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A Look Into Ecommerce Website Design

Your website is the most important component of your ecommerce digital marketing strategy. All of your advertising efforts point back to your website and product catalog. So why not invest in a captivating and user friendly ecommerce website design? Don’t let advertising dollars go to waste on under-performing ads just because your website needs improving. 


38% of people will leave an ecommerce website if the product layout or web design is unattractive. You could be losing valuable traffic, leads, and sales due to a poor website design. Your ecommerce website design can make or break your bottom lines.

Our ecommerce website design services strive to get more traffic and sales on your site. We customize each aspect of our ecommerce website development with your customer and brand in mind.

ecommerce website design

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Why Does Your Online Store Need an Ecommerce Website Design?

94% of consumers view your ecommerce website design as the reason they trust or reject a website. If your visitors don’t trust you, then they also won’t trust the quality of your products. Our ecommerce website development team builds your site that shows credibility and helps your brand stand out using the latest design technology.


Visitors to your site want a quick and easy shopping experience. A page load delay of just one second can decrease your chances of making a sale by 27%. Which is why we make sure the ecommerce website design we deliver to you is user friendly and full of quality graphics. Our design specialists are skilled in HTML, CSS, jQuery, and JavaScript as well as WordPress website development. We’re also very familiar with various ecommerce platforms such as Shopify, Opencart, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, and more. If your ecommerce store doesn’t fall within these options, we are always willing to meet client needs.

Don’t design for the brand. Design for the people interacting with the brand.

Your customers are the single most important asset to your business. Website visitors are the most important opportunity to your online store. Our ecommerce web designs cater to your specific target customer and what they like to see. You want to provide your audience with an optimal shopping experience through functionality, navigation, and aesthetic appeal. We know what it takes to build a successful online store across multiple shopping platforms.



Navigation & Responsiveness

We live in a mobile-first world, so your design will be 100% mobile responsive. It will boast an attractive design that is compatible on desktops, mobile phones, and tablets for the avid shopper. The mobile attributes of your site include larger fonts, prices, and add to cart buttons that are more easily seen on a smaller screen. If you’re competitors do not have their sites optimized for mobile, then this will give you the competitive advantage you need to capture more purchases. In addition, we ensure that your site loads quickly leaving no time for users to visit a competitor’s site.

Product Catalog 

The more organized your products are in a menu and the easier they are to find, the more sales you will have. This is a known fact, which is why product organization is vital to a successful ecommerce website design. We will make design your site so that your products are displayed in an organized and alluring fashion with proper pricing and product description.

User Experience

We only deliver website designs that you feel represent your brand’s message, will capture the attention of buyers, and offer an overall positive shopping experience with a fast product load speeds. At this point, you begin reaping the benefits that all the best online stores experience.

Site Maintenance

With products and consumer preferences constantly changing, you’ll need to maintain how your website functions with these changes. In order to maintain the health of your website and the experience your shoppers have, we offer ongoing website maintenance that keeps your site secure and updated.

Key Elements for Ecommerce Website Development

All of our designs incorporate the following metrics to ensure your online store is operating as one of the best ecommerce sites out there: 

  1. Attractive Design.Showcase product with captivating images and engaging product descriptions.
  2. Responsive Theme. Your site will be ready for all mobile shoppers on the go.
  3. User Friendly.Offer an easy shopping experience that makes visitors shop longer and buy more.


Full Service

Your website serves as the foundation for all other digital marketing efforts that your online store implements. After your website design is complete, we offer additional services that will increase the return on investment that you receive from your website. Our social media marketing, email marketing, and Google shopping services will all drive traffic to your newly designed ecommerce site.

Industry Experience

Our experience with ecommerce web design has allowed us to see the good, the bad, and the ugly of ecommerce website development. We’ve seen it, and we can fix it or just make it better. Whether you need a full site built from the ground up, a product catalog installed, or just some simple fixes – we can do it all!


When you work with us on your ecommerce web design, you are working with an in-house specialist that is devoted to developing designs structured to grow your sales and products purchased online. We are able to deliver custom website designs for your store following a faster timeline than most web developers because we dedicate a professionally trained designer to your website.

What’s Most Important for a Profitable Ecommerce Website Design

We approach our ecommerce web designs with trending consumer preferences in mind by creating effective, responsive, and informative pages that are easy to navigate. People will remember your brand because of the positive shopping experience they had.

Our best ecommerce websites generally take around 20-25 days to complete the first rough draft. You will then be able to view and provide any edits you wish to be made. We make any changes as soon as possible and launch the site live with your approval.

Your completed site will offer a seamless user experience and incorporate key elements that will make the online shopping experience you offer better than your competitors.

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