients through email marketing. When you build a quality list then email is an incredible asset that you own, unlike search or fans. With the right tools, you can track exactly how many people are opening your emails, clicking on the links, and taking your desired action. Over time, you will have a little army of people who become brand advocates of your firm.

Imagine being able to speak to an audience of thousands of people who already know and trust you once per week. That’s email marketing.

Email Marketing For Lawyers & Law Firms

Strategy Development

Your strategy is the foundational basis of the law firm email marketing campaign and the law firm newsletter that will be delivered to users’ inboxes and represent your practice and what you have to say. This is where we learn the ins and outs of your practice and the who, what, when, where, why of your clients. After researching this information, we will be able to create custom content for your emails that give your practice a voice and adds value to your current and future clients.

Lead Magnets

We then help you expand the size of your email list by developing lead magnets on your website to attract visitors to give you their email address. At this point the visitor is put into a drip campaign that will nurture them into choosing you as their attorney using content applicable to them.

Powerful Targeting

Almost 75% of prospects that begin their legal search online usually end up Targeting your audience will allow us to deliver emails most relevant to the various segments that your clients fit into, whether they are a lead, current client, or past client. By segmenting, we can deliver messaging that pertains to the client’s interests and needs. This level of personalization will increase open rates and decrease unsubscribe rates.

Captivating Emails

We have found that the best way to keep visitors engaged in your emails is to develop a law firm newsletter specific to the different audience segments we have created. Our email law firm newsletter for you may include case studies for your firm that apply to the user, practice updates, relevant blog articles, and more.

Improve Deliverability

In order to keep your emails delivering properly and returning the correct metrics, we will perform routine list maintenance. This procedure will keep your contact list up to date and free from contacts that are no longer opening or engaging you emails, such as past clients who no longer need legal services.

Key Reports

As with any investment you make, we know you want to see the return that investment is gaining you and the results it is gaining. We deliver a detailed report straight to your inbox each month as well as keep you updated throughout the month with any campaign changes we perform.

Key Elements for Law Firm Email Marketing

There is a true sceince behind crafting the right design and message for your emails. Here are a few tips:


Weekly Email Newsletters

It’s important to send out weekly updates to your email subscribers to keep your firm top of mind.


Automated Emails

After someone decides to contact your firm then you can setup unique automations to the prospects for next steps such as scheduling a meeting.


Custom Audiences

Your email list can also be imported into various online channels such as Facebook and Google to create custom advertising campaigns specficially towards your highly engaged leads.

Why We Have The Best Email Marketing For Attorneys

Full Service

We offer fully managed law firm marketing services across multiple platforms and avenues. Working with a digital marketing firm that can manage not one but all of your marketing efforts makes it easier on you and your staff to budget and maintain your marketing department when it’s all in one place.

Industry Experience

We’ve worked with both small practice attorneys and large law firms with multiple lawyers on staff, and this experience and has taught us how to manage your email marketing efforts with ease. You know that you’re in good hands when you’re working with professionals with an experience background in the realm of legal services.


A law firm email marketing specialist who is specifically trained in creating automations for your practice and can customize a law firm newsletter specific to the services your practice offers comes standard with our email marketing services. The specialist you are assigned is dedicated to helping your business grow through law firm email marketing and gaining you the leads and cases you need to become a community leader.

Does Email Marketing for Attorneys Really Work?

Email marketing does not drive traffic or leads. In fact, email marketing only works when other things are working first. Lawyers need to first start driving traffic through one of these methods:

Once you are driving quality traffic and leads then email marketing can help move those leads closer down your funnel to becoming a client.

If you already have traffic/leads and feel like email marketing is right for you then please click the button below, fill out the form and schedule a meeting to learn more!

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