Trusted Healthcare SEO Agency

Increase Search Engine Rankings

Trusted Healthcare SEO Agency

Increase Search Engine Rankings

Trusted Healthcare SEO Agency

Increase Search Engine Rankings


Increase foot traffic into your healthcare facility, improve your online visibility, as well as website traffic volume. Build a positive and rewarding reputation with Google and your patients. Outrank the competition with healthcare SEO.

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Insight Into More About Healthcare SEO

If potential patients or clients aren’t finding your business organically through healthcare SEO, then they are finding your competitors. And that’s not something you want. Be proactive and optimize your healthcare website for the searches your customers are performing for healthcare professionals, medical practices, appointments, illnesses, treatments, breakthroughs, and more.

Healthcare practices see 3x as much traffic to their site through online searches than they do through other source mediums. As much as 44% of these searches are new patients who book an appointment with a healthcare provider. If these potential patients aren’t seeing your business in the first few organic listings on their search engine results, then you’re missing out on those new and potentially long-term patients.

Ranking on the first page and being seen by the most users as a relevant option for the search term or query they performed is the ultimate goal of healthcare SEO.

Why Do You Need Healthcare SEO Services?

Number 1.

Guaranteed Results

Performing medical SEO for your site is time intensive and requires deep knowledge about the healthcare industry, your business, and search engine optimization practices. An ongoing process that is more costly in time than it is in monetary value. And if you don’t have that much experience and knowledge in SEO tactics, it might hurt your rankings instead of helping it. With our healthcare marketing services, you can rely on our SEO experts to optimize your website and achieve the results you wanted. Guaranteed, no trial and error methods- just pure positive results.

Number 2.

Attract More New Patients

Are you having a difficult time reaching your target audience? Do you want to grow your clientele? An SEO marketing strategy is what you need. Through this, you can grow your overall patient base by attracting the right patients. Our SEO team will optimize your site for the keywords patients and other healthcare businesses search most, whichever is best for your company and target customer.

Number 3.

Drive More Foot Traffic

Get more people to visit your healthcare facility by optimizing it for local searches. And how exactly can you do that? Local SEO is the answer! When users search for medical practitioners or healthcare organizations near their area, they often go to search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo. The first three results will go to those businesses with an optimized Google My Business page. This is how local SEO works. When you hire our internet marketing agency, we will optimize not only your pages on business listing websites, but also your healthcare website.

Number 4.

Increased Patient Retention

Achieve greater patient retention rates with quality content that supports your healthcare SEO. Whenever your healthcare business is referred to potential patients, those people still usually perform a search on your business. Our digital marketing agency will make sure that they see what they are looking for when they search your business so they convert from a referral to a new patient.

How We Bring Healthcare Businesses To The Top Of The SERPs!

healthcare seo numbers

We have a healthcare client specializing in bariatric medication that wanted to grow their reach online. After some research and determining keywords, we created a custom SEO strategy for them that now has their site ranking #1 for 26 keywords on Google and over 100 of their keywords are ranking on the first page of the SERPs (search engine result pages). That’s how you beat out your competitors, folks!

This client maintains ongoing SEO with a blog and link building. These two ranking factors combined give your site the strength and power Google wants to see, which means you’ll rank over your competitors just like our client. If you’re ready to add this fuel to your site, then contact us to schedule a time to discuss your healthcare SEO needs.


Site Audit

First we will perform a site audit to determine what keywords you are already ranking for and determine which ones you should be ranking for based on user experience and visitation. We will assess how your current pages are ranking on the search engine results and for which keywords. After this initial SEO audit, we will have a better understanding of the foundation of your site.

Keyword Research

Next begins one of the most important aspects of performing healthcare SEO, researching keywords. We will not only discover the keywords potential partners and patients are searching for but also determine the keywords your competitors are ranking for. We can use this information to form your SEO campaign in a way that edges out your competitors and captures the patients and procedures they were previously receiving.

Customized Plan

After performing both a site audit and researching keyword terms that will work best for your business, we take this information and build an SEO strategy specific to you, your healthcare practice, and your patients geared toward exponential growth.

Ongoing SEO

You want to create an informative, seamless, and positive experience for users searching for and visiting your site. The best way to do this is to show the search engines that your site is relevant and valuable. You do this through ongoing healthcare SEO that builds up your site rapport through backlinks to other professional and trusted healthcare sites. This also includes optimizing your pages’ title tags, meta description and meta tags with the chosen keywords.

Data & Results

As we perform ongoing healthcare SEO for your business, we track the performance of your site on the search engines and the actions people are taking once they find your site. We then put all of this into a monthly report for you that shows your web page rankings, site traffic, and user engagement. We continually optimize these metrics to make sure your site continues to grow in rankings and service and convert partners and patients.

Strategies for higher rankings

To help you achieve your goals, we incorporate the following elements into your healthcare SEO campaign:

Thorough Research

We research your keywords & your competitor’s keywords in depth to achieve proper audience targeting.

Local SEO

We utilize local SEO marketing techniques to ensure anyone searching for your services can find your facility.

Ongoing SEO

Through quality backlinks and updates, we keep your website modernized on all SEO innovations.

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Industry Experience

Industry Experience

Everyone always feels more comfortable when working with a company who has worked with other clients like them before. That’s exactly the case with us. Our digital marketing agency has helped multiple healthcare facilities grow and service more patients through our digital marketing services.

Specialized Approach

Specialized Approach

Often our clients choose to utilize several of our digital marketing services. If you choose to do so, you will be provided a team of different specialists that have experience in those specific services for healthcare facilities. We believe in an individualized approach for our clients by assigning specialists for the services we offer. The content our team delivers as a whole is stronger than what one specialist could do for your company.

Full Service Agency

Full Service Agency

Healthcare SEO works best when supported by high-quality content and social media shares. We operate a full service digital marketing firm offering not just SEO but accompanying content marketing and social media management packages to increase the success of your healthcare SEO efforts.

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