Spa Marketing

Increase Your Engagement & Sales

Spa Marketing

Increase Your Engagement & Sales

Spa Marketing

Increase Your Engagement & Sales

See Greater Results With

Spa Marketing

Your spa services need to continue attracting new customers to stay successful. Our spa marketing services will guarantee that you do. Start expanding your spa’s customer base today!


Social Media Marketing

Our agency offers full-service social media management services, including reputation management. We will help you attract more potential customers by making sure that you have a strong social media presence. This will be done through useful content, constant engagement, and interaction with followers. You will gain more leads and new customers through an effective spa marketing, which uses paid social ads. These ads will promote your new spa treatment services and offerings.


PPC & Google AdWords Advertising

Our agency will run pay-per-click search ads that will showcase the best of what your spa has to offer, from your skincare services to your latest giveaway promos. These ads will be targeted and will only be aimed at those who are looking for your services or products. We will also retarget those users who have already visited your website using display ads. These ads help move people through the sales funnel who may be thinking of visiting your day spa facility but not yet converted.


Email Marketing

This is a very popular service with spas because it keeps your customers informed. Whether you utilize newsletters or automations, a personalized email marketing approach is the best way to keep your subscribers engaged and informed. Email marketing can help explain your services, encourage your audience to book appointments, join your loyalty programs, or make changes in schedules. Our email marketing specialists would be able to sit down with you and determine which email marketing strategy would best suit your specific business and needs.


Short Video Management

Today, social media plays a big role in the latest beauty trends. People love getting beauty inspiration from social media. Take advantage of short videos to show your potential clients how your spa services can help them look and feel better. A great example is showing a before and after look of your client after their spa appointment. Short videos that address your audience’s needs will encourage more bookings for your spa.

How Can Digital Marketing Benefit Your Spa?

Your clientele and appointment bookings will increase as a result of digital marketing.

People come to spas to unwind and feel good after dealing with stress at work or elsewhere. Spas come to us to feel good about their marketing plan! When a potential customer searches for a nearby spa online, it’s our job to make sure your spa has an online presence. This is where digital marketing can help, or to be more specific, spa marketing can help.

Unlike traditional methods such as giving out business cards, print ads or referring a friend, digital marketing will ensure that you are ever present on the internet, which is the key to your success. Your presence on the internet could include any or all of the following:

  • Your own website
  • Social media channels
  • Email marketing
  • Search engines

The common denominator among all these is great content. It serves as the fuel that drives all of your digital marketing efforts.

Can Digital Marketing Really Affect Your Spa Business?

Yes! Digital marketing allows you to target a specific audience to get more customers.

  • Almost 72% of adults use social media platforms to engage and share information with others when dealing with health and wellness businesses.

  • 68% of potential clients are swayed by 1-6 customer reviews they find online.

  • 92% of users say that they like to read online reviews first when searching for local businesses.

  • 47% of people worldwide use the internet when looking for information about health & wellness professionals.

  • 78% of customers searching online for local businesses are converted into paying ones.

  • 32% of users in the US post about the experiences of their family and friends on social media when dealing with wellness services.

These statistics show us how important digital marketing is for your spa business. If you’re not present online, your customers are going to find your competitors instead of your spa business! And as your go-to digital marketing agency, that is not what we want to happen. So let us help you make the most of digital marketing and increase your customer base today!

How To Use Spa Marketing To Your Advantage

The first step in reaping the benefits of spa marketing is to choose the right agency to work with. So here are some spa marketing ideas that we utilize often with our spa clients. These ideas will help generate more interest for your spa and encourage new customers to flock to you.

Set Up & Track Online Booking On Your Website

Offering spa bookings on your website will make it easier for your customers to make an appointment at your spa. It will free you from actually having to take calls and emails from customers who are looking to book appointments. As you know, managing these can often be complicated or take too much of your time.

A cloud-based calendar will take care of things for you so you do not need to worry about any missed appointments or scheduling conflicts. Plus, most of your potential customers prefer to schedule appointments via an online scheduler as opposed to calling in to make an appointment anyway. Once its setup, drive traffic to your scheduling page and track how many bookings (aka conversions) you’re receiving directly from your marketing efforts!

Create A Video Tour Of Your Spa & Advertise It

If you really want to grab people’s attention, you can show videos of your spa in action. As a matter of fact, more than 70% of users say that the videos are better to consume than typical images or text content. Yes, videos almost always outperform images on any social media platforms and elsewhere.

A video of your services will show people how they will be treated and pampered in your spa. Give them a glimpse of what to expect from your service. Or you can also use explainer videos when featuring massage techniques. Whatever the topic is, videos are proven to increase conversions up to 40%! When videos like this are marketed correctly, they can make a huge difference in your bottom line.

Make Use Of Online Reviews

In today’s era wherein one can easily share their experiences with any business online, you want to make sure your brand is fostering positive reviews. People often turn to online reviews when making a purchasing decision. People who had a positive experience with your spa will market it better than anyone. And those who read about their experience are likely to be your next customers too.

Create A Follow-Up System

Don’t let potential customers slip away! Create a good follow-up system to help you increase appointments. Plus, you can decrease the no-show appointments by sending your customers a few email reminders. A personalized, timely email or text campaign using automation tools can do the trick. Or you can also retarget potential customers who have shown interest but not quite booked yet via social media ads and PPC ads.

Offer Free or Discounted Service

Everyone loves it when they are offered something free, right? Or if you cannot manage to make free offers, discounted ones will do. In marketing, we call a freebie or coupon a lead magnet. Lead magnets are great for building an email list and increasing conversions.

For instance, you can offer a freebie to your customers in exchange for a post on social media about their experience with your services and tagging you in it. This is a great way to promote your brand since people are more likely to trust other customer’s own experience with your business.

Are You Taking The Necessary Steps To Grow Your Spa?

Did you know that LYFE Marketing has not only helped countless small businesses with their digital marketing, but we’ve specifically helped spas see growth! If your marketing efforts to date have struggled to yield results for your spa, then click the button to schedule a meeting with us!

What Makes Our Spa Marketing Services Right For You?

We Specifically Understand Spa Marketing

Our experts will create a customized digital marketing plan for your spa to ensure increased online appointment bookings.

When you belong to a niche industry, every little detail and piece of information should be accounted for in your marketing. Thankfully, we know spa marketing, so you have a whole team of experts behind you. We will take care of all of your spa marketing needs, and it will start with our creation of a custom digital marketing strategy for your spa brand.

We Have Industry Experience

You are not likely to trust a marketer who has no previous experience with spa marketing to build your campaign for you. More than just head knowledge or research, our agency has hands-on experience in marketing campaigns for spas. We understand what your clients need and expect from you, and we know the demands of your industry. We’re able to anticipate your needs from working with previous spas and can therefore execute a successful campaign on your behalf.

It Is About You

Not all spas are the same, and your spa marketing strategy should reflect that! This highlights the need for a unique marketing strategy. We will develop a unique spa marketing plan for you that aims to hit all of your goals.

Proven Marketing Strategies For The Spa Industry

At LYFE Marketing, we truly want you and your business to succeed. To help you succeed, we factor the following digital marketing strategies into your spa marketing campaign:

Creating A Brand-consumer Relationship

When people look for spas where they can relax and have a good time, they are looking for a brand that they can trust. Keep in mind that word-of-mouth is very powerful. Our marketing efforts will be based on building personal relationships between your brand and potential customers so that they trust and choose you over competitor spas.


Share Helpful Information With Your Customers

After you obtain a new customer, make sure you keep them coming back! If you want to create repeat customers, provide them with tips and info on how spas can make their lives and health better on a regular basis.


Always Be Active Online

Digital marketing never sleeps. It’s important to your customers that your website, social media channels and more all seem up-to-date and accurate at any given moment. Our digital marketing team knows how to implement a strategy that keeps your online presence active and effective.

We strive to give you great service so you can give your customers great service. We want to help you keep your customers happy and content with your services. That is why we always consider them and your goals every step of the way.

The Steps For Spa Marketing Success


The initial step in creating an effective digital marketing plan is analyzing the industry you belong to. We will also take a close look at your competitors. This analysis is performed before we create any content for you. We will then proceed to creating a custom spa marketing strategy that will help elevate your brand and conversions.


Engaging and informative content is one of the keys to a successful digital marketing strategy. Your assigned digital marketing specialist will take care of creating content that captivates your target audience. This is all meant to generate multiple interactions between your brand and customers to move them down the sales funnel into a conversion.

Leads & Conversions

One of our objectives is to help your landing pages to get more leads and conversions. For us to do that, we will use social media and/or Google advertisements to help attract the right, qualified people or those who are likely to go to your spa and enjoy its services.


Optimization is performed after all other marketing efforts have already been done. We will look at the results and then proceed to optimize them. Optimization will lead to better performance and help you attain consistency in your campaign.


We aim to help increase your engagement with your target audience across all digital platforms covered by your campaign. This will be supported by daily monitoring to guarantee the kind of consistency that you need to succeed.

Take The Next Step To Improving Your Brand!

Set your spa apart from all competitors with strategic spa marketing. This will spread brand awareness of your business and help to drive the conversions you’re looking for.

Our agency will customize a spa marketing campaign to help you acquire more customers, earn more profit, and establish yourself at the top of your industry!

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