Super Lawn Trucks – Exciting results from a not so exciting industry.

The Results

Over 8,000

Website Clicks


Post Likes






How do you use Facebook Advertising to sell something as boring and niche as Lawn Contractor Trucks?

As you’re about to see, we created and promoted a single piece of content that generated:

  • Over 8,000 website clicks
  • 604 post likes
Social Media Success Tony Bass

That’s the subject of this client case study and it starts with a question we get asked often…

…and by often we mean everyday.

Services Used

What Can You Do on Facebook to Grow My Business?

The secret to a great Facebook campaign (don’t tell anyone) is composed of two parts:

  1. Relevant AND great looking content
  2. Laser targeted advertising

When you can successfully do those two things, ANY business, in any niche, can be wildly successful on Facebook.

And today you’re going to see the strategy we used to get some pretty amazing results for Super Lawn Trucks (step-by-step).

Lets start with Step #1:

Step #1: Find Potential Customers on Facebook That Have a Need For Lawn Trucks…Super Lawn Trucks.

When we begin a Facebook campaign we first attempt to understand the buyer persona.

Who would possibly have a need for a lawn truck?

Landscapers it is!

Could we find enough landscapers on Facebook to have a chance at converting?

Surely, you can’t get that targeted, right?

Apparently with 1.4 billion daily users, even landscapers can be found on Facebook.

Social Media Reach

A whopping 860,000 landscapers to be exact!

Perfect, this audience will come in handy when we start advertising for web traffic and leads– the fun stuff. (More on that later)

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Step #2: Create The Type Of Content That Gets Landscapers Excited.

For those who need a refresher…

…secret #1 to a great Facebook page is relevant AND great looking content.

You see, most businesses fail at social media marketing for many reasons; here are two biggies:

1. They post content that is relevant but not designed well enough to grab attention


2. They post content that is well designed but not relevant enough for their audience to care.

Both issues deal with being able to stop your target customer while they are scrolling on Facebook.

How do we combat that problem?

Here’s an example of the type of content we used for Super Lawn Trucks:

Social Media Success

And that post directly led to…

…a boatload of likes, shares and comments:

Links and Clicks

And certainly the attention and interest of landscapers:

Case Study Success

Now, you might be thinking to yourself:

“How in the world did a post like this work so well?”

Truthfully, this post incorporated some key elements that we love and always include:

  1. Copy that touches on the pain points of the target audience and a single call to action. In this case, efficiency, organization, and productivity.
  2. An image that includes something relevant and familiar. In this case, a lawn truck.
  3. An amazing team here at LYFE Marketing – special kudos to Cherrelle.

How did we get even better results with this same exact post?

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Step #3: Advertise The Heck Out Of What’s Working

Remember the 860,000 landscapers that are on Facebook:

Social Media Reach

Once we understood the type of post that worked best on the landscape audience, it was time to advertise that post to an even large audience of landscapers.

We used a combination of interest and job titles to only target this post to the decision makers –the people who can actually give the green light on investing in a new lawn truck.

Case Study Success

Which has led to the following results:

  • Over 8,000 website clicks – 13cent per click
  • 604 post likes
Social Media Success Tony Bass

Not bad for a single Facebook post, eh?

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