Massage Marketing

Increase Your Client Base

Massage Marketing

Increase Your Client Base

Massage Marketing

Increase Your Client Base

Reach A Larger Pool Of Potential Clients With

Digital Marketing For Massage Therapists

Your massage therapy business needs to reach a larger audience to become successful and relevant. Our massage marketing services will help you do that.

Reach more of potential massage clients & turn them into your current clients!


Social Media Growth

Our agency offers full-service social media management services, including reputation management. We will help your massage business to get new clients through a strong social media presence. We will start by creating awesome content that attracts potential customers. Then we will follow up with regular engagement and interaction. Our social media advertising services are proven and result in new leads and customers.


PPC & Google Ads

We will run pay-per-click (PPC) search ads that will showcase your massage therapy services. You can also use these ads to promote your massage practice and not just as a platform for showing them. These ads are super targeted, meaning they will only target those who are searching for your services or products. On the other hand, display ads will target users who have already visited your site and will carry your brand’s message.


Email Marketing

Email newsletters and drip campaigns are among the best marketing ideas to keep your customers informed. We will use a personalized approach in telling them about your latest promos, special gift certificates, the newest trends, and how to book appointments. Choose whether you want weekly or monthly newsletters. You can also use an email newsletter for furthering the results of your massage therapy marketing efforts.


Short Video Management

Most people go to social media to de-stress and to take a breather from their hectic schedules. As a business whose audience includes people who want to get a good massage after a long busy day, your potential clients are right there on social media. All you need to do is to create short videos that will stop them from scrolling past your post. Our video content creators are experts in creating head-turning videos that will help you get more clients.

Why Does Your Massage Service Need Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is the most effective way to draw clients in and increase your revenue.

Massage services can be a very profitable business. After all, a massage is one of the best ways for people to relax, so it follows that it should be more in demand with people using the service more.

Given this information, is your massage service business still not as big and successful as you want it to be?

The problem is not whether people are interested in your services or not. The problem is letting enough people know about your business so you can have a successful business, one that is able to compete and rise above its competitors. As a business owner, you should know the power of word of mouth and how it greatly influences your potential clients.

However, the fact is that your massage service business and other businesses like it is that it is a small business and will likely not survive on word-of-mouth alone. So how do you market such a small business effectively?

Do you still feel stuck giving out flyers or business cards to random people on the street? You need to go beyond traditional marketing strategies as they are no longer as effective and cost a lot for little to no gain. In order to be successful in this day and age, your business needs to invest in digital marketing. This year, more than 9 out of 10 small businesses, including health care businesses, plan on spending more on digital marketing. Clearly, other small businesses believe in what it can do for them.

Our agency can help you get the most out of massage marketing and reap all its benefits. We are equipped to take charge of it for you while you focus on other areas of your growing business.

Benefits Of Using Digital Marketing For Massage Services

The reason you would even consider using massage marketing is to enjoy all its benefits. Aside from giving you a presence on platforms such as Google Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others, here are some of the most common benefits you will enjoy:

Boost Brand Awareness

Once you establish your brand, your aim should be to make your brand known to as many people as possible. Reach new people who have never interacted with your brand before via digital marketing. This is how you can drive more customers and reach. Digital marketing is also great for creating repeat customers from your existing customer base via increased brand loyalty and repetition.

Increase Appointments

Do you want to promote specific offerings or services such as a time-limited free massage? How about a chair massage, mobile massage or sports massage? You can do so with massage therapy marketing! Whether you’re promoting a sale or your regular services, using our massage marketing services will almost always result in an increase in appointments. If you’re still on the fence as to whether digital marketing can work for your business or not, an increase in appointments is probably the best indicator.

Grow Sales Without Breaking The Bank

Digital marketing for your massage service is a much more cost-effective strategy than traditional marketing. When you have online and social media channels at your disposal, you do not need a war chest to let people know about your services. You can reach thousands of targeted people instantly all with a limited budget. You can also submit your business on listing websites like Google My Business and Yelp for free to reach a wider pool of local audience.

Get Measurable Results

Going digital means that you will have measurable results. Different analytics are available to let you measure the results that are coming in and know whether your campaign is successful or not. And it is not limited to Google Analytics only, your Facebook page, Twitter account, email marketing campaigns and more all also have their own analytics dashboard that you can use. This way, you can see in real time if the marketing efforts are living up to your expectations.

What Makes Our Massage Marketing Services The Most Effective?

We Know Niche Marketing

For your massage business to succeed online, our specialists will create a customized digital marketing plan.

Massage marketing is niche marketing. Your massage service business is part of a niche industry that requires real experts if you want to achieve any real success because you need to pay more attention to every detail of your campaign. You cannot ignore any aspect of it, or you will risk wasting your entire marketing effort. We know what it is like to work in a niche industry. This gives us a unique advantage over other marketing agencies that are not so familiar with niche marketing. Your business is guaranteed of getting a custom marketing strategy that is in line with your unique vision.

We Are Industry Experts

One of the foundations of a successful digital marketing strategy is trust. The right amount of trust is needed between all parties involved. Therefore, you should not trust any marketer that has no previous experience working in your industry. When you hand us the reins of your campaign, we already know what to do. Work with us and start seeing the results you have always wanted.

It Is About You

Your massage service is not the same as the other massage services in your area or elsewhere. The services that you provide are not always the same, and you are not always after the same customers. There might be some similarities here and there, but not that much. This highlights your need for a unique digital marketing strategy. We will create and implement a unique massage marketing plan that helps tell your message.

Proven Marketing Strategies For The Massage Service Industry

Our main concern here at LYFE Marketing is how we can help you succeed. To help make that happen, we use the following digital marketing strategies in your massage marketing campaign:

Familiarize Your Brand

A massage service can be personal. Therefore, it requires a certain level of trust between the business and its customers. We will help you build that trust with the strategy that we will create for you.


Inform Your Customers

We will offer tips and information to your potential customers about the many benefits of massages through short videos, ad copies, social media posts, email campaigns, and more. This will keep potential clients engaged and will eventually lead them to become actual customers.


We Do Everything With Your Goals In Mind

We will provide a comprehensive service for you through the digital marketing strategy we implement. We will always put your goals and your target customer at the forefront of your campaign.

What’s Most Important For Massage Marketing Success?



An analysis, content, lead generation, engagement, and optimization are the most crucial aspects of marketing your massage service.

The first part of the custom digital marketing plan that we will create for you is analysis. We will analyze your industry and your competitors. After analyzing, we will create content for your massage service and proceed to craft your entire massage marketing campaign.



Our content specialist will create valuable content that your audience will keep coming back to. They will find the content so useful that they will help convince potential customers to actually use your services. Your social media followers will be particularly targeted by this content.


Leads & Conversions

We will be responsible for creating social media advertisements that are meant for your target audience. They are specifically targeted since they are the ones who are most likely to use your massage services. These ads are expected to result in more leads and conversions.



A higher engagement rate is one of the many measuring sticks used to determine a successful campaign. The key to this is the creation of great content that our specialists will take care of for you. To make sure the content is consistent, we will regularly monitor your campaigns.



After all the initial marketing efforts have been performed, it is time to evaluate everything. Once the evaluation is over, we will optimize the results. This part of the process is important since it helps guarantee that the outcome will be the one that you envisioned.

Watch Your Customer Base Grow With Our Massage Marketing Services!

The only way for your massage service brand to reach the top is through digital marketing. Massage marketing will go a long way toward making you reach your target audience and realizing all your goals.

But you also need to work with the right agency that knows your every need and how to deal with every situation that comes up in your journey. Our agency offers the right mix of experience and ability that can help guide you toward the top of your industry.

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