YouTube Promotion Services

YouTube Promotion Services

YouTube Promotion Services

YouTube Promotion Services Propel Small Business In Big Ways

YouTube has over two billion active users every month. Over 80% of US adults under 50 watch YouTube regularly. They visit nearly seven videos per session, and over 70% of those views are on mobile.

What does that amount to? YouTube generates nearly $6,000,000,000 in ad revenue. But can a small business get in on the action? Can you leverage this powerful platform to reach niche or local customers? Can you achieve an ROI that makes sense on a small business budget?

Let’s explore how small businesses can reach more customers with YouTube advertising.
We’ll look at how you can make more sales than you may think possible now by using YouTube the right way.
We’ll look at how YouTube promotion services can help you achieve the best ROI for your ad budget.

Why Every Small Business Should Be Advertising On YouTube

Today, only about 9% of small businesses are on YouTube. It’s an underutilized resource for sure.

Yet, it’s where the people are. That includes your target customer.

90% of consumers say that they’ve discovered a new brand through YouTube, and they went on to become customers of those brands.

48% of marketers have seen YouTube’s potential. They now invest in it. 79% of marketers using YouTube and other platforms say YouTube delivers the best ROI. This outranks Facebook by a wide margin.

29% say that those skippable ads at the front of videos deliver the greatest ROI.

We already mentioned the $6 billion in revenue for YouTube. It’s essential to note that when YouTube makes money, advertisers make money.

YouTube only gets paid when people click on those ads or view the advertisement for a designated period without skipping.

Both of these viewer actions are great for business.

YouTube improves brand recall by 90%. It increases purchase intent by 53%.

So maybe you can’t take increased traffic, awareness, affinity and intention to the bank. But you can cash in on the increased sales that those generate.

That’s why 62% of businesses advertising online plan to spend more on YouTube. It has proven potential, and they’re ready to double down.

But let’s pause here!

It’s vital to understand how marketers are achieving these incredible results before diving in yourself.

Businesses are not achieving great results through haphazard, piece-meal, set-it-and-forget advertising strategies.

Agencies like LYFE Marketing that provide YouTube digital marketing services understand how to optimize your campaigns to maximize the return.

Meet Business Goals Through YouTube Promotion Services

First, consider what you want out of YouTube ads. You need clear goals. You need metrics to measure your success. Here’s how our real clients have achieved real business goals with YouTube advertising.

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Brand Awareness

Roughly 67% of people are visual learners. This means that the majority of what they take in is visual. The more visually memorable, the better. 

They say an image is worth a thousand words. But maybe it’s more like 6000. Because people can consume visual content about 6000X faster than reading. 

That means the more people see you on YouTube, the more people get your message.The more people see your videos, the more they become aware of your brand.

Ever had a weird jingle stuck in your head? It’s unlikely you only heard that song once.

Marketers know what they’re doing. Repetition is key to brand awareness.

After a while, it’s subconscious. People don’t realize they’ve seen a YouTube ad that many times and in many different forms.

But they begin to associate certain colors, fonts, images, and styles with your brand. And the more aligned your YouTube ads are with your target audience, the faster this happens. The more those videos stick.

And most importantly you have their attention. When you have a person’s attention, you can begin to employ strategies to convince that person to become a customer.

YouTube video marketing services can help you reach your target audience. It doesn’t matter how local or niche they are.

Our team can help you create an ad that resonates and sparks that initial brand awareness. You must connect with people who have never heard of your brand to expand your customer base and meet your brand awareness goals.

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Brand-Consumer Relationship

YouTube is where your target customers are. So it’s a great place to get people excited about your products or services, but a common mistake that we see business owners make is they use videos to sell themselves.

In reality, videos should be used to explain how you can solve your customer’s problem.

Take the time to identify and address what your customers’ pain points and goals are. Once they feel like you understand their needs, you will have established a bit of brand-trust with them.

From there, you can demonstrate how your product or service solves their need or accomplishes their goal for them. All in under a minute or less! 

This is what makes your product or service attractive to your target audience, not by listing out all the features and “bells and whistles” of what you offer.

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Audience Engagement

15% of people say they spend at least three hours a day watching videos on YouTube.

Even though video is a faster communication tool, people spend more than double the time considering brands that have videos.

Videos are the most shared medium on social media by far. They get the most comments, likes, double taps and shares.

Now, engagement alone doesn’t help you achieve ROI. But the right kind of engagement does. When you get your target audience to engage, you meet measurable business goals.

Video promotion services like ours at LYFE Marketing know how to turn engagement into revenue. We do it with clearly defined content marketing funnels.

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Helping Customers

Nearly 70% of consumers say they would prefer to help themselves online, but often the resources aren’t there. Creating videos that help customers can help you meet several business goals:

  • Reduce customer service costs – Once you create a tutorial video, that work is done. Customer service representatives can refer customers to that video without having to spend their time (aka your money) on troubleshooting or educating customers. Instead, customers can watch your helpful YouTube channel and website.
  • Reduce return rates – Returns and service refunds hurt your bottom line. That’s especially true if you’re an online business with shipping costs. How-to videos on YouTube can further educate your audience prior to purchasing and notably reduce returns as a result.
  • Increase customer satisfaction – People are happier when they better understand the products and services they buy. Whether they watched a video before making a decision or watched a video afterwards to troubleshoot a problem, videos help increase customer satisfaction.
  • Keep customers / Generate more loyal customers – Video has the distinct ability to solve customer problems. That’s because of its visual nature. People better understand how to use what they buy. So they buy more. They refer others. Customer lifetime value (CLV) goes up. Videos are also more likely to be shared which is another great way to see your customers digitally refer you to others.
  • Increase engagement – Social media engagement alone won’t convert to sales. But it will if you strategically harness that engagement and lead engaged users through a sales funnel. This is where having a YouTube promotion services team like LYFE Marketing can guide you!
  • More sales – People who watch videos become invested in your brand. In some industries, 69% of people who finish a video end up buying the product. 64% of people who buy something online watched a video first. These numbers point to direct conversions from the use of YouTube videos.

Are any of these accomplishments included in your business goals? YouTube gives small business owners the power to utilize videos in their favor.

It doesn’t matter how small your budget is getting started. A YouTube video promotion service can help you take inventory of your digital assets and use them to your advantage. 

Together, we can begin creating the right kind of videos for your specific brand and target market. We can deliver the best ROI for your small business.

Types Of YouTube Advertising You Should Be Using

There are many ways to advertise on YouTube. Generally, you’ll find the greatest success by using a combination of these methods. But don’t spread yourself too thin at first. Start somewhere. Optimize it. Then diversify. Our YouTube Marketing services can help you understand the best formats for your small business.

A YouTube Channel

You need a business YouTube channel to utilize YouTube promotion services. Here you’ll post your videos that you can use as advertisements to run on YouTube. You can’t run ads on YouTube unless you upload them to YouTube first.

Now, what kind of videos should you publish?

We always recommend videos that are helpful to your target audience. Our team can help you create a comprehensive YouTube marketing strategy, but here are a few video ideas to help get you started:

  • How-to’s
  • Pros/Cons
  • Product/Service comparison
  • Behind the scenes/How it’s made
  • A day in the life of an employee
  • Charity events

You can organically cross-promote your YouTube video by sharing it on your other social media channels. That might include Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter.


Standard Banner Ads

YouTube is owned by Google. So you won’t be surprised to hear that some YouTube Ads mimic standard Google Display and text ads.

Display ads appear alongside content. You bid for space through Google’s advertising platform, AdWords. They come in standard (text) or rich media.

You bid on topic categories, or develop a keyword bidding strategy similar to the one you might use for Google search advertising.

As a best practice, use bright, vivid imagery to catch attention in rich media ads. Text ads should be compelling with a clear call to action.

An essential role of your YouTube video promotion service is reviewing the analytics of your campaign. By doing this, you can continually optimize your ads’ performance.

As you do, your costs per action should go down. Your response rates of your target customers should go up.


In-Video Overlay Ads /Sponsored Cards

These ads pop-up inside related videos. It normally overlays at the top or bottom.

So it’s visible. But it doesn’t detract from the video.

For example, if you’re promoting an educational app for young children, you might place that ad on videos targeted at parents of young children.


In-Search Video Ads

These ads appear either to the right or above the search results. You acquire these ads by bidding on keywords.

But keep in mind, you need to be strategic with which keywords you bid on in order for your YouTube ads to be successful.

Similar to AdWords keyword tools, advertising professionals use YouTube keyword tools to find the right search terms to target.

That way, they appear in the best searches for their target. And they know which terms are worth a higher bid because they deliver higher returns.

Consider who your target is. What kinds of YouTube content do they consume?

Place ads on search terms related to things they consume like:

  • Popular shows
  • Vintage sports shorts
  • Music videos
  • Meditations
  • Beauty & makeup
  • Tutorials for business tools
  • Funny cat videos
  • Video game walkthroughs
  • Product / Service / App / Game reviews
  • Health & wellness

The goal of In-Search ads is to capitalize on searches that are relevant to your business by putting your ad in front of people who are actively performing those searches.


In-Display Video Ads

These ads appear as recommendations with an ad symbol on YouTube. They appear in search results and related videos. You’ll see them in related videos and the Google Display network.

For example, if you’re searching for a video on “How to use Excel,” a computer skills training company may show their ad there to earn that click. Like the other videos in the list, this video would show people how to use Excel. The difference is that the company paid for this spot.


Skippable Video Ads

In-slate (skippable) ads appear before the video. They will only play on videos 10 minutes or longer. The person watching can choose to see ads at the beginning or during quick “commercial breaks”.

Career YouTube content creators are also known as influencers. They work to build a following on YouTube to achieve this title.

Having a big enough following doesn’t just earn them a name, though. It gives them the right to be paid when YouTube displays ads on their content.

This is one of the ways YouTube influencers monetize their YouTube fame.

As a business owner, you can then leverage this person’s fame through ads. If your target audience loves certain influencers or types of content, it could be beneficial to place your ads in those influencers’ videos.

While you don’t have complete control over where ads appear, YouTube does work diligently to place your ad appropriately based on the advertising settings you’ve selected.


YouTube Remarketing Ads

Remarketing ads are those ads that follow you around after you visit someone’s website. They’re actually instrumental at re-directing customers back to your site and encouraging a sale.

Consumers usually notice remarketing ads more because they recognize the brand from visiting their website in the past. 

A website visitor of yours may have only left your site because they got distracted. Remarketing ads help send them back to your site capture that lost sale. Studies show that companies that use remarketing can double their revenue.

You might expect this type of ad to be more expensive, but it’s actually very reasonably priced.

Our YouTube promotion services consultants can help you develop strategic remarketing ads that say exactly the right thing to recapture these lost potential customers.


Influencer Marketing Ads

Influencer advertising on YouTube involves working with influential people on YouTube. These people matter to your target audience. You might ask them to mention your brand in a video. Or they might review your product.

It’s imperative that influencers give full disclosure when they’re paid to name-drop. But this can still be a very effective way to advertise on YouTube.

Our YouTube promotion services at LYFE Marketing can help you network with YouTube influencers.

How To Optimize Your YouTube Marketing Strategy

How do you get the biggest bang for your buck on YouTube?

As a small business, you may not have excessive funds to experiment with, so you need to see results fast to know it’s working. Only then can you increase your spending.

You do have to spend money to make money in advertising, but you should spend your budget wisely. And yes, as you see which advertisements are working, you’ll know where to put more money.

Our YouTube marketing services can help you with this optimization process. We help businesses with a small business budget to get the highest returns on investment.

Throughout this article, we’ve already given tips to optimize YouTube ads, but let’s dig deeper by taking a look at how to be successful on YouTube.

Know What To Measure

To be successful, focus on these critical metrics in YouTube advertising and your YouTube channel.

  • Cost per view or action – If someone either watches for a designated period (usually 30 seconds) or clicks on the call to action, you pay.
  • Cost to make content – You don’t necessarily have to go for Hollywood production value to be successful. LYFE Marketing for example offers cost effective video production services!
  • Average percentage viewed – This tells you what percentage of your ads the average person is watching. Not getting past 5 seconds before “skip”?  Then it may be time to rethink your video or targeting options.
  • Watch time – Longer watch time can earn you more prime spots on YouTube.

Our team can help you track these metrics using analytics. We usually run tests for our clients to see how small changes can impact these metrics in addition to sales and conversion value.

Target Geographically

If you’re a local business, you must target people who are within your location.

For example, if you’re a local Atlanta business, it’s unlikely that someone in Seattle will become your customer. And vice versa.

If you only serve a local or specific region, make sure your YouTube advertisements are set up to target geographically.

Target by zip code, radius or city, among other options. Avoid draining your budget on unlikely customers.

Target Narrowly

Small businesses often make the mistake of trying to appeal to everyone in advertising.

But here’s the truth. The highly successful ads on YouTube appeal to smaller audiences. They connect on a more meaningful level.

They don’t feel like a commercial. They feel like a message from someone who knows you.

That’s what you’re going for. Otherwise…you just got skipped.

Specific targeting helps you keep costs low. You don’t have unlikely customers watching your videos.

It maximizes the return on investment. You’re getting better results among a smaller group of people.

But as that small group becomes happy customers, they’ll write reviews, and share on social media. They’ll help you expand brand awareness through word of mouth.

We usually create two to three written buyer personas for our clients, and then build two to three ad campaigns, one for each group. Our team can help you with this!

Develop A Winning Bidding Strategy

Online advertising, in general, gives you fantastic control over how you spend your money. When you use these tools effectively, a small business budget can make a big splash in your industry.

First of all, you can set a daily max. For example, you can start low at around $10 a day (our recommendation here varies by industry and target audience).

Test out your ad on a small group. See how it performs.

Make adjustments. See how those changes affect the performance. Then increase your ad spend slowly.

Use the “Customize Bids Per Format” tool to divide up your resources between ad formats or go all-in with one kind.

When setting up your ads, YouTube will predict how many people your ad will reach so that you can adjust accordingly.

Maximize Your ROI

Go back to your goals. If you have no brand awareness, you need to build some before you can begin increasing revenue.

The more expensive or complicated your product, the more likely this is to be true.

But if you’re already pretty well-known among your target market, then you may see a more immediate financial return.

Research shows that video can deliver an ROI of $13 for every $1 spent. So how do you ensure that you’re maximizing your ROI with YouTub Videos? We suggest asking yourself these 4 questions:

What’s The View Rate?

Start by looking at the view rate? Discover if ads are reaching the right audience. If the view rate is low, one of two things might be to blame.

One, those several vital seconds at the beginning of the video may not be bringing people in or capturing their attention, so people skip before they get to the good stuff.

Two, the people who would most likely view the video from start to finish aren’t seeing the ad. That would equate to poor targeting.

What’s The Click Through Rate (CTR)?

Do those who view feel compelled to take action and click to your website?

If the click-through rate is low, but the view rate is okay, you may be entertaining them, but you haven’t compelled them to do something.

A bad CTR might also indicate that targeting is off. It’s vital to consider which it is or you could end up fixing the wrong problem.

What Keywords Are We Targeting?

If something’s off in your view rate or CTR, you might need to look at the words you’re targeting. Are these keywords (video searches) relevant to you and your target audience?

How Compelling Is Your Call To Action?

People need a reason to click. Generic “click here”, “submit”, etc. may not always be effective. Again, you always want to tie back the call to action to being the solution to your customer’s problem.

Answering these questions can help you dissect your YouTube advertising campaign and maximize your ROI!

Create A Compelling Creative

The most successful content feels native. That means that watching the ad is similar to watching a YouTube video.

What native looks like depends on your target audience.

For example, are you targeting people watching reviews of music videos, movies, shows or games? Then an ad that includes that little box in the corner where the reviewer sits with a headset talking about what’s on the screen would be very native.

If someone is viewing their favorite action movie clips, then an ad with an action movie look would feel native.

If it’s reality TV, the ad could look like a reality show.

You get the picture.

This may sound incredibly expensive. But when you have the know-how and the right video editing tools, videos like these can be produced on a small business budget.

To optimize, return to your analytics to see what’s resonating with your target audience.

Enlist The Right Expertise With Our YouTube Promotion Services

Here’s the secret to getting the highest ROI on YouTube.

First, you do need to take the time to optimize. YouTube is not a set it and forget it ad platform. It’s not unlike AdWords or other social media in that regard.

Second, it’s important to invest in some tools. Keyword research tools, advanced analytics tools, video editing tools. These will all help you create better campaigns. An agency like LYFE Marketing already has expertise and access regarding these tools and can help businesses like yours as a result.

Third, you need the expertise. That’s where we come in.

LYFE Marketing’s YouTube video marketing services include the people and the advanced tools you need for success.

You’ll save money and make more money when you work with a team of professionals who know how to maximize your ROI in YouTube.

We have the case studies to prove the kinds of results we generate for small businesses.

Don’t wait any longer. Your small business can succeed on YouTube. We can show you how. Contact us today to get a free proposal.