So you want to become a great social media manager? Being a social media manager is more than just posting about a great sale or an awesome product. I’ve laid out a few tips and tricks to help you get started on becoming an amazing social media manager.

  • Build Relationships: I cannot stress on how important it is to build relationships with your audience. Get to know their needs and wants, solve their problems, and make them feel special! Social media is meant for engagement – so ENGAGE!


  • Spell Check – Please: Grammar matters! Double check, triple check, and have someone else check your post before you decide to post it on any social media platform! Nothing is more embarrassing than leaving off a letter of a word, a misplaced comma, or mixing up their and there. Not only will it make you look bad – and the business you’re managing, but also the company you work for.

spellcheck please

  • Have Fun and Be Creative: There are way too many boring social media platforms out there. Don’t let the page you manage be one of them. People love to interact and share on social media, so give them something to talk about and share! Be unique, be authentic and make real connections with people. Engage, start conversations, and respond to what people are asking and saying! Post creative, interesting, and relatable content that your audience wants to share (attach photos, links, and videos to your post).


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