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Ancient Keto specializes in ketogenic products that help promote healthy weight loss.

Ancient Keto came to LYFE when they needed help generating more qualified leads and brand awareness. The main way we accomplished this was through the lead magnet we used.

Services Used

Our Lead Magnet


  • The main goal of a lead magnet is to encourage customers to take action by giving you their contact information.
  • A lead magnet can be anything but the important part is providing something appealing enough to your audience that will get them interested in your brand.
  • In Ancient Keto’s case, the free “Keto Guide” ebook we used helped encourage keto dieters to subscribe to Ancient Keto’s email list. This way they could nurture them into trying their products!
lead magnet landing page case study


  • Through research, we were able to determine that a free ebook with valuable information about keto dieting for beginners was a great lead magnet for the audience Ancient Keto wanted to attract.
  • We created a landing page that showcased the free ebook and encouraged this audience to subscribe to emails.


Ancient Keto wanted to drive more qualified leads and increase their brand awareness. And we helped them do that!
By crafting a responsive landing page with a powerful lead magnet, were able to help them boost their brand awareness and generate more leads for their business. Our landing page had a conversion rate of 42%! In turn, this helped Ancient Keto to not only attract more customers but also create a better relationship with those qualified customers.

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