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We Have An Easy-To-Follow Strategy For Small Business Owners Like You That Can Drive Website Traffic, More Conversions and Ultimately Grow Your Business. All With The Help Of Our Social Media Marketing Consulting Services.

(even if you are completely new to social media & have zero experience!)


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“We could not be happier. Social media is their forte and they deliver. Results, defined as new clients, are what really count and they deliver. Cost per new client is also critical and they deliver…. They know and understand us, in depth, and the communication continues to be exceptional.”

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What Makes Us Unique 

We will create a custom social media marketing strategy for you, fusing the knowledge of our consultants with the latest technology for the best marketing results – without going over your budget.

Other Consultants

    • Cookie-cutter approach
    • Unreasonably high costs
    • Lack of experience or knowledge
    • Bound by yearly contracts
    • No proof of past results to back their claims
    • Not transparent with your campaign and results

LYFE Marketing Consultants

    • Custom-built strategy for you
    • Pricing that doesn’t break the bank
    • Expert specialists guiding you
    • No yearly contracts
    • Track record of success & results
    • Weekly meetings & monthly reports

From: LYFE Marketing

To: Entrepreneurs, CEOs, Business Owners, Online & Storefront Owners alike and anyone else who is ready to grow their business.

As you all know, running a business is like one great adventure. It can be exhilarating and draining at the same time. 

The excitement gets you going once that light bulb goes off in your head! You have this awesome idea and you just try to run with it.

Then you just seem to go in circles. Or worse…your sales go nowhere at all.

Then it hits you…you need marketing. But not just any kind of marketing, you need digital marketing.

That’s the way to succeed today.

Specifically, social media marketing has helped small business owners just like you to grow their business and bottom line.

But, where do you begin? How do you get started?
We understand the frustration many business owners face when trying to market their business effectively.

social media consulting services

The Team That Was Awarded Inc’s 5,000 Fastest Growing Companies In The US In 2019 – Rank #299

social media marketing consultant

Discussing our client successes at the LYFE Marketing office!

It’s especially frustrating when you invest in marketing and it still doesn’t work. We get it! 

That’s why we created our social media consulting services. We know how to bridge the gap between business owners who are new to digital marketing and using it to grow their business.

That’s what we are here for. We are here to help. 

No need to play guessing games anymore. You can follow the strategy your social media marketing consultant prepares for you to a tee. You will be able to drive traffic, sales and more with our social media marketing campaigns.

In short, you can now enjoy conducting smart and results-driven campaigns.

Working with us equals a headache-free marketing strategy that leads to success.

Read on to learn what we can do for you in detail. Success need not come at unreasonable costs, and working with the right social media marketing consultant is where you start.

social media consulting services

“I have enjoyed working with this company. They are affordable with a great process and approach if you want to be hands-on or hands-off. My social media likes and following has grown by over 400% for FB and 1000% for IG in less then 6 months. I highly recommend them!”

Quality Social Media Consulting Services Made Simple 

You now have a much easier path to success and you can learn it from those who have experience. And we can guarantee that the consulting process is simple and even fun. Let’s look at the three steps for you to get started.

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Set Detailed Business Goals For Us To Achieve 

We’ll chat with you to determine your business goals and set specific, measurable goals for us to achieve that make sense for your business.

social media marketing consultant

We Will Pair You With A Top Social Media Marketing Consultant 

After speaking with you and determining your business needs, we’ll assign a social media marketing consultant to work with you and help you achieve those goals.

social media marketing consultant

We Will Monitor Your Campaign Closely To Track Important Metrics

 Our efforts together are only valuable if they work to increase your ROI. Your assigned social media marketing consultant will keep a pulse on the metrics that matter.

Social Media Consulting Services That Guide You Every Step Of The Way

You deserve the best social media marketing advice.

We believe that too so we want you to work with the best social media marketing consultant to guarantee your growth.

What we offer is a simple and easy to follow program that takes away all the obstacles that prevented you from making progress.

A simplified solution that wastes no time and is proven to be effective is what you get when you work with us.

You get custom training from our experts through email, in person, or video.

Through the training that we will provide, you will learn the right way to setup your campaigns and manage your traffic.

That will be the start of making the kind of revenue that you only used to dream about for your business.

Choosing our social media consulting services equals desirable results.

Take a look at our unique methods below.


When You Work With Us, You’ll Utilize Proven Marketing Strategies

(The proof is in the pudding! Check out a few of our results below.) 

Small businesses are among the primary beneficiaries of our services.

But we needed to go through a learning process ourselves before we got to our present level of being a top service provider.

We too had to start from scratch. Before we were building successful marketing campaigns for our clients, we needed to develop one for our own agency.

And we needed to for us to survive.

So we did what we have to do:
– We built a website
– Mastered the major online channels such as Google and Facebook, etc.
– And after testing a multitude of strategies, we failed our way to success.

We worked until we made our way to generating 207,129 website visitors a month.

social media marketing consultant

(We can’t guarantee the same results for every business, but we can guarantee that we’ll share everything that has worked for us and others with you with intention to grow your business.)

After we found the winning strategy that worked for us, we started outlining our strategies and putting them in an easy-to-follow format for small business owners like you:

How to create a strategy that drives real ROI and not just empty metrics

How to create marketing content that resonates with your target audience

How to choose the right social media platforms for your specific business

How to leverage social media to your advantage for traffic and sales

How to convert followers into real paying customers

But before we had these strategies in place, our team spent a lot of time and effort and a lot of trial and error.

Eventually, we got it right and we are proud of the results.

We were ranked and included in Inc. 500’s fastest-growing companies in the US for a reason. We are currently serving 394 active clients and employing more than 50 people. Each of our team members have a purpose and mission to help small businesses reach their full potential.

And we can’t wait to help you. 

What’s Our Formula? 

These are our three key ingredients for a successful social media marketing campaign. 

social media marketing consultantSTRATEGY

Once we establish your goals, our strategy will be the road-map that shows us how to achieve them.

social media marketing consultantASSETS

Your assets are made up of your graphics, ads, copy, landing pages and more. We’ll show you how to create social media assets optimized for conversions.

social media marketing consultantROI

Our strategy makes it easier to capitalize on the right platforms so you can reach your intended audience easier and drive quality traffic that ultimately result in customers and ROI.

Step 1: Create Your Strategy

Example #1: Decide on the strategy that you need to adopt to reach your audience faster. 

social media marketing consultant

social media consulting services

Find out what you have been doing right to make people buy from you

(so you know what’s already working well and what needs to be improved upon) 

Tell the story of how your brand helps your customers

(your followers will emotionally buy into how you can help them) 

Clarify what your sales funnel looks like

(and track the most important metrics that affect your ROI) 


Why this should be your starting point…

There are those who are all about getting into the action and leaving out the strategy part.

It might not seem likely at first, but it will only make the process longer.

Ultimately, it means prolonging the time that it takes for you to succeed, which isn’t ideal. 

The longer it takes to nail down a strategy that works, the longer it takes for you to see profitable results

Think of your business goals and ideal ROI as a destination, and a well-thought-out strategy as the road-map to get there.

Step 2: Build Up Your Assets

Example #2: Create Graphics, Ads & More That Are High Converting

social media consulting services

Determine the kind of digital assets that are needed

(so you don’t waste time with ineffective content

Make Sure Your Assets Are Optimized For Conversions

(to make the most of your videos/landing pages and ensure ROI)

Create content faster and accomplish things easier

(to free your time to handle your business) 


 How much do your social media marketing assets really matter?

Your social media marketing campaign is going to be comprised of several assets including landing pages, ads, videos, graphics and more.

Your social media marketing consultant will guide you in building these assets because they often give the first impression of your brand to your consumers.

This precious first touch-point is what makes all of your assets so valuable and important in your sales funnel.

Even after their first encounter with your brand, your assets will continue to tell your brand’s story.

With social media in particular, the way your audience interacts with your copywriting, graphics, landing pages and more will make or break a sale.

That’s why you can count on your social media marketing consultant to provide you with the top strategies and advice in building your assets. We want to create assets that drive your ROI!

Step 3: Drive More Conversions

Example #3: Check out this eCommerce store and how it made $1M in revenue from Facebook ads

social media consulting services

Learn which social media channels can really help you

(focus on the channels that will drive sales and work best for your specific business) 

Get expert insight on best practices from your social media marketing consultant

(because our insight is the key conversions and sales) 

Utilize strategies that are known and have been proven to work

(don’t reinvent the wheel when you could make sales faster) 


Why you should want more than solely conversions…

Conversions are great.

Getting conversions gives you a sense that you’re doing something right. 

Having finished Step 1 and Step 2, you should feel ready to start scoring conversions. 

But solely obtaining conversions isn’t enough to grow your business. 

Profitable conversions or ROI is what you should be going after. If your cost per acquisition exceeds your profit from the sale, you will not see growth. 

That’s why our social media consulting services are here to help you get the most bang for your buck. 

Social Media Consulting Services Pricing

Our social media consulting services will prove to be all that you need once you partner with us. Our team is comprised of many social media marketing specialists that have up-to-date, valuable knowledge and expertise as it pertains to social media.

Strategy Topics

Brand Positioning – Ex: “Telling Your Brand’s Story”

Customer Avatar – Ex: “Create Your Ideal Customer Profile”

Funnel Development – Ex: “Create a Profitable Traffic System”

Channel Strategy – Ex: “Choose the Channels to Use and Why”

Implementation – Ex: “The Fastest Way to Launch Your Campaigns”

Optimization – Ex: “What You Need to Know to Optimize Your Overall Marketing Strategy”

Digital Marketing Topics

Social Media Advertising – Ex: “How to Create Facebook Ad Videos That Really Sell”

Social Media Management – Ex: “How to Increase Your Followers” 

*Examples are a small sample size* 

social media marketing consultant

Live Images of a LYFE Marketing Consultant Workshop

social media marketing consultant

Initial Review Fee (accessing where you are) $75 (one-time) 
2 Consulting Sessions per month (2 hours)  $325/mo
4 Consulting Sessions per month (4 hours)  $575/mo
8 Consulting Sessions per month (8 hours)  $1,000/mo
Need More Hours? CONTACT US

* Excludes flight, hotel, & daily per diem.

1 day on site $1,500 (one-time) 
2 days on site  $3,000 (one-time
3 days on site  $4,500 (one-time)


A Closing Thought: You need to take charge of your own destiny and you need to do it right now. Our agency is working with businesses that are experiencing an increase in their traffic, leads, and conversions. They used to be in the same boat as you and were worried about the future of their business. Today, their thoughts are occupied by how they can handle all of the business they’re receiving now from their marketing efforts! We believe that you can be one of our success stories too.


You have questions? We Have the Answers 


  • What type of results will I receive? 
  • We are going to go all out in supporting you. We are going to teach you everything that you need to know so you can grow by as much as 6 to 7 figures. What’s next is up to you, though. Your time and effort is required to see growth. 
  • How many hours will I have to dedicate to this? 
  • Our recommendation is to start with at least 4 hours per month. This way, we can work with you at least once a week on your campaign.
  • Can you help me with my existing campaigns? 
  •  The short answer is yes. Your social media marketing consultant can dedicate certain consultations to this and make any suggestions as needed. 

Working Together:

  • Who will I work with? 
  • In your initial call with us, we are going to learn more about you and your needs. After that, a dedicated social media marketing consultant is going to be assigned to you.
  • How will you learn my business? 
  • The first thing we always do with new clients is ask questions! We’ll have you fill out a questionnaire that will ask you about your business goals, previous setbacks and overall industry. The next step is an on-boarding call that allows us to speak about your goals more in-depth. 
  • Can you write or design content for me? 
  • Our social media consulting services are intended to teach you and your team how to be successful through social media marketing. But we can also rearrange your consultant meetings to lend you a helping hand with the work itself. 

Contracts & Setup:

  • How long are your contracts? 
  • Unlike other agencies, we do not require 1 year minimum contract or anything of that nature. We solely start with a 3 month commitment, and after that, your contract with us operates on a month to month basis. You have an option to cancel anytime with a 30 day notice after the initial 3 month period.
  • Are there any setup fees? 
  • There is a one time set-up fee. It will be used to compensate the time that is spent in assessing your business goals, planning your strategy and acquiring access to your analytics.
  • How soon can I get started?  
  • Fill out our contact form as soon as you are ready to get started! One of our consultants will be in touch with you to develop a proposal. After you sign the proposal, you can start on the following Monday. IMPORTANT: All proposals need to be signed before Thursday at 5pm if you want to start the following Monday.