The Best Chicago SEO Agency

The Best Chicago SEO Agency

The Best Chicago SEO Agency

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As an ecommerce business owner, your main priority is to drive new customers to your business. After all, your business wouldn’t be a business without customers to help. But how exactly can you get in front of those customers so you can help them? This is a common concern for many businesses today. However, many small businesses start their journey to finding new customers online. It’s evident that the internet gives everyone access to the valuable information they need. This is the same for your target audience and your business.

When your potential customers are making Google searches online for businesses like yours, the businesses that the search engine algorithm deems as relevant will be the top results. If your business isn’t already in these results, these top companies are your competitors, which you will need to beat if you want to gain quality leads and organic traffic to your landing pages. Fortunately, our Chicago SEO agency knows this and will work to provide you with the perfect SEO campaigns for your business.

How Can A Chicago SEO Agency Help My Business?

Number 1.

You Can Receive Higher Search Rankings

It doesn’t matter what product or service your business offers, your potential customers are searching for your business ONLINE. That means they are using popular search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo to perform searches for the solutions they need. That’s the great part about the internet and using search engines. Any business with an online presence has the opportunity to be seen by anyone looking for information relevant to their business. But that cannot be done without having optimized content. Optimized content will help your business be recognized by search engine algorithms and encourage them to rank it higher. With help from a Chicago SEO agency, you can identify what information is most relevant to connecting you with your audience and getting your business more visibility. The websites that rank at the top of the results are the ones with the most traffic, and with SEO specialists on your side you have the ability to receive these top rankings and get that traffic.

Number 2.

You Can Generate Better Organic Traffic

There’s a difference between “traffic” and “quality traffic.” Quality traffic is going to come from those users that are actively looking for business like yours. Typically, that quality traffic will come from having higher rankings. There’s also a difference between “inorganic traffic” and “organic traffic.” In the case of SEO, you’re looking at organic traffic, which is any traffic that you generate without using paid search like Google Ads and PPC (pay-per-click.)

Organic traffic can be a little harder to generate because of the methods used. However, the better you can generate this type of traffic, the stronger your business will become.

Working with a Chicago SEO agency will give you the tools you need to generate that organic traffic. For example, keywords and relevant information will be implemented into your web design, social media, and even content marketing so you can more efficiently reach your qualified prospects.

Number 3.

You Can Understand Your Business Better

You have probably done some SEO marketing or tried to improve your marketing efforts on your own. However, you may have looked at your results and not truly understood what you were looking at. If this sounds like you, working with a Chicago SEO agency will allow you to have a better understanding of your business. From the metrics like conversion rate and CRO, to the bigger picture of your audience, our SEO consultants will help you understand what your campaigns are doing. We do this by tracking your results and creating a monthly report that describes what each factor of your SEO campaign means for your business. When we do this, you are able to understand your audience better and recognize what actions you can take in the future. Whether that be creating more optimized content or making adjustments to your current content. Knowing what certain metrics mean is important for you as a business owner because it will allow you to always be aware of how your audience behaves. And as a small business, this is always good insight to have!

How Exactly Does SEO Work?

The key to creating the best SEO strategy is by having a detailed process to follow in place. At our Chicago SEO agency, our search engine optimization services start with a proven step-by-step process.

What makes our SEO services different is the detail we put into each step of our process. We look into information such as keyword research, keyword optimization, on-page SEO, off-site SEO, local search factors, and more. All of these components are important to your overall SEO strategy and we make sure to cover them.

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Here is the process you can expect from our Chicago SEO agency:

Step 1: Business Evaluation and SEO Audit

Like any other initial phase, the first step we take is getting to know your business. This includes identifying your business goals and current marketing strategy. Our Chicago SEO agency takes this time to really understand your business needs and highlight the steps we can take to resolve them. Our SEO experts will look at your competition, industry, and current site structure. This includes us analyzing your coding, content, backlinks, mapping, and keyword density. We do this to identify what areas we can make improvements to. Keyword research during this stage is important. Our keyword research will allow us to identify what keywords and information your audience is using that we can include in your campaigns. Essentially, including these keywords in your campaigns will help increase your search engine rankings.

Step 2: Development Phase

Once we understand your business and what actions to take, we will then begin to develop an SEO strategy specific for your business. With the knowledge we have gathered about your business goals and SEO needs, we will craft a plan that will help us distinguish what actions to continue taking through the process. This plan also shows us how we will go forward with your web development. When we look at your web design, we will utilize this plan to help us reconfigure it. During this phase, we use SEO best practices so we can always keep in mind the overall effectiveness of your website in the end.

Step 3: Setup Administrative Tools and Platforms

The only way you can really measure and achieve great results is by implementing the tools that will track and obtain those results. In this stage, we will set up an account for your business that we use to create and manage your SEO campaigns. For example, we will create a Google My Business account for you so you can optimize your local SEO. We also use technical SEO tools such as Google Analytics and other administrative programs so we can easily track your campaigns. These monitoring and management tools are just as important to your campaigns as the content of your campaigns are.

Step 4: Take Action

This next phase of the process is where the magic happens. This is where we will actually start executing the SEO strategy we created for you. This is the step where we create content around the keywords we identified, optimize your website design, and make adjustments to your coding. We make adjustments based on on-page and off-site techniques. On-page focuses on the content and internal factors of your web design, while off-site focuses on link building and other external factors “off” of your website. Using these techniques together is how we achieve the best SEO results for your business because they both matter.

Stage 5: Continuous Monitoring and Optimization

This last phase of the process is a phase that many other digital marketing firms and SEO agencies miss. One thing about SEO is you have to continue updating your content. Search engine algorithms tend to change and so do your audience’s search habits. Therefore, it’s important to keep track of your campaigns and continue to make adjustments as needed. When you leave your campaigns without any optimization, then you will slowly start to see them become less effective over time. And you don’t want that. Continued optimization helps make adjustments so you aren’t wasting precious time and money. In turn, this helps you get the most results out of your campaigns in the most efficient way.

What Makes Us The Best Chicago SEO Agency?

We’re A Full Service Digital Marketing Agency

You may be wondering why this matters. Well, working with us is different because we don’t just offer SEO services. We are a full service digital agency. This matters because we don’t just look to provide you SEO solutions that work. We look to provide you SEO solutions that work more cohesively with your other marketing efforts. Your SEO campaigns won’t only be focused on good SEO results. They will be focused on great digital marketing results overall. Our digital marketing managers are skilled in every area of digital marketing, such as website design, social media marketing, and content marketing. These are all areas that are highly important when it comes to ranking your website. Therefore, when all of these areas work together more efficiently, you will get better SEO and digital marketing results all together. Your website is the hub of all your marketing efforts and when it is optimized with better SEO techniques, the rest of your marketing channels will benefit as well. With our Chicago SEO agency, you can get optimized online marketing all in one place.

We Create A Strategy That Perfectly Fits Your Business

Your business isn’t like your competitors. That means you can’t use the same exact marketing strategy as them and expect to yield the same results. Your business has different goals, customers , and needs. That’s why we will develop a strategy that fits your business just right so you can achieve those results. Checking out what your competition is doing is a good place to start to get inspiration on what actions to take, however copying their strategies exactly can be counterintuitive. We tailor your SEO strategy to fit your business. In addition, a strategy that fits your business will work within your budget and that’s also how we have competitive pricing. Ultimately, a customized SEO plan is what will help set your business apart from your competition and encourage your audience to choose your business.

We’re Chicago SEO Experts

Our experience providing quality SEO service is how we have gained our reputation as SEO experts. In addition, we know our services work because we use them for our own agency. We don’t believe in offering service that we don’t trust or aren’t confident in. We have experience achieving top search results and have done so with our own firm. You can search “social media management company” and LYFE Marketing is in the top results. Our case studies can prove it too. Our SEO services have helped hundreds of businesses achieve powerful results. We have done this for many businesses before and are ready to do the same for you!

Are You Ready To Receive The Best Chicago SEO Services?


No need to scower the internet for information about building good SEO campaigns. You don’t need to spend anymore time and effort doing it all alone. When you work with experts that have the skills and dedication to get your business more awareness, you’re giving your business the tools it needs to succeed.

Getting your brand name out there is important, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. Now is the time to finally give your marketing the boost it needs by partnering with an SEO agency. Working with SEO experts is a guaranteed way to get better results from your SEO.

If you’re ready to finally get great results through SEO, we will show you exactly how we can help you achieve that!

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