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The CENAPS® Corporation (an acronym for Center for Applied Sciences) is the training and consultation firm founded by Terence T. Gorski in 1982. CENAPS® is committed to providing professional clinical skills training, workbooks, and clinical tools for behavioral health and wellness. Working with individuals and treatment providers, The CENAPS® Corporation makes Recovery and Relapse Prevention tools available to providers, families, individuals, and communities to help chemically addicted relapse-prone clients. Education and training products including audio and video-assisted consultation packets and recovery guides.

Services Used

Challenges & Objective

Our goal was to connect CENAPS with businesses and professionals that had a need for their tools and programs. This meant we needed to increase brand awareness and work on bringing in leads.

What Makes Our Strategy Successful

Lead campaigns using website visitor lookalike and retargeting website visitors. Brand awareness to reach people. Offers a coupon at the end of the forum which has brought in some purchases.

Ad Results


  • 52 leads at $3.10 cost per lead
  • 7,920 estimated ad recall at $0.02 per estimated ad recall
  • $316 monthly budget

Client Review

Shaye was great to work with and LYFE Marketing met our goals and expectations. Shaye and her team were very creative, prompt, articulate and easy to work and communicate with our unique needs for messaging. We enjoy working with her and LYFE Marketing as our professional social media manager. – Lisa Hilko (Google)



Offering a 10% discount upfront has helped this campaign bring in leads for a low cost per lead. Utilizing lookalike audiences based off a contact list and view content pixel events has also contributed to the success of this account.

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