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How a Lawyer SEO Company Can Help Growth

Here’s the deal. 

96% of people use a search engine when looking for legal advice. Your firm could be the first one they see in the organic search results if you employ law firm SEO services for your website. Your goal should be to be in the top 3 search results because they receive the largest amount of traffic.

If that isn’t enough to convince you then consider this.

85% of prospects use online maps to find local law firms. Making sure your site is optimized for law firm SEO will put your firm above others on these map searches. Invest in keywords that optimize your firm’s content for local searches potential clients are performing.

Stand out from the competition when you work with a law firm SEO expert.

We can help you attract prospects who are interested in being your client. Our law firm SEO services are tailored specifically for lawyers who are looking to drastically increase their organic search results rankings.

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The Benefits You’ll Experience with a Law Firm SEO Company

First Page Rankings
Experience the benefits of search engine real estate when you rank on the first page for all the big search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Prospects generally don’t look past the first few organic listings on the first page of the search results, which is why we make sure our clients experience first page listings in order to ensure the most website traffic possible.

Control Your Leads
Gone are the days of wasting time on unqualified leads or people searching for a different type of law firm. Our law firm SEO services practice methods and deep keyword research that ensure your website is appearing for the search terms a qualified lead would be searching for and needing your services.

Generate More Clientele
The leads our law firm SEO company will capture for you generally see a higher close rate than traditional marketing leads, about 14% versus 2% respectively. With law firm SEO, your practice will be one of the first potential clients see when searching for legal representation. The more awareness your site has, the more traffic it generates and more traffic means more leads and court cases for your firm.

Long-Term Benefits.
Law firm SEO offers long-standing benefits for your site when executed properly. It is not like search marketing or social media where you pay for clicks or pay to play. Your firm’s SEO strength will grow over time and continually outrank your competitors organically when you choose to work with our law firm SEO company.

Not Only Have We Helped Hundreds of Small Businesses, But We Also Use SEO to Grow LYFE Marketing.

How did you find our website today? Without hesitation, we know that it was more than likely through search, social media, paid ads, email marketing or through LYFE Marketing’s blog. That is because we know and use digital marketing for our business too. (And we’re really good at it). So many agencies talk about how they can help “you and your business” yet don’t use their own services. We know exactly what it takes to help you generate success online because we are doing it too.



Site Audit

The first step in our law firm SEO services are getting to your firm, the types of prospects you want to target, and the goals you are looking to achieve. Our law firm SEO expert then performs a site audit on your website to analyze your site’s current content, mapping, code, and use of relevant keywords. This helps us identify your site’s strengths and weaknesses so we can better develop an SEO strategy for your firm.

Strategy & Goals 

Next, we take the information gathered to create a customized plan to develop an optimized site that will outrank your competition for the keywords your prospects use most when searching for legal representation.


During setup, we prepare your site for the traffic it is about to receive and implement tools and software for tracking analytics so we know the true success our law firm SEO services bring to your practice.

Initial Execution – Onpage

The start of our optimization begins with on-site and on-page strategies by cleaning up your site’s code, structure, and mapping. We also apply highly searched keywords to your content in a manner that brings value to your site and attracts prospects to spend more time on your site.

Continuous Optimization – Offpage 

Any true law firm SEO expert knows that SEO is not a one time practice that can be done and forgotten. It is an ongoing process that requires constant updating to ensure the search engines understand that your law firm has an updated site that remains on trend with what your prospects are searching for and want to see. Our law firm SEO services include continuous optimization where we persistently update your site through link building, blogging, strategy adjustments, and ongoing keyword research to ensure the success of your SEO.

Strategies for lawyer SEO

Citizens in YOUR area are searching for YOUR services right now. The question is will your law firm show up when they start searching online? Here are five must for your SEO strategy:

  1. On-Page Optimization.There are certain coding that need to be in place for your website to have a chance at ranking.
  2. Relevant Content. Your website must have value driven relevant content in order for Google understand your site.
  3. Attract Quality Backlinks. External links help your site to get a boost in authority thus increasing ranking potential.
  4. Blog Regularly. . Continue to attract traffic and links by writing inspiring or informative blogs consistently.


Full Service

Our law firm SEO company operates a full service digital marketing company so we can fulfill all aspects of your firm’s online marketing strategy. Our past clients have found it much easier to have all of their marketing needs managed by one company and see a higher return when they combine our services to capture more leads

Industry Experience

We understand that you want to work with a law firm SEO company that has extensive experience in promoting practices like yours, which is why you will be happy to work with us. Our law firm SEO services are the best around because we have had extensive experience in attracting more leads and cases for both large and small firms alike.


You will have a dedicated law firm SEO expert assigned to your account who has the same goals for your firm as you do: more leads and more cases. Our specialists are trained specifically to optimize your firm’s site to outrank your competition for all the keywords your prospects are searching for.

Does SEO for Attorneys Really Work?

Ask yourself this.

If someone goes to Google and searches for a law firm with a practice in accidents, debt, divorce, criminal, abuse, etc…

Would it be worth your time to take their call?

If the answer is yes, then our lawyer SEO services are right for you. We can position your firm and website to show up when people are making key searches related to your firm. 

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