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Content Marketing for Law Firms

Content marketing for lawyers is a type of digital marketing that builds upon itself and continues to grow website traffic and leads as long as valuable content is published on a regular basis, which is exactly what you will get when you work with our legal content marketing experts.

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What is Content Marketing for Law Firms?

Here are the facts.

97% of all law firms fail to deliver personalized legal content marketing to their consumers.

Content marketing for law firms brings in 55% more visitors to your website and 67% more leads.

Only 26% of firms maintain a consistent blog, and only a mere 7% of attorneys maintain a blog for professional purposes. With the benefits that content marketing for law firms provides, it’s astounding to see these numbers so low.

But understandable because maintaining a blog and legal content marketing on a regular schedule can consume hours of attorney’s work week. Those hours are worth the time, or worth hiring an agency to do it for you, considering 39% of lawyers say they were retained by clients due to their efforts in content marketing for law firms.

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Benefits of Content Marketing for Lawyers

Enhances other Mediums.
Content marketing for law firms helps bring people from your other digital marketing channels, such as social media and email, to your website. Quality content combined with an effective social media strategy will greatly build upon each other while also building your firm’s name and awareness in the community both online and offline.

Builds Trust.
Because the internet is so fluid and consumers can have answers to questions within seconds, they often turn to the internet to do their own research before seeking professional legal help. They try to learn as much information about their predicament and the industry before shelling out their hard earned money. Why not be the firm that’s there for them both when they are looking for answers and when they decide it’s time to hire legal counsel? By consistently providing important and trending information, you are building a prospect’s trust to select you to represent them. Content marketing for law firms also helps retain clients by showing your knowledge and involvement in the industry.

Nurtures Leads.
Oftentimes people need a little extra convincing before choosing to hire a lawyer. They like to adventure through your site and all the content your have to offer them for free before choosing to hire you to represent them and their case. The content you produce can sometimes be the difference between gaining or losing a client. It’s best to make sure your content is developed by professionals who thoroughly understand your practice, prospects, and clients.

How We Use Content Marketing to Drive More Organic Growth

LYFE Marketing blogs several times per week. These blogs help us establish ourselves as a thought leader in the space which helps us to build trust with our audience. Ultimately, this helps us to attract more traffic, generate more leads and ultimately acquire more clients. We are our biggest case study for content marketing and it is a marketing technique that we recommend to all of our clients.

Our legal experts will develop a legal content marketing plan for your firm, execute it regularly, monitor it daily, and optimize it continuously over time to improve the brand and presence of your firm online. If you are looking to gain more exposure and trust then consider scheduling a meeting with someone to learn more.



Strategy Development. 

Content marketing for law firms should always be client-centric and focused on providing prospects and clients with the most valuable information possible. We apply this focus as we develop your strategy by targeting your ideal client persona and providing content that interests them and answers the questions they have regarding legal services.

Writing & Editing

The content we develop for your law firm is professionally written, edited, and published by our content specialists. After we have developed your content, we will place it into a content schedule for you to view and approve before it is published for viewers.

Content Publishing. 

All content is published on WordPress or a similar CMS. If your content is published on a different hosting site, we can create a WordPress blog for you and publish it to your site. We publish your content on your blog as well as automatically publish it to your social media profiles such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. If you wish to adopt a more robust distribution method, you can also utilize a combination of our social media advertising services and/or our email marketing services to drive even more traffic to your law firm blog.

Measurement & Reporting. 

One of the most important components of content marketing for attorneys is knowing the return your are receiving and the impact your blog is having on visitors to your site. We deliver a detailed report to you each month that shares the overall performance of our services and dives into the metrics of website traffic, new users, and time on site.

Key Elements for Law Firm Content Marketing

Content marketing is more than about just good writing. It takes the right approach and strategy to win. Here are a few insights: 

  1. Blog Regularly. We help our clients establish a regular frequency of blogs as it helps your content become more visible online.
  2. Quality Matters. We recommend giving as much value as possible to the audience. That means even revealing so of your most precious secrets, so you can really build trust.
  3. More Brand Mentions. When an opporutnity is presented, we recommend to give quotes and insights on other people’s blog to help drive more credibility.



Full Service

Our agency can manage for than just content marketing for attorneys. We also offer full-service solutions that help you through every component of your online marketing strategy, such as social media advertising or email marketing to boost the distribution of your content through more channels and gain you a optimal ROI.

Industry Experience

We have worked with attorneys in various practices and law firms that practice in diverse areas from intellectual to financial to family law. All of which require us to stay up to date on trends in the legal industry so we can effectively convey the proper information for our clients.


You will have a team of content specialists and directors dedicated to your account. They have the same like minded goals as you and keep your client-focused values at top of mind when creating your content.

How does Content Marketing help Lawyers?

Content marketing builds people trust.

& Trusts is what creates clients.  

Lawyers who establish themselves as educated and informed will acquire more clients. Content marketing is a great way to show that you are knowledge in your area of practice. Simply giving tips and high-level advice will help you close more deals. 

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