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Google AdWords Consultant

Grow Your Business

What Makes LYFE Marketing Stand Out? 

LYFE Marketing provides the top Adwords Consulting Services in the industry. Utilizing Google Adwords will help your website become visible on Google which in turns leads to more traffic, increased conversion rates and SALES.

Most Traditional Consultants

    • Limited Plans
    • Costly
    • Unqualified consultants
    • Long, fixed contracts
    • Little to no results
    • Vague reports

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LYFE Marketing Consultants

    • Custom-built plans
    • Expert specialists
    • Short-term commitments
    • Results-driven strategy
    • Monthly, detailed reports

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From: LYFE Marketing

To: Small businesses owners, entrepreneurs and others who want to see results on Google but don’t know where to begin.

Being a business owner means no two days look the same. One day, owning your own business can be an exhilarating experience, other days it can be extremely stressful. 

It’s not enough that you have a business idea. Having a great idea alone will not get your company noticed. You have to market it correctly to see results.

And it can be frustrating if you’re not seeing the results that you expect, especially if you’ve already TRIED to market it in the past.

A lot of business owners are still trying to make traditional marketing efforts work for them, but oftentimes, traditional marketing is not enough in this day and age. 

Digital marketing is the way of the future. It doesn’t matter whether you manage a B2B, B2C, ecommerce or service-based business- you still need a sound digital marketing strategy in place. So you might be thinking to yourself, “Okay, but I don’t even know where to start with digital marketing!” And that’s okay!

In addition to being frustrated with a lack of results, it can be even MORE frustrating if you don’t know what to do to generate results. Many entrepreneurs like yourself don’t know how to perform digital marketing effectively.

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LYFE Marketing Ranked #299 on Inc’s 5,000 Fastest Growing Companies in the US!

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LYFE team members going over our clients’ profitable ROI & results!

It isn’t your fault. 

Many small business owners these days don’t know how to market their business effectively! If you love your business and you love what you’re doing, it’s okay to feel frustrated.

But you can’t give up. You have to keep going! 

You need to learn digital marketing advertising like ppc management services to market your business. 

Lucky for you, we have created a simplified process where you get to work side by side with a Google Ads expert.

You’ll get Google ads coaching to help you understand the ins and outs of Google’s advertising platform. We’ll also guide you on how to make the most of your Google Ads account.

Even if you are a completely new beginner in Google AdWords management, we’re here to help you and your business succeed.

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“I am very happy with my decision to work with LYFE marketing. They are very knowledgeable, deliver in the timeline promised, make suggestions to help my business and continue to follow up to help me be more successful. I would recommend working with them.” – Colleen C.

The #1 Google Adwords Consultant Services Made Easy 

You can now connect with a Google ads consultant to effectively propel your business forward. Here are the steps to get started: 

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Solidify Your Google Adwords Goals 

Set clear, achievable goals that we can hit through Google advertisements.

google ads coaching

Partner With Your Assigned Google Ads Consultant From LYFE Marketing

Our specialists are all search marketing experts on Google, as well as other search engines like Bing and Yahoo. So if you work with us to help with your Adwords account, rest assured that we will pick the right account manager or consultant to work with you in building a campaign that drives results.

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Execute Our Google Adword Campaign Strategies For Desired Results

We will walk you through the creation and implementation of a Google Adwords campaign.

Google Adwords Consulting Services That Increase The Traffic & ROI For Your Business

Finding the right Google ads consultant that your business needs can be tricky sometimes. You really need someone who knows what they’re doing!

Google Adwords marketing is a very targeted form of marketing and by using it, you can gain an advantage over your competition.

With our Google Ads consulting services, your time and money will not be wasted. You will learn how to create and manage your own Google Ads campaign.

We don’t just set you up and leave you to figure things out on your own. We teach you how to set up the campaign AND monitor it. We will also guide you to read important metrics such as ad groups, CPC, CPA, CTR, quality score, etc. to have a better understanding of your Google ad campaigns.

That means you can conduct your Google Adwords marketing campaign as an in-house operation.

You can’t expect the same thing from hiring freelancers because they will obviously not share these things with you. They will simply do their tasks- nothing more, nothing less.

However, by partnering with our Google Adwords consultancy services, you are taking a great step towards acquiring more leads, traffic and sales. 

Check out our winning consultation strategy that we offer.


We Will Guide You In Creating Google Campaigns That Deliver Results 

(And we have a track record of results to prove it!) 

At LYFE Marketing, our mission is to help small businesses grow. We started out as a small business ourselves, and we’re now a leader in the industry.

It took a lot of trial and error to get to where we are now, and that’s why we’re equipped with the knowledge and experience to help your business grow too.

We took any setbacks we had and turned them into learning experiences. We’re able to anticipate and preemptively prepare for a lot of obstacles in digital marketing you may not have even thought of yet!

As a result of all of our efforts, we’ve gotten to a place where we’re able to generate more than 200,000 visitors in a single month. 

(Please note that we cannot promise these results for every single client we work with, but we do promise to show you exactly what we did to achieve these results and more!)

Learn from our proven strategy that we developed through real experience:

How to drive more targeted traffic

How to create a strategy that is centered around the audience

How to determine who your audience is

How to maximize your budget for your ads

Creating a winning Google Adwords strategy

Our Google Adwords strategies took a long time to perfect and it wasn’t easy. We had to make mistakes in order to learn from them and be where we are now. But if anything, it has made us more experienced and knowledgeable in handling various types of Google Adwords campaigns! This includes Search Network campaigns, Display Network campaigns, video campaigns and shopping campaigns.

We take great pride in what we have achieved.

LYFE Marketing started with 3 founders and a good idea. Now, we currently serve nearly 400 clients and employ over 60 employees. We have mastered digital marketing on several fronts including Google Adwords, and our passion is to share this knowledge with other up-and-coming small businesses.

As a leader in Google Ads consulting services, we want to see you reach your goals and establish a strong online presence you’ve been dreaming of. 

Google Adwords Secrets Revealed 

To run a successful PPC (or pay-per-click campaign), you need these key things: 

google adwords consultantPERSONALIZED STRATEGY

We’ll help you create a custom, personalized online advertising strategy for your specific and unique business.

google adwords consultantEFFECTIVE ADS

Simply placing ads doesn’t guarantee results. The ads themselves have to be strategic and intentionally created!

google adwords consultantYOUR AUDIENCE 

Google Adwords allows you to target your audience. It lets you connect with qualified, potential customers and put your website in front of them.

Step 1: Creating A Strategy That Works

Learn how a strategy can map an efficient method to meet your goals. 

google adwords consultant

Determine why people chose you over others

(so you can capitalize on what is setting you apart from the competition) 

Understand your target audience's pain points & goals

(so you can create ad copies that really speak to them and grab their attention) 

Learn about your sales funnel

(so you can use conversion tracking, monitor the right metrics & understand the flow of your business) 


Why it’s important to create a strategy first…

In the excitement and rush to launch, many business owners want to skip the strategy portion of digital marketing.

We understand the desire to launch your online advertising campaigns quickly, but finalizing a well-thought-out strategy is essential to results.

We always tell our clients to think of a strategy like a GPS or roadmap to your goals.

You can turn the car on (a.k.a launch the ads), but you won’t know how to get to your destination without the guide to show you the way.

That’s where we can come in and help.

Step 2: Creating Strategic Ads

Creating Intentional Landing Pages and Ads

Know what kind of language resonates with your audience

(so you can spend less time and money converting them into customers) 

Learning how to write attention-grabbing ad copy

(to prevent people from scrolling past without reading)

Learn how to build an effective PPC campaign fast

(so you can focus on running your business) 


 Why your Google Adwords ads are important

A good Google Adwords consultant will tell you how vital the ads are to your campaign.

There are different types of Google ads, search network & display network.

Some ads are text-only, while other types of ads are graphic-only. Whether you’re creating a graphic or writing copy for your ads, it all has to work together for the betterment of your business.

We will teach you how to create content that engages your target audience AND converts them. 

Step 3: Optimize For Conversions

Consistently optimize for the most conversions at the lowest cost possible.

google adwords consultant

Know which ads are driving the conversions

(and invest more in those so you don’t waste money on PPC ads that don’t deliver) 

Closely monitor your cost per conversion (CPC) and click through rate (CTR)

(so you don’t overpay and can earn more on every conversion) 

Learn the best techniques from a Google Adwords expert

(and get results from tried and tested methods such as remarketing) 


Believe it or not, conversions are not the end goal… 

Conversions are crucial.

Conversions do equate to someone purchasing from you and becoming your actual customer.

However, solely obtaining conversions should not be your end goal.

Looking at your number of clicks and conversion rate without looking at what you’re paying for them is not a sustainable way to go about business.

Unlike some consulting agencies, at LYFE Marketing, we look at your ROI. How much are you spending on each conversion versus how much are you making on each conversion?

Our digital marketing consultants will train your eye to read the data on your PPC campaigns the way we do as marketing experts. This will help drive not only sales, but profitable sales for your business. 

Google Adwords Consulting Services Pricing

We’ve been in the digital marketing industry for years. After working with us, you’ll never need another Google Adwords consultant. In addition to Google Adwords consulting services, we can also guide you when it comes to other aspects of digital marketing like social media, SEO, e-mail marketing and more.

Strategy Topics

Brand Positioning – Ex: “How to Tell Your Brand’s Story”

Customer Avatar – Ex: “Build Out Your Ideal Customer Profile”

Funnel Development – Ex: “Create a Profitable Traffic System”

Channel Strategy – Ex: “Discover What Channels to Use & Why”

Implementation – Ex: “The Quickest Way to Launch Your Campaigns”

Optimization – Ex: “What to do Optimize Your Overall Marketing Strategy”

Digital Marketing Topics

Social Media Advertising – Ex: “Creating Facebook Ad Videos That Actually Sell”

Social Media Management – Ex: “How to Get 5-6 Figure Follower Counts” 

Search Engine Advertising – Ex:  “The Ideal Keyword Strategy for High Conversion” 

Search Engine OptimizationEx: “Keys to Success for SEO in TODAY 

Email MarketingEx: “How to Build a Email Drip Campaigns that Convert 

Content Marketing – Ex: “Writing Copy that Actually Engages People” 

Website Design – Ex: “Discover The Winning Formula for Websites” 

*Examples are a small sample size* 

adwords consulting services


google ads consultantOur Google Adwords Consultants Hard At Work!

Initial Review Fee (accessing where you are) $75 (one-time) 
2 Consulting Sessions per month (2 hours)  $325/mo
4 Consulting Sessions per month (4 hours)  $575/mo
8 Consulting Sessions per month (8 hours)  $1,000/mo
Need More Hours? CONTACT US

* Excludes flight, hotel, & daily per diem.

1 day on site $1,500 (one-time) 
2 days on site  $3,000 (one-time
3 days on site  $4,500 (one-time)

Think About This: With the right tools, strategy and knowledge, you have the power in your hands to drive more results for your business. It’s all within arm’s reach with the right resources. LYFE Marketing is helping small business owners like you every single day. If you’re ready to partner with one of our digital marketing consultants, we can set you on the path of success. All you have to do is contact us today to get started!


All of your questions answered. 


  • What kind of results will I get from your service? 
  • The results depend on you. On our part, we will show you everything we know about Google Adwords marketing. We share industry secrets for you to implement that have proven in the past to drive results for small businesses. 
  • How much time do I need to spend on this? 
  • Ideally, you’ll want to spend no less than four hours per month, so that we can work with you in building your own Google Adwords campaign. The more hours you spend with us, the quicker the process.
  • I’ve worked with Google Adwords before. Can you help me with the existing PPC campaigns I have? 
  • Yes, we can take a look at your existing campaigns in exchange for one of our meetings so we can go through it and analyze it.  

Working Together:

  • Who am I going to work with? 
  • Upon partnering with us, you will receive your own personal Google Adwords consultant. This will be your go-to person for all things related to your campaign. 
  • How can you help me if you don’t know about my business? 
  • Be ready for lots of questions from us in the beginning! The more we know about your business and target market, the more we can help you. We send all new clients a questionnaire and have an on-boarding call to finalize any questions we may have about you, your goals and your business.
  • Can you create the Google ads for me? 
  • Outside of consultant services, we also offer services in which we perform the work ourselves. We can provide whichever structure works best for you.
  • Do you also offer consulting services for other forms of online advertising? 
  • Absolutely yes! We also offer consulting services for advertising on social media platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn.

Contracts & Setup:

  • How long does a contract last? 
  • The initial contract will last for three months. After the initial contract, the consultation contract is set up on a monthly basis. You can cancel anytime within a 30-day notice after the initial 3 month period. 
  • Will there be setup fees? 
  • Yes, we charge a one-time setup fee. 
  • When can I get started? I need results NOW! 
  • We’re ready when you are! Contact us today to get the process started.
  • IMPORTANT: All proposals must be signed BEFORE Thursday at 5pm EST. to start the upcoming Monday.