Social Media Banking

Grow Your Business & Clientele

Social Media Banking

Grow Your Business & Clientele

Social Media Banking

Grow Your Business & Clientele


Social Media Banking

Expert social media specialists will manage your accounts & increase your brand awareness. If you’re looking for effective ways to drive more web traffic and grow your social media presence, then click the button below to get started.

Social Media Banking

Increase Website Traffic For Your Bank

Do you want to boost your website traffic? Utilize social media ads and posts to drive targeted traffic to your site.

Improve Website Conversion Rates

Are you aiming to double your clientele? Turn potential leads into real customers with social media advertisements.

Improve Brand Awareness

Looking to establish your brand in your industry? Improve your online exposure without draining your budget for marketing.

Social Media Banking

Increase Website Traffic For Your Bank

Do you want to boost your website traffic? Utilize social media ads and posts to drive targeted traffic to your site.

Improve Website Conversion Rates

Are you aiming to double your clientele? Turn potential leads into real customers with social media advertisements.

Improve Brand Awareness

Looking to establish your brand in your industry? Improve your online exposure without draining your budget for marketing.

Do You Want To Boost Your Brand Awareness & Clientele?

People only trust credible and professional service companies. This is especially true for financial institutions such as banks. Your potential clients will sift through all the possible choices they have before deciding which bank to use. After all, they will be entrusting you with their hard earned money. That’s why most of them will gather as much information as they can. And in this modern age, they usually gather information by researching online.


What we mean by online research is using search engines such as Google and social media platforms to skim information regarding different banks. Yes, social media networks are more than just for posting a status or interacting with friends’ posts. These social media networks are also being used to discover brands and learn more about them. Banks are no different. There are users, your potential customers included, who are using social media to find bank institutions that can fulfill their needs.


Social media is a great avenue to boost your brand awareness and reach more people. The more people who see your social media accounts or ads, the easier it will be for you to convert those followers into customers.

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You may be wondering what kind of impact a social media presence could have on your business. Well, let’s start by looking at the facts:

Social Media Banking

50% of the total

global population uses social media.

53% of people

state that they’re likely to buy or hire services from brands that are transparent on social media.

Social ad spending

is estimated to increase up to 20% in the coming year.

78% of users

say that they visited the physical office or store of a business after following them on social media.

54% of users

browse social media channels to research products and services.

40% of consumers

say that they can be swayed by seeing how a product or service works.

52% of brand

discoveries happen in viewing public social media feeds.

87% of people

check out a business’ website or app after they follow them on social media networks.

What those numbers tell us is that people use social media. More specifically, your CUSTOMERS use social media. So why not meet them where they already are? Social media banking advertising provides the opportunity to target your customer base with ads that speak to them and promote your brand.

Why You Must Invest in Social Media Banking Marketing

Think of social media banking as an investment that will benefit you in the long run.


Social media is a very powerful platform. It allows friends to connect and communicate, but it also allows businesses to build brand-consumer relationships and to share information about the services or products that they provide. Simple participation in social media is not the same as investing in social media banking marketing. The former is a form of entertainment and communication, while the latter can lead to better brand awareness and an increase in clients.


Our digital marketing team can track the traffic, sales, clicks, and other important metrics that are generated by your social media ads. The more that your bank becomes involved with social media banking ads, the easier it will be to determine (and increase) your exact ROI.

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Benefits Of Implementing Social Media Banking

 → 1  Build Connections

Traditionally, banks have struggled to establish connections with customers because most of the time people only interact with banks when they need them. But social media has changed this scenario. With social media platforms, banks are now able to communicate and interact with their potential and current customers at any given time wherever they are. This allows banks to build a more humanized brand, thus establishing a real, personalized relationship with their followers.

 → 2  Gather Leads

One of the great things about social media is that you can use social media ads to drive targeted traffic to your website and landing pages. You can encourage qualified audiences to sign up for your e-mail list, fill out a contact form on your website and so much more. There are different advertising objectives we can utilize depending on what your specific business goals are, but overall we can use advertising to drive more leads for your bank.

 → 3  Boost Brand Awareness

In the US alone, there are now over 5,000 banks that are in the business. Imagine having that number of banks competing for the same target market as yours. With an effective social media marketing plan, you can be one step ahead of the competition. Once you establish your brand on social media, more people will be able to find your business page. This will not only widen your reach, but it will also make your brand more memorable.

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 → 4  Measurable Results

Do you want to know if your campaigns are effective? The great thing about digital marketing is that all of your social media efforts are measurable. We have access to analytic dashboards that provide insights and data for every post or campaign you publish on your social media account. This is very useful in tracking which campaigns are effective in engaging and converting your visitors. You can also utilize this data in to improve your ads and get better results.

We Have Increased Our Clients’ Followers By Thousands Using Different Social Platforms

We always emphasize the importance of having real followers (as opposed to buying fake followers). Fostering genuine followers will drive real traffic to your website and eventually convert into real customers.


We have helped our clients achieve phenomenal follower growth on several social media platforms. To learn more about how your business can see growth and results, contact us today.

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How We Achieve Success In Social Media Banking

Set Clear Goals

Setting measurable goals is crucial in planning any kind of marketing strategy. How much traffic do you want to get? How many new followers do you want to acquire? We will help you when it comes to setting your social media goals based on what your business goals are. With our experience, we can set realistic goals based on your needs and budget.

Developing A Strategy

Once we have set your goals for your social media banking marketing, the next step is to craft a strategy that will help you achieve those goals. We will create a customer avatar that represents your audience, including all of their pain points, the language they respond to and more. We will then create content and advertisements that speak to your audience and promote your brand simultaneously.

A/B Split Testing

When it comes to social media advertising, we use A/B split testing to determine the ads and posts that attract consumers and receive the highest click through rates and conversions. Once we’ve found the winning strategy that works for your social media marketing campaign, then your conversions begin rising and your cost per conversion should go down (resulting in more ROI for you!).

Review & Grow

Once we have launched your social media banking campaign, we will continuously measure and optimize our efforts. Our team stays on top of your social media so that it continues to be effective for your business.


Our social media banking services aim to drive traffic that leads to conversions and brand awareness. We accomplish that in a few ways:

Building A Follower Base On Social Media Channels

Publishing content to your social media accounts is not helpful if you have no followers (or no relevant followers) to view your content. We’ll help you build a solid base of followers and reach a wider audience.

Driving Traffic To Your Website

Your social media followers shouldn’t stop after visiting your social media profiles or posts. We’ll help you utilize strategic CTAs and ad campaigns to drive them from your social media accounts to your website.

Social Media Banking

Increasing Conversion Through Social Ads

We understand that your ultimate goal is to obtain more clients. Social media advertising allows you to better target potential clients, thus increasing your conversion rate.

Content Aimed At Increasing Customer Engagement

Every post you publish is a chance to entice a new visitor and turn them into a client. The more engaging and share-worthy your content is, the better.

What Makes Our Banking Marketing Services Effective?


We Know The Banking Industry

We have years of experience and proven results in social media banking. On top of that, our founders are insiders in the financial industry, so we are well-positioned to assist you in marketing.


Our Services Are Specialized

We tailor our services to fit the needs of our clients. We know that the same strategy that has proven successful for one client will not necessarily work with another. This is why we will create a plan that is especially for you. We will assign an experienced social media specialist who can work with you to create and achieve your goals.


We Do More Than Social Media Banking

LYFE Marketing is a full-service digital marketing firm specializing in social media banking marketing. We can transform your social media banking presence with high-quality product content, daily activity, and fan growth. We provide additional services if needed to take your bank to the next level above the rest. When it comes to social media and digital marketing in general, you won’t need to hire anyone else.

Are You Ready To Grow Your Bank With Our Social Media Banking Services?

If you are implementing digital marketing services for your bank institution, then it’s imperative that you include social media in your plan. You see, more than half of the global population is now on social media, including your potential clients!. You can’t miss the chance to be found by your specific target market. A strong social media strategy and social media management pricing plan will help them find you instead of your competitors.


So what you need is a sound social media marketing strategy.- a strategy that will increase your audience reach, drive more traffic to your website and generate more clients for your company. This is where we can help you. Talk to us today and let’s work on growing your bank institution!

We’ve driven over 983,287 leads for clients through digital marketing.

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