Lead Generation Companies For Small Businesses

Increase The Quality & Quantity Of Your Leads

Lead Generation Companies For Small Businesses

Increase The Quality & Quantity Of Your Leads

Lead Generation Companies for Small Businesses


Lead Generation Companies For Small Businesses

We offer a complete line-up of lead generation services that can help you acquire more lead conversions and, ultimately, more sales. Catch the attention of your audience. Get more conversions. Increase your ROI.

Our lead generation services can take your business to the next level.

How Lead Generation Companies For Small Businesses Increase ROI

Lead generation is a major topic in the digital marketing world. But what is it exactly?

How can lead generation help your small business?

Lead generation is something that a small business and a multi-billion dollar company have in common. Leads are potential customers who are interested in your product or service that need to be nurtured into becoming a customer, and they ultimately fuel the growth of your business.

A lead can stem from any one of thousands of sources such as word-of-mouth, a billboard, advertisements etc. But in this day and age of digital marketing, most leads come through the internet.

In fact, digital marketing sources account for more than 90% of the leads that businesses get today.

In many ways, online lead generation is the main aim of digital marketing. It’s all about developing the interest of your audience. You do that by giving them information regarding your product or your service and explaining how it helps your target audience. 

The key in lead generation is to make sure you’re attracting qualified leads and that you’re nurturing them from a potential customer into a paying customer. 

Let’s take a deeper look into why lead generation is a vital part of your business.


Why Does Digital Lead Generation Matter?

Without digital lead generation, it will be difficult for your business to bring in new clients and sales prospects. 

It would be an understatement to say that the buying process has completely changed because of the internet. It’s no longer about sending mass emails or ads that are not targeted. These days, the focus is on drawing in a relevant, qualified audience and nurturing them into a sale. 

Your content has to be relevant to be noticed by your target audience and stand apart from everything else that is published online. With inbound marketing, the idea is to position and market yourself in a way that makes your target audience come to you. This is because you are offering what they are looking for, and this is the result of the new buying process.

In other traditional or outdated buying processes and marketing strategies, the lead generation process focused more on cold potential customers. By “cold” leads we mean people who are mostly unaware about the business or its products or service. Our lead generation process focuses on attracting qualified leads and warming them up into a conversion.

According to research, buyers today might be through with 90% of the buying process by the time that they get to talk to a vendor. That means they have already made up their mind for the most part.

Creating a lead generation strategy is all about building trust and closing the rest of that 10% gap. How do you build that trust? The answer is by becoming an authority in your industry and that means publishing content that is informative and genuinely helpful. 

The content should not be centered around selling products. It should be meant to provide what consumers are looking for which is information. The selling part can come later. In fact, when your audience gets the information that they need, they often will be the one to initiate the purchase.

While generating and nurturing an audience that’s likely to convert sounds great, you may be wondering, “What are the challenges that businesses face when generating leads?”


Challenges Business Owners Face In Performing Lead Generation On Their Own

One of the main challenges business owners run into with lead generation is ensuring the quality of leads generated. It is not enough to get as many leads as you can, although quantity is very important and can be a challenge on its own.

Low quality leads can waste your time and effort. In a way, they can even be worse than not getting any leads because you end up wasting resources on something that was not going to end in a conversion right from the start.

Another challenge is CPA (cost per acquisition). Maybe you’re generating a ton of leads, and maybe they’re of pretty good quality, but at what cost?

Whether you’re struggling to draw in a certain amount of leads, a certain quality of leads or a certain CPA, LYFE Marketing is one of the best lead generation companies for small businesses to help with any of those challenges.

There are plenty of lead generation tactics that we utilize for our clients today. We’ve seen our methods be effective in overcoming these challenges.

Top Lead Generation Companies For Small Businesses

To get the best lead generation results, you need help from a tried and tested lead generation company like LYFE Marketing. We have been conducting digital marketing for several years now and lead generation is one of the processes that we have mastered both for ourselves and for our clients. 

Why take a chance on other agencies without proven methods and case studies when you can rely on our proven solutions? 

Our lead generation specialists build your brand into a real authority in your industry by creating a well-thought-out lead-oriented strategy.

Get in touch with one of our specialists now so you can learn in detail how we can create a winning lead generation strategy for you.


Lead Generation Stats That Are Important For Small Business Owners To Know

Content marketing generates 3X the number of prospects when compared with outbound marketing.

Content marketing costs 62% less. Effective content marketing can generate a lot of leads for your business.

Another important statistic is that 90% of customers claim that videos helped them in making the buying decision.

These are just some numbers that you should consider when thinking about your lead generation strategy.

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What Does Our Lead Generation Process Look Like?



We design a lead generation strategy specifically for your company, produce engaging content, publish your work, and ensure that your website traffic may be converted into leads.



We create a lead generation plan that is especially tailored for your business. We recognize the need for a customized solution for each client of ours. We have learned that customization brings out the best solutions and we have applied that lesson in all of our digital marketing services.

Creating Content

Creating Content

We help in creating engaging content that captures the attention of your audience. That starts with picking the right type of content for your business. Based on your industry and target market, they may be specific platforms or forms of content that are going to work best for you. So, with our expertise and knowledge we can tell which channels will convey your brand message best.

Distribution And Publishing

Distribution And Publishing

Creating content is just the first step, it also has to be published on the right platforms so it can reach your audience. Our knowledge and experience can go a long way here too. We can tell you which platforms are ideal for your brand and for the types of content that you have.

Convert Website Visitor

Convert Website Visitor

Part of the strategy that we will develop for you is to make sure that visitors can be converted into leads. That can be achieved with your website or effective landing pages. It is part of the process to cultivate visitors and make sure that they trust the content published under your brand.

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Formula For A Successful Lead Generation

In performing profitable lead generation campaigns for both our clients and ourselves, we have learned that a few factors are absolutely essential in its success. Here are some of those factors:

Compelling Videos, Infographics and Images. Visuals help keep your audience engaged. So using videos, charts and tables and more can help grab and keep your audience’s attention.

Specific Targeting. Make sure your marketing campaigns are targeting the right audience. This can be achieved easily with all the available tools digital marketing has to offer from keyword research to demographics, behavior patterns and more.

Compelling Call To Action. You need to have a compelling call-to-action for your lead generation to be effective.

What Makes LYFE Marketing One Of The Top Lead Generation Companies For Small Businesses?

We have a deep understanding of the lead generation process and can create the most effective lead generation plan for your company.

Masters Of Digital Marketing

LYFE Marketing is one of the leading digital marketing firms today. That means we have a deep understanding of the lead generation process start to finish and digital marketing as a whole.

Tried And Proven Processes

We will implement a tried and proven process when conducting lead generation for you. While we cannot guarantee exact results, we can point you to the past successful campaigns that we have managed for our clients.

We Will Work Closely With You

No one knows your business like you do and so, we are going to work closely with you in developing the right lead generation strategy for your business.

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LYFE Marketing Is The Top Choice Among Lead Generation Companies For Small Businesses

A lead is your future customer.

Make sure you engage them, convert them into a customer, and maximize your ROI through the help of our lead generation services!

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LYFE Marketing Is The Top Choice Among Lead Generation Companies For Small Businesses

A lead is your future customer.

Make sure you engage them, convert them into a customer, and maximize your ROI through the help of our lead generation services!

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