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Nurture more leads with B2B content marketing.

Our experienced writers publish content on your business blog for you while providing your customers with answers they are looking for.

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Be an Industry Expert

Publish content that reflects your expertise and positions you as an industry expert for your prospects.

Nurture Leads to Conversion

For leads that need a little more time to convert – let them do it on their own time by consistently producing engaging content.

Increase ROI

Generate evergreen content that brings in leads time and time again without the cost of expensive ads.

Why B2B Content Marketing Is Important for Business Success

93% of businesses that already operate some type of B2B content marketing strategy say that their content marketing efforts generate more leads than their other traditional marketing efforts. And they’re not wrong. Companies that regularly produce blog posts for their B2B content marketing efforts typically generate 67% more leads per month than those who do not have a B2B blog.


Help your target customers – other businesses and professionals – with valuable information about their pain points and issues they are trying to resolve. Providing this kind of insight to potential clients and customers is the first step in developing a lasting relationship with them.


As their trust for you builds, their desire to want to work with you does as well. This gradually formed bond is how B2B content marketing nurtures potential clients into actual customers.

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How B2B Content Marketing Will Benefit Your Business

Ultimately, B2B content marketing builds the authority and credibility of your business. Our content specialists produce content that showcases your business as an industry expert with the tactical knowledge your potential clients want to see in a business.


This authority and credibility further builds the bond of trust between your business and the potential client, encouraging the client to trust your company to propel their business into a top performer in their industry.


Content marketing is the foundation of all your B2B digital marketing efforts. Building a trusted brand reputation is the first step to B2B content marketing. Once this trust is achieved the rest of the benefits of B2B content marketing build upon it.

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We’ve Helped Hundreds of Small Businesses Grow Through Content Marketing, Just Like We’ve Grown LYFE Marketing

At LYFE Marketing, we understand the amount of traffic, leads, and eventually sales that content marketing can bring to a B2B company – which is why we started our blogging initiative. And just like you, not only did we want the benefits of B2B content marketing, but we wanted to provide our prospects & clients with as much information as possible. In just the first 7 months of our blogging initiative, we grew our website visitors by over 200%. With that kind of traffic, we saw our leads, email opt-ins, and phone calls grow as well. Want to learn more? Check out our blog!



Build Your Content Sales Funnel

We know that not everyone that visits your site will be ready to become a client. Some need a little more convincing. Most people visit a website multiple times before choosing a company to represent their business. Missing these people would be like missing the majority of your leads, which is why we make sure to have lead magnets that capture their attention and offer value to their business. Completion of these lead magnets will then funnel the potential customer into your email automations, and they will begin their nurturing journey down the sales funnel.

Call-to-Action (CTA)

Increased leads means increased opportunity for growth and sales. That’s why a clear CTA is necessary in your content marketing. We track leads through contact form fills. Users are prompted to complete a contact form when they are ready to move forward in the sales pipeline. These contact buttons and links are placed in various locations on your site in order to make your contact page more accessible to users. The ease of doing business is of utmost importance to a busy business owner.

Site Monitoring

As we produce content for you, we frequently monitor how long people spend on your landing pages. An increase in time on site indicates that we are providing the customer with what they want to read. We understand the importance of mapping content to the buyer’s journey. Offerings need to be for all levels of a buyer. Those not ready to buy yet, those ready to buy but need a little more information, and those ready to buy but just need you to offer them the opportunity.

Tracking Metrics

Often small business owners, and even some marketers, don’t measure the success of their B2B content marketing efforts simply because they don’t know how. We know what is most important and what to look for when it comes to the success of your content marketing campaign. For this reason is why our clients are so successful, but knowing what metrics to monitor also means knowing what metrics to change to better optimize your site for businesses to view and search your services.  


As your brand reputation grows, your SEO improves, and then you begin to see:

  1. Increased audience engagement through comments, social shares, backlinks, etc.
  2. Increased qualified leads because your content is valuable to their business by providing solutions
  3. Increased conversions and sales generated through various types of content
  4. Decreased customer acquisition costs over time relative to other digital marketing methods



We’re Industry Specific

At our B2B content marketing agency, we understand the sales funnel and the tactics B2B businesses use to generate and nurture ideal client leads. Our client testimonials prove our experience and successes in the B2B industry. We know how to sell your business to other businesses.

We’re Specialized

B2B operations are significantly different from B2C operations. Most digital marketing companies are professionals at B2C marketing. Few are specialized in B2B digital marketing, which is why we make sure to train our staff on how to drive leads and sales for B2B companies differently than the strategies they use for B2C companies.

We’re Full Service

B2B content marketing supports and services all other forms of digital marketing for your B2B company. If you’re looking to hire a B2B content marketing agency, it’s best to hire one that can incorporate your other digital marketing efforts too in order to see how one area of marketing efforts affects another when it comes to metrics, leads, and conversions. We offer this full services luxury by also offering SEO, social media management, email marketing, and paid ads that support your B2B content marketing efforts.

We’ve driven over 2,137,349 leads for clients through digital marketing.

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