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An Introduction to SEO for Restaurants

The restaurant and beverage industry is extremely competitive and people are constantly searching for the next best place to eat or grab a drink. On average, 92% of people are used a search engine to look for restaurants in the last 6 months.


Granted this statistic encompasses all the searches around the world, but what about searches for local restaurants like yours? About 72% of all people your search for local restaurants near them ended up visiting a restaurant within 5 miles of them.


So what do these numbers mean? They mean you need an up-to-date site that is responsive, has SEO for restaurants, and ranks within the top few spots on the search engine results.  If that’s not you, then this page will tell you all about how SEO for restaurants can benefit your local restaurant or franchise.

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Why Do You Need SEO for Your Restaurant?

Rank higher on search engines. The end goal for restaurant SEO is to make your restaurant rank above all competition on the search engine results. When you’re customers search “best pizza in town”, then your pizzeria can actually rank first on the search engine results with the proper restaurant SEO implemented.


Drive quality traffic to your site. More traffic to your site generally means more customers in your restaurant. Now there is no direct correlation that we can show you on paper as it’s impossible track an actual person’s foot traffic with their computer cursor, but our restaurant clients have seen a significant increase in full tables once they implemented SEO for restaurants on their website. Additionally, with SEO for restaurants you know the quality of traffic being driven to your site is high because your site will rank for the keywords they are searching for that are closely aligned with the content your restaurant offers.


Measurable results. SEO can be easily tracked for both your business and your competitors. Knowing what the competition is doing and optimizing to overcome them is one of the best ways to utilize the results your restaurant SEO reveals.

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Boost your Google visibility with our SEO services specifically designed for restaurants.

There are always ways to improve your SEO and how Google views your restaurant’s website. That’s where we come in! We have the tools, software, experience, data, and time to perform all the tasks necessary to make your website a leader among local restaurants. Don’t give your competitors another day at the top of the search engines! Take control with our restaurant SEO services. If you’re ready to start cooking, then complete the form below to schedule a time to discuss how your restaurant can benefit from an SEO overhaul.


Business & Site Evaluation

This is the first step we take in getting to know more about you and your restaurant. We also take this time to learn more about your target customer and the goals you are looking to achieve with SEO for restaurants. We will also perform a site evaluation that tells us more about your site’s keyword strength, content, mapping, and code in order to help us evaluate your site’s strengths and weaknesses.

Strategy & Goal Development

After gathering information, we determine a strategy that is best for your business that will achieve and ideally surpass the goals you set for yourself. The strategic plan is customized to your business and the keywords your customers are searching for to find you.


This is the phase where implement the process of putting new keywords on your site and setting up the tools you will need for tracking progress such as dashboards and analytic systems. We do this so we don’t miss even the smallest ingredient that can make the biggest difference in the outcome of restaurant SEO.


With our SEO tracking and reporting softwares we can easily share with you the progress your restaurant SEO is making for your business. You will receive a monthly detailed report about your keywords and page performance as well as suggestions from your specialist on how to increase your site’s performance. We then take this data and optimize your site for stronger keywords, structured code, architecture, mapping, and more.

Ongoing SEO

SEO for restaurants is not a one time fix, but an ongoing process for the life of your website. For as long as your customers, the internet, and your business exists, you will need ongoing SEO, which our specialists can perform for you. It involves continuously optimizing your blogs, link-building, and strategy to ensure the long lasting strength of your restaurant at the top of the search engine results.

Strategies for higher rankings

To help you get more customers through your SEO efforts, we apply the following elements to set your campaign apart from the rest:

  1. Keyword Research. We take a thorough deep dive into finding the keywords that work best with your restaurant and target audience.
  2. Local Restaurant SEO. We utilize marketing tactics associated with local SEO to ensure your restaurant is ranking the local pack and receiving the most views.
  3. Ongoing SEO. We apply a few different ongoing techniques that keep your site updated and continuously staying ahead of the competition.


Industry Experience

SEO for restaurants is different than SEO for a B2B company or any businesses not closely related to the restaurant industry. Optimizing a menu and culinary images varies greatly from your run of the mill SEO procedures. For this reason, we know you want to work with a company like us who has performed SEO for restaurants before and has proven results to show for it.

Restaurant SEO Professionals

You will be assigned a dedicated restaurant SEO specialist that will optimize your site tailored to the desires of your customers. With a trained specialist that has the same passion for dining, customers, and entrepreneurship that you do, you are sure to prove a tough match for your competitors.

Full Service Firm

As a digital marketing firm with a multitude of services outside of SEO for restaurants, we can offer you the best all inclusive digital marketing service packages. You will be able to amplify your digital marketing efforts across all platforms from social media and email to content and web design. We have multiple departments with trained specialists, so you can have a full team of professionals working to grow your business.

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